GISCafe Weekly Review November 21st, 2015

Sample of SPCL data with density of 45 pt/m2 using Sigma Space Corp.  system, "HIRQLS".

Sample of SPCL data with density of 45 pt/m2 using Sigma Space Corp. system, “HIRQLS”.

Do not feel intimidated with the names, but Geiger Mode Lidar (GML) and Single Photon Counting Lidar (SPCL) are no different from any other lidar in the sense that they deliver point cloud data for light-reflective ground surfaces. In layman’s terms, GML and SPCL are lidar systems that utilize a Focal Plane Array concept that is similar to a digital camera. Instead of a single detector, as is the case with the current linear lidar, both GML and SPCL utilize an array of detectors to receive the split pulse. In these new lidar systems, each laser pulse gets split into multiple sub-pulses to increase the data density and ground resolution. Depending on the system architecture and optics design, the pulse gets split either on departure or after it reflects back before it reaches the detectors.

Online GIS Education – The Next Generation
November 19, 2015  by Susan Smith

Many changes have taken place in Online GIS and geospatial course offerings over the past year, since we first covered the topic on GISCafe. The range of topics has increased to include even courses for high schoolers, and the ever popular drone classes and Geodesign. The popularity of “Massive Open Online Courses” or MOOCs allows colleges and universities to teach thousands of students at one time, at their convenience, rather than at a prescribed day and time.


What are my Mobile GIS Options?
November 18, 2015  by Matt Sheehan


In this post we will provide a quick overview of the 4 options currently available for developing a mobile GIS applications. The most appropriate approach should be determined by your project requirements.

Mobile Web GIS Apps

Web technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. HTML5/Javascript is today the most popular client application technology. Helped by advances in browser technology, HTML5/Javascript now dominates the Web development space, sweeping away technologies like Flash/Flex and Silverlight. With a worldwide development community, 3D and offline are now part of the HTML5/Javascript landscape.

There are today many Javascript frameworks available for building mobile applications. Responsive design allows one mobile web app to automatically style itself based on the device being used.

Exelis: Info. from Imagery Meas a better GIS ENVI
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