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Susan Smith
Susan Smith
Susan Smith has worked as an editor and writer in the technology industry for over 16 years. As an editor she has been responsible for the launch of a number of technology trade publications, both in print and online. Currently, Susan is the Editor of GISCafe and AECCafe, as well as those sites’ … More »

Connecting Mobile to the Office

October 9th, 2011 by Susan Smith

GIS4Mobile, demonstrated by Ove Lindholt Hansen and Nikolaj Moller Nielsen of Denmark, focuses on the concept of connecting a mobile device to the office.

With this application “the very minute you have information in the field it is available in the office,” said Hansen, emphasizing how important it is to have an online connection.

Coupled with that is the need to have, which GIS4Mobile provides:

  • Data capture with smartphone or GPS
  • Online with a background map
  • Synchronizing with GIS
  • Caching when offline
  • Publish data to mobiles
  • Capture position plus attributes plus image and voice
  • System has three parts – mobile (cellphone, handheld GPS), server (webservice)
  • GIS: synchronizing service/

GIS4Mobile is also designed for tablets. Hansen said that there is a need for a background map because the GPS in the handheld device is very inaccurate, “some times you have a 5-10 meter discrepancy,” he pointed out. “With the background map you can verify position. Google aerial maps verify your position also for adjustment of position. You may use this for registering different kinds of vegetation by GPS or by user defined point.”

Depending on theme, you can register different sets of attributes, collect images and use voice commands. Online registration is sent to the GeoDropBox server.

Server part of system – “GeoDropBox”
– web server running spatial GIS database
– Webservices for input/out
– Usernames/password (login)
– Configure using webpages
– Webpage for easy viewing registrations

The MicroStation application “GeoSync” is used for:
– import from GIS4Mobile spatial server
– export to GIS4Mobile spatial server
– position + attributes + images
– Synchronize deletes
– timestamps
– maintains a link-file locally (shadowfile)
– Detects modified elements automatically using checksum (every element in MicroStation has its own ID and is very useful for synchronizing data)

GIS4Mobile use cases include:
– field inspections (environmental)
– basic registration (fire hydrants, sculptures, monuments, road signs, bus stops, utility data, protected plants, illegal vegetation)
– farm/field data (obstructors, etc)
– Maintenance plan (wastewater)
– Rat hole inspection
– archeological site registration

GIS4Mobile is now on the iPhone, iPad, android and Windows Mobile where the platform is fully supported with Google Maps and with your own WMS Services as the background map. GIS4Mobile has a unique tiling
engine that makes WMS perform well on mobile devices.

On the cad/GIS side GIS4Mobile now supports not only MicroStation, but ArcGIS, GeoMedia, Mapinfo,
Oracle, QGIS, Spatial SQL Server. It always keep maps on the phone updated with the map data in the office by running a synchronization every minute. This also means you can continue to work even you have a bad
internet connection on your phone.

Prices are based on a yearly subscription fee, starting from 1500 euros. The company is looking for resellers all over the world.

Top of the News

PCI Geomatics Releases Next Generation of Flagship Geomatica Software Suite

Cadcorp, the UK based developer and supplier of GIS and web mapping software, has unveiled its latest addition to the Cadcorp SIS – Spatial Information System product family – Web Map Layers. Web Map Layers is an off-the-shelf but extensible web mapping product designed for map viewing and interrogation. The product is perfect for users without direct experience of GIS, such as members of the public, and the vast majority of office workers who interact with spatial data but lay no claim to be GIS specialists.

The future of mobile maps is smartphones and the iPhone and iPad in particular, says Philippe Kahn, CEO, Chairman and Co-founder of Fullpower Technologies. And digging deeper, when it comes to iPhone and iPad navigation solutions, Kahn says social networking is shaping the industry for the present and the immediate future.

For one who is author of dozens of patents and has been associated with core innovations such as the first non-kit personal computer, fundamentals of device synchronization, and camera-phones, Philippe Kahn stands out for his credentials in technology innovation.

Kahn, CEO, Chairman and Co-founder of Santa Cruz, California-based Fullpower Technologies, emphatically says his organization has led the way in the domain of sensor-fusion.

As a specialist in sensor-based solutions, Fullpower has developed expertise in the life-cycle management of dynamic SensorWebs. In particular, key supported sensors are motion, imaging, proximity, light, and GPS.


Topcon Europe Medical BV (Rotterdam, Netherlands) and LensAR Inc (Orlando, Florida) announce their intent to enter into a long term strategic cooperation. Topcon Europe Medical BV will be responsible for the distribution and marketing the LensAR product line in Europe. Both companies expect to start commercial sales in Europe in the first quarter of 2012. The LensAR Laser System will be demonstrated in the Topcon booth at the upcoming ESCRS meeting in Vienna this week from September 16 – 21st, 2011.

Garmin Ltd. announced that it has acquired Garmin Distribution Africa (Pty) Ltd. (GDA), the distributor of Garmin’s automotive, outdoor recreation, fitness and marine products in Southern Africa, and Garmap (Pty) Ltd., a South African mapping and mobile applications provider.

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies is proud to announce that Ersel Harita is appointed as Orbit GT Reseller for the Turkish market.

Intergraph Corporation and Totus Solutions, Inc. have entered into a cooperative marketing relationship to deliver their integrated security system solutions. The companies’ combined technology enables customers to utilize Intergraph’s Security Framework to manage and monitor Totus’ innovative, LED streetlight-based Guardian Security Platforms.

DigitalGlobe announced that it is commencing a tender offer (the “Tender Offer”) for any and all of its outstanding 10.5% Senior Secured Notes due 2014 (CUSIP Number 25389MAC3) (the “Notes”). In connection with the Tender Offer, the company is soliciting consents (the “Consent Solicitation” and, together with the Tender Offer, the “Offer”) of holders of the Notes to authorize the elimination of most of the restrictive covenants and certain of the events of default contained in the indenture governing the Notes and the appointment of a new collateral agent under the security documents governing the Notes (the “Proposed Amendments”). The terms and conditions of the Tender Offer and Consent Solicitation are described in the Offer to Purchase and Consent Solicitation Statement dated September 21, 2011 and the related Letter of Transmittal (collectively, the “Offer Documents”). Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan are acting as Dealer Managers.


The Esri Electric and Gas User Conference is designed to facilitate collaboration among those who work to ensure reliable energy worldwide. The conference will be held October 9-12, 2011, at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center in Columbia, South Carolina.

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Geographic Information System Market in the Utility Sector 2010-2015” report to their offering.

Need to Reduce Carbon Footprint Driving Growth of GIS in Utility Sector.

A recently published report by Technavio, specialists in emerging technologies market research, reveals that the Global Geographic Information Systems (GIS) market in the Utility sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16 percent over the period 2010-2015. The report, which covers the Americas as well as the EMEA and APAC regions, indicates that the market is driven by green initiatives such as reducing carbon footprints.

Pitney Bowes Business Insight announced that law enforcement in major cities, including the London Metropolitan Police Service, are using the MapInfo Crime Profiler solution for crime and incident mapping and analysis.

MapInfo Crime Profiler enables police departments to visualize crime patterns, including series, type, time, locale or other characteristics, in order to help them deploy resources in a more effective manner. The solution also assists detectives in identifying and apprehending suspects; and plays a role in monitoring operations and formulating crime prevention strategies.


Dan Shaffer, a 22-year veteran in the design, development, and administration of geographic information systems and facility management data, becomes director of Geospatial Information Systems and Enterprise Development (GESD) for SiteVision, Inc., a Virginia Application Development and Hosting firm. As GESD Director Shaffer will report directly to the president and will be responsible for managing all aspects of the Division.

Avineon, Inc., announced the appointment of James E. Smith as Senior Vice President – Federal Business Development.

New Products

At the IAA Frankfurt Motorshow TomTom and Renault launch their first in-dash navigation system, specifically designed for electric vehicles and standard fitted on the Fluence Z.E.

Trimble announced the release of its Trimble Field Inspector version 2.1. The new version is compatible with a variety of Trimble handheld computers and is designed for automating utility infrastructure and smart grid asset maintenance and inspection. Comprised of the Trimble Field Inspector software for handhelds and Trimble Field Inspector Desktop software, the solution is scalable and easy to deploy. From smart meter deployments to critical asset maintenance inspections, Trimble Field Inspector is ideal for a wide variety of field applications in electric, gas, water, and wastewater utilities.

Carlson Survey 2012, released in September 2011, gives users increased 3D visualization, extensive new 3D coding in its industry-renowned Field-to-Finish, and the ability to produce customized, more professional reports among its many additional improvements.

Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. announced the aera 796 and aera 795, a new series of portable aviation navigation devices. As Garmin’s new flagship portable aviation product, the aera 796 incorporates the popular features of the GPSMAP 696, while also adding new capabilities such as a touchscreen user interface, pilot-selectable screen orientation and 3D Vision. The aera 796 also takes the pilot one step closer to a paperless cockpit with a digital document viewer, scratch pad and pre-loaded geo-referenced AeroNav IFR and VFR enroute charts. The aera 796 and 795 will be on display and available for purchase at AOPA Aviation Summit in Hartford, Conn., September 22-24, 2011.

NavCom Technology, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Deere & Company, announced new improvements for the StarFire Global Satellite-Based Augmentation System (GSBAS). The new service, StarFire GNSS, not only supports GPS + GLONASS corrections but also provides real-time accuracy of five centimeters anywhere in the world, without a local base station.

Sokkia Corporation has released the NET-AX series of automated total stations in North and South America. The series includes NET05AX for 0.5” angle accuracy and NET1AX for 1” angle accuracy.

TomTom announced that their recently launched iPhone application is now available in four more countries; Germany, Belgium, Portugal, and Denmark. The TomTom Places iPhone application has reached 75 000 downloads in the Netherlands alone in just the first few weeks after the launch.

MapText, Inc. announced the release of G/Label, a high-quality dynamic label placement solution for Intergraph’s G/Technology suite.

Annotating features in Intergraph’s G/Technology suite is a tedious and time consuming process, which results in increased workload and data maintenance issues. With static annotations, users have generally restricted themselves to feature annotation at only one or two scales. Any large deviation from these scales on zoom-in and zoom-out causes the annotation to appear either too small, making text illegible, or too large occupying significant real estate on the screen. When new features are added, they can overlap on existing annotations and force users to manually reposition the annotations. Static annotations also cause databases to swell which increases the time to publish the metadata.

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Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

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The Esri Electric and Gas User Conference is your chance to see cutting-edge utility best practices, glean solutions from GIS experts, and discuss your biggest challenges with your most capable peers.
The World GIS Summit 2011
Date: October 10 – 15, 2011
Place: Istanbul
Today as all of you aware of that Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are big challenges in all aspects of the geo-information progression, from data assembly, analysis and dissemination. It plays great roles in allowing governments, local communities, non-government organizations, the commercial sector, the academic community and common people to make progress in addressing many of the worlds most pressing problems. GIS technologies have ability to support human lifetime in a better way. But failures are still exist. Is GIS really being used well and changed our social, economic and cultural creations and future of our world so far? So we have to think globally about GIS for our common life, common world and common future…
Ozri 2011
Date: October 12 – 14, 2011
Place: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
Melbourne, Australia
The key themes of Ozri 2011 – connect, build, optimise – draw attention to the growing role of location in today’s world and the new challenges faced by GIS professionals in meeting their organisation’s requirements for location-based information. 2011 will be the 25th anniversary of Ozri.
2011 Georgia URISA Workshop
Date: October 13 – 14, 2011
Place: Unicoi State Park and Lodge
Helen, GA USA
Each workshop is an 8-hour session held from 8:30a.m. – 4:30p.m. with appropriate breaks at mid-morning, lunch and mid-afternoon. Snacks are provided at breaks however Meals are the responsibility of the attendee. For the two workshops offered on October 13th, registrants must choose only one workshop to attend. The Thursday (10/13) workshops offer (0.2) points toward GISCI certification. 

Time: 8:30 a.m-4:30 p.m

GEOINT 2011 Symposium
Date: October 16 – 19, 2011
Place: 200 East Market Street
San Antonio Texas, USA
GEOINT 2011 Symposium, the nation’s largest intelligence event, takes place Oct. 16-19, 2011, in San Antonio, Texas. Get complete details and register today at
Asian Geospatial Forum 2011
Date: October 17 – 19, 2011
Place: Hotel Mulia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Over the years, Map Asia had revealed effective solutions on various concerns of Geospatial Technology in the Asia Pacific region; Map Asia has matured as a conference and is now widely recognised as one of the most important geospatial industry event in Asia Pacific. GIS Development was resolute to take Map Asia to a privileged level in order have its recognition as one of the largest Asian Geospatial Industry Event and the conference is in its way forward to achieve the desired objective. Thus a resolute initiative by GIS Development on the grand occasion of the 10th anniversary of Map Asia, the conference is rebranded as Asia Geospatial Forum.
Field Service Interactive
Date: October 18 – 20, 2011
Place: Omni Mandalay Hotel at Las Colinas
Dallas, TX USA
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Date: October 18 – 19, 2011
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Exploit the Social Trend to Enhance Location Based Marketing, Local Search and M-Commerce, Whilst Monetizing Your Location Strategy

The 3rd Location Business Summit will give you the ultimate LBS learning & networking experience for the location industry in the USA, and this year is bigger and better than ever before!

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Discuss products with Pictometry engineers. Meet Pictometry partners and users from around the world. Learn how to apply best practices to your workplace. Find out how to leverage the use of Pictometry technologies to enhance workplace productivity and generate extraordinary returns in ways never thought possible. If you only attend one training event this year, make it FutureView 2011!
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Esri European User Conference
Date: October 26 – 28, 2011
Place: Madrid
For three days, in one place, you can get the latest in GIS and connect with Esri staff and partners. Register now to join your fellow GIS professionals and Esri users for the 2011 Esri European User Conference (EUC).

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