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Imperial Irrigation District Targets Underground Locating for Improvement NewTC Technology 030-Mar-2014
Carbon County, Montana Improves Public Safety with TerraGo® GeoPDF® Maps and Imagery PopularTerraGo Technologies 66826-Jun-2012
IP-S2 Case Study - Rapid Survey Solutions PopularTopcon Positioning Systems, Inc. 12616-Nov-2010
Multiservice Telco Improves Data Access with NetWORKS from Enghouse PopularEnghouse 21315-Mar-2010
American Red Cross Uses Trimble Technology and RDMS to Speed Hurricane Disaster Relief PopularTrimble Navigation 9929-Jul-2009
Government Group Uses Mapping, GIS To Manage German Agricultural Subsidy Applications PopularTrimble Navigation 10524-Jul-2009
USDA Forest Service's Online Data Sharing Solution PopularERDAS, Inc. 15928-Jun-2009
Winning the War on Weeds PopularTrimble Navigation 20205-Jun-2009
Enhancing Florida Turnpike’s Mobile Asset Management Solution PopularERDAS, Inc. 13621-May-2008
Imagery Provides Compelling Evidence of Human Rights Violations PopularERDAS, Inc. 9912-Apr-2008
Cellcom Navigator transforms mobile phones into handheld mobile navigation & information PopularTelmap 6816-Dec-2006
California ISO GIS and Transmission Information Display System PopularFarallon Geographics, Inc. 9110-Dec-2006
McDonalds - Choosing the best McLocation in town PopularCritchlow Associates 24705-Dec-2006
Dubai GIS Center PopularOrion Technology Inc. 23722-Nov-2006
Embedded GIS bring real benefits to ambulance C3 systems PopularCadcorp 6617-Nov-2006
GIS in the fight against crime and disorder PopularCadcorp 17917-Nov-2006
The Art of LIDAR Feature Extraction Becomes Smooth as “SILC” PopularSpectrum Mapping, LLC 7527-Sep-2005
The City o f Terrace migrates from MapGuide 6.5 to iVAULT MapGuide Open Source for internal and public web mapping Pacific Alliance Technologies 018-Jun-2012
GIS & REMOTE SENSING SGS Infotech 7813-Jan-2012
PHOTOGRAMMETRY & LiDAR SGS Infotech 4413-Jan-2012
Fast Image Delivery Helps Nashville Respond to Historic Flooding Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging 1506-Dec-2011
iVAULT integrates GIS with Financial and Asset Data, improving efficiency and decision-making Pacific Alliance Technologies 1106-Dec-2011
Conversion to MapGuide® Enterprise Pacific Alliance Technologies 618-Nov-2011
Delivering geospatial data to the web, improving customer service Pacific Alliance Technologies 2218-Nov-2011
Delivering on its regulatory mandate with help from MapGuide® Pacific Alliance Technologies 218-Nov-2011
iVAULT helps TELUS Provision TELUS TV customers Pacific Alliance Technologies 218-Nov-2011
iVAULT integrates GIS with Financial and Asset Data, improving efficiency and decision-making Pacific Alliance Technologies 718-Nov-2011
iVAULT Space Management Pacific Alliance Technologies 118-Nov-2011
MapGuide® OpenSource + iVAULT slim workflows, delivering web accessible mapping Pacific Alliance Technologies 1318-Nov-2011
Self-Service Address Location Tool for Emergency Response Systems Pacific Alliance Technologies 1018-Nov-2011
Hellometro gets hyperlocal with Maponics Neighborhoods Maponics, LLC 801-Oct-2010
FleetMatics GPS Tracking Helps Concrete Coring Company Beat Economic Recession FleetMatics 312-Sep-2010
Plote Construction Uses FleetMatics GPS to Win Court Case and Improve Productivity FleetMatics 312-Sep-2010
ServiceMaster of Onondaga Slashes Fuel Costs and Recovers Stolen Vehicles With FleetMatics GPS FleetMatics 812-Sep-2010
Straightline Uses GPS Tracking to Recover $120,000 in Stolen Vehicles and Equipment FleetMatics 512-Sep-2010
United Water Adopts Innovative Modeling Processes to Improve Water System Management Bentley Systems 1625-Aug-2010
WebEOC in Action: Propane Tanker Explosion in Indianapolis Emergency Services integrators ESi® 1111-Aug-2010
Interim REP Management System (iREPMS) Envitia 210-Aug-2010
Mortgage Company Chooses ViewWise® to Enable Growth Computhink, Inc. 330-May-2010
Alamance County, NC saves thousands of dollars and extends vital information to First Responders IDSi International 028-May-2010
Real Time Precision Location Cardio Logic, Inc. 1023-May-2010
Using Orthorectification For Cross-Platform Image Fusion Cardio Logic, Inc. 1423-May-2010
Charlottetown Area Development Corporation Baseline Business Geographics 330-Apr-2010
Virtual Charlottetown Case Study Baseline Business Geographics 730-Apr-2010
Keeping NASA's IBEX on Track Analytical Graphics, Inc. 123-Apr-2010
Better Data Collection, Sharing and Wild Land Fire Fighting with Capturx for ArcGIS Adapx 411-Apr-2010
Capturx Automates Inspection Paperwork and Speeds up Inspection Cycles Adapx 411-Apr-2010
Capturx Improves NASA’s Facility Utilization Optimization Adapx 011-Apr-2010
City of Boise Chooses Capturx to Keep Emergency Plans Current and People Safe Adapx 111-Apr-2010
Corpus Christi, TX Street Services Department Increase Productivity by 20% Using Capturx Adapx 011-Apr-2010
Holland America Line Instantly Digitizes Paper Medical Records with Capturx Forms for Excel Adapx 011-Apr-2010
Marin County Reengineers Plan Review and Field Inspection Operations with Capturx Adapx 111-Apr-2010
Northland District Health Board Deploys Capturx to Automate Medication Chart Audits Adapx 011-Apr-2010
Phoenix Fusion Center Automates Data Collection for National Infrastructure Protection Plan with Capturx Adapx 011-Apr-2010
TBI Assessment Breakthrough for Wounded Warriors Using Capturx Software Adapx 011-Apr-2010
US Courts Automate Paper Forms and Decrease Case Processing Time and Costs Adapx 011-Apr-2010
Generalisation at AdV Germany 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 528-Mar-2010
Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 1828-Mar-2010
Roads Generalisation at IGN France 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 428-Mar-2010
The Aeronautical Production System (APS) 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 428-Mar-2010
Vodafone Ireland 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 828-Mar-2010
Army Corps of Engineers Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc. 1227-Nov-2009
Facilities Mapping Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc. 2127-Nov-2009
Transportation Mapping Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc. 4327-Nov-2009
Digital online Plan Room with Project Management utilities IDEAL 1125-Jul-2009
Escondido Reprographics Inc. Proves that "If You Build it, They Will Come" Small Shop Achieves Success with Online PlanRoom IDEAL 425-Jul-2009
Managing Community Risk at Wiltshire Fire - An Integrated Approach Innogistic 325-Jul-2009
Visual Fusion Performance Lauded in Case Study on Rapattoni Corporation IDV Solutions 125-Jul-2009
KOREC & Jones Bros. KOREC 122-Jul-2009
TV4 Project first UK rail site to adopt fully interactive GPS machine control KOREC 122-Jul-2009
Staubach SRC 121-Jul-2009
TargetSmart Communications SRC 021-Jul-2009
ABN AMRO Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation 414-Jul-2009
Capturing and Delivering Digital Imagery of the Netherlands ERDAS, Inc. 7003-Jul-2009
GrafNav Volcano Monitoring Waypoint Consulting 830-Jun-2009
EPCOR Utilities Inc.,Canada increases efficiencies with a Mobile Web Mapping Solution built on eSpatial’s Web GIS eSpatial 628-Jun-2009
Hull City Council, UK Improve Internal Efficiencies and Customer Services with Web Applications based on eSpatial's iSMART eSpatial 228-Jun-2009
North Dakota's Online 9-1-1 Mapping Solution, USA eSpatial 628-Jun-2009
FlexMLS Real Estate Mapping DM Solutions Group 320-Jun-2009
Fountains Plc (UK) works with DigiTerra Explorer DigiTerra Information Services Ltd. 320-Jun-2009
Mapmobility - Canadian Street Maps DM Solutions Group 220-Jun-2009
Two Countries, One Forest - Appalachian Atlas DM Solutions Group 420-Jun-2009
Customer Service GIS for Haier Group SuperMap International Limited 1326-Apr-2009
Gas Pipe network GIS of Tanggu District, Tanjing SuperMap International Limited 3226-Apr-2009
Sales Management System for Heilongjiang Jiusan Oil & Fat Co.Ltd SuperMap International Limited 726-Apr-2009
Urban Management System of Chongwen District, Beijing SuperMap International Limited 1726-Apr-2009
Industry - Textile/Apparels Senega Systems 515-Apr-2009
Location-based solution helps utilities and government agencies coordinate public infrastructure projects American Digital Cartography, Inc. (ADCi) 927-Mar-2009
CrossView™ At Work, Crossing Limits A-Prime Software 117-Mar-2009
CrossView™ At Work, Reaching New Depths A-Prime Software 117-Mar-2009
Insider’s Look At CrossView™ A-Prime Software 217-Mar-2009
Reykjavik City Graffiti Tracking and Cleaning Project with GPS Mapping Trimble Navigation 1106-Feb-2009
Initiate Systems and IBM help hospitals improve patient and provider satisfaction ... Initiate Systems provides software for creating complete, real-time views of data about people and organizations IBM 421-Dec-2008
Data Collection in Remote Communities Surveylab USA Inc 1512-Dec-2008
Capturx for ArcGIS at Earth Day Adapx 2510-Oct-2008
Bay Area Air Quality Management District ESRI-based Enterprise GIS Farallon Geographics, Inc. 1709-Sep-2008
GIS PavePlan Application Helps San Mateo County Manage Pavement Conditions Farallon Geographics, Inc. 909-Sep-2008
QPC risk management geoprocessing to develop a nationwide set of risk factors using Oracle Spatial Farallon Geographics, Inc. 409-Sep-2008
3D Building Reconstruction from Airborn LiDAR: Berlin, Germany virtualcitySYSTEMS 2804-Sep-2008
Client Side Web Mapping framework Kcube consultancy services 530-Aug-2008
Coconut GIS Kcube consultancy services 2630-Aug-2008
2D-3D Air traffic performance measurement for Amsterdam airport Luciad 1228-Aug-2008
FS21 – 21st Century flight planning & weather briefing system for pilots Luciad 628-Aug-2008
Analyzing Motion with Trend Surface Analysis Clark Labs 722-Aug-2008
Application of Spatial Priors in the Maximum Likelihood Classification of Tropical Dry Forest Classes Clark Labs 722-Aug-2008
Canadian Wheat Board Monitors Crops with IDRISI Clark Labs 922-Aug-2008
Clark Labs Assists Local Town in the Siting of Cell Towers with IDRISI Clark Labs 722-Aug-2008
Development of GIS-Based Pest Detection Strategies and Mapping Subsequent Risk Clark Labs 1522-Aug-2008
GIS Helps to Improve the Quality of Brazilian Wine Clark Labs 2922-Aug-2008
Hyperspectral Imagery Studied for Indications of Emerald Ash Borer Infestation Clark Labs 1122-Aug-2008
Multi-Criteria Evaluation Tools in Sustainable Forest Management Clark Labs 1622-Aug-2008
Native Communities Use GIS for Nuclear Risk Management Clark Labs 1222-Aug-2008
Sustainability Research in the Yucatan Peninsula Clark Labs 1022-Aug-2008
Watershed Mapping and Land-Cover Classification in Sedimentation Study Clark Labs 2022-Aug-2008
Designing, modeling and isometric delivery for construction of a gas gathering station in Saudi Arabia Rolta International, Inc. 1321-Aug-2008
Eastern Petrochemical Company (SHARQ) Rolta International, Inc. 1021-Aug-2008
Georgia Power Company Rolta International, Inc. 2021-Aug-2008
ONGC As built Modeling Rolta International, Inc. 1621-Aug-2008
Saudi Electric Company – Service Level Management Rolta International, Inc. 2021-Aug-2008
The Kuwait Styrene Company Rolta International, Inc. 1021-Aug-2008
Unicenter Service Desk at Fujitsu for the Royal Mail Group Account Rolta International, Inc. 621-Aug-2008
Design and Development of GIS - ZESCO Intec Infocom, Inc. 1220-Aug-2008
PWD Road GIS Intec Infocom, Inc. 2520-Aug-2008
R & S Electric Utility Intec Infocom, Inc. 1320-Aug-2008
City of Alpharetta - Use NAVTEQ to provide cost effective services throughout the community. Primus Geographics Inc. 1419-Aug-2008
Delaware shaves 9 months off report review and improves data sharing with First Responders IDSi International 617-Aug-2008
Illinois speeds compliance to 2 months with a 99% online reporting rate IDSi International 217-Aug-2008
Online Maps Drive Competitive Advantage for Auto Directory Publisher IDV Solutions 1017-Aug-2008
State delivers immediate responses to Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests while improving invoicing receivables and compliance IDSi International 217-Aug-2008
Forest Estate Management Myriax - Landscape Mapper 910-Aug-2008
National Shoreline Geomorphic and Stability Mapping Project Myriax - Landscape Mapper 1010-Aug-2008
Hillsborough County Field Data Collection Application Marshall 708-Aug-2008
Martin County Crews Mobilize with GeoResults Mobile Marshall 808-Aug-2008
Maryland State Highway Administration MapText, Inc. 908-Aug-2008
Vancouver Productivity Soars with GeoResults Mobile Marshall 608-Aug-2008
Conversion of Geological Cross Sections and Surface Maps Magnasoft 1806-Aug-2008
Creation of vector database of cadastral maps Magnasoft 2006-Aug-2008
Data Development for Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Master Plan Magnasoft 1206-Aug-2008
French Cadastral Mapping Magnasoft 1606-Aug-2008
Geological mapping - Surface Mapping Magnasoft 2706-Aug-2008
Highway Mapping and Data Compilation Magnasoft 1606-Aug-2008
Integration of Survey Data with GIS System Magnasoft 2106-Aug-2008
LARGE SCALE MAPPING Magnasoft 1606-Aug-2008
LiDAR “Flood MAPPING” Project Magnasoft 4306-Aug-2008
ORTHOPHOTO GENERATION Magnasoft 1806-Aug-2008
Overlay analysis system Magnasoft 906-Aug-2008
Property enumeration and web mapping of ward 76 Bangalore Magnasoft 306-Aug-2008
Property enumeration and web mapping of ward 76 Bangalore Magnasoft 106-Aug-2008
Report Writer Component - Web-based business intelligence with mapping features Magnasoft 1006-Aug-2008
Total Onsite Management Solution Magnasoft 906-Aug-2008
Web-based management information system for housing Magnasoft 506-Aug-2008
Web-based management information system for housing Magnasoft 1206-Aug-2008
Mid-South Synergy Wireless Matrix 905-Aug-2008
ONCOR Energy Wireless Matrix 705-Aug-2008
TOMRA Wireless Matrix 705-Aug-2008
TVEC Wireless Matrix 405-Aug-2008
Vectren Energy Delivery Wireless Matrix 605-Aug-2008
Application Development Geoinfosys Technologies 903-Aug-2008
Infrastructural Planning Geoinfosys Technologies 2103-Aug-2008
Survey Geoinfosys Technologies 1103-Aug-2008
Glacial Surges and Termination Deciphered with Satellite Imagery GeoEye (formerly Space Imaging & OrbImage) 601-Aug-2008
Researchers Track Rattlers with Transmitters, Satellite Imagery GeoEye (formerly Space Imaging & OrbImage) 701-Aug-2008
Satellite Imagery Aids in the Mapping of Ancient Plants in the Namib Desert GeoEye (formerly Space Imaging & OrbImage) 501-Aug-2008
Satellite Imagery Is Used to Measure the Spatial Mutation of an Urban Park in Burkina Faso GeoEye (formerly Space Imaging & OrbImage) 501-Aug-2008
Using Satellite Imagery to Study Glacier-like Landforms on Mars GeoEye (formerly Space Imaging & OrbImage) 601-Aug-2008
MapRite - Salisbury Improvement Data Quality TENET Technology Ltd 224-Jul-2008
A Global Transportation and Logistics Company gains a unified view of its customers TATA America Inc 1123-Jul-2008
A Large Travel Company – Deploying the Right Customer Loyalty System TATA America Inc 623-Jul-2008
ABN AMRO: To Work Well, Work Together TATA America Inc 323-Jul-2008
CDS: There Are Times When Everything Must Change TATA America Inc 523-Jul-2008
Competitive Capabilities for the Future TATA America Inc 623-Jul-2008
Cummins: The Leanest Run the Best TATA America Inc 323-Jul-2008
Cutting-Edge City strives for Seamless Integration GBA Master Series, Inc. 323-Jul-2008
Cycling portal of Ustecky region T-Kartor AB 1023-Jul-2008
Kuwait Clearing Company Modernizes Their Operations with TCS BaNCS Market Infrastructure TATA America Inc 223-Jul-2008
Ministry of the Interior (MoI) - Czech Republic T-Kartor AB 323-Jul-2008
More Nontraditional GIS Solutions for Utilities TC Technology 723-Jul-2008
Municipality of Brno T-Kartor AB 723-Jul-2008
Philips Semiconductors Enhances Customer Experience TATA America Inc 523-Jul-2008
Re-engineering a Legacy System into a Service-Oriented Application that Supports Business Growth Strategies TATA America Inc 423-Jul-2008
TCS Builds IT Platform to Underpin Balfour Beatty Utilities’ Mission to Become the UK’s Ultimate Utility Solutions Provider TATA America Inc 1023-Jul-2008
TCS Conducts IT Assessment Study for a Leading Japanese Bank TATA America Inc 623-Jul-2008
TCS delivers integrated Front Office Solution for Scotia Gas Networks TATA America Inc 1123-Jul-2008
TCS improves IT performance for a leading retailer in UK TATA America Inc 223-Jul-2008
TCS integrates different applications across geographies to give Alcoa the Competitive Edge TATA America Inc 623-Jul-2008
TCS Provides Global Application Support for Agilent Technologies TATA America Inc 923-Jul-2008
TCS reinforces retail excellence by delivering end to end IT Outsourcing to Somerfield TATA America Inc 523-Jul-2008
Transport for London T-Kartor AB 2223-Jul-2008
United Kingdom Hydrographic Office T-Kartor AB 223-Jul-2008
Grease Trap Detection with ike Surveylab USA Inc 422-Jul-2008
Vineyard Management System Using GIS Modeling Surveylab USA Inc 2522-Jul-2008
Managing up-to-date Geodata softelec 615-Jul-2008
Powered by Software softelec 415-Jul-2008
1Spatial and Ordnance Survey Great Britain - working together to deliver e-government solutions 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 713-Jul-2008
3D Topology 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 2913-Jul-2008
Achieving Interoperability at Staffordshire County Council using the Digital National Framework 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 813-Jul-2008
City of Oslo 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 713-Jul-2008
CrossView™ At Work A-Prime Software 213-Jul-2008
CrossView™ At Work: Crossing Limits A-Prime Software 113-Jul-2008
Insider’s Look At CrossView™ A-Prime Software 113-Jul-2008
MidCoast Water: Realising ROI through Data Quality 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 713-Jul-2008
ArcGIS Business Analyst Helps Norwegian Retail Group Refine Marketing Strategies Esri 2104-Jul-2008
Creating Enterprise Insurance Quotes with GIS Esri 1904-Jul-2008
GIS Enhances Reinsurer's Exposure Control Functionality Esri 704-Jul-2008
GIS Transforms Company's Way of Doing Business Esri 1104-Jul-2008
Identifies the Best Sites—Quickly and Accurately Esri 1104-Jul-2008
Internet Mapping Helps Customers Find Stores Esri 1304-Jul-2008
Making Geographic Data and Maps Accessible to Museum Visitors Esri 904-Jul-2008
Postal Address Data Management—Adding Quality with ArcGIS Server Esri 1104-Jul-2008
Successful Site Selection—Automatically! Esri 2104-Jul-2008
Using GIS to Meet Lessor’s Needs Esri 1304-Jul-2008
All Nippon Airlines aims to become Asia’s No. 1 airline for quality and value with IBM BladeCenter IBM Corporation 1026-May-2008
T-Mobile speeds business intelligence with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence Accelerator and IBM IBM Corporation 1926-May-2008
The Anomalies Network more than doubles site traffic — and revenue — with powerful search engine. IBM Corporation 426-May-2008
WYDOT - XMF Alerter Helps Drive Success of Wyoming DOT Enterprise GIS GeoXMF 115-May-2008
Providing Consistency and Efficiency for the NRCS ERDAS, Inc. 3518-Mar-2008
Satellite Imagery For Mine Sites AAMHatch Pty Limited 1701-Mar-2008
Apex Office Supply Esri 423-Feb-2008
ArcGIS® Business Analyst Helps Norwegian Retail Group Esri 623-Feb-2008
Automated QA/QC Tests Aid in Map Production Esri 2523-Feb-2008
Building Custom GIS Quickly and Easily Esri 3523-Feb-2008
Creating Client Proposals with Internet GIS Esri 1523-Feb-2008
Creating Equitable Insurance Quotes with GIS Esri 1123-Feb-2008
Cumulative Effects Study Uses GIS to Assess the State of the River's Ecosystem, Predict Future Conditions, and Distribute Data to Decision Makers Esri 1623-Feb-2008
Cut Field-Mapping Time in Half Using Mobile GIS Esri 1823-Feb-2008
DecisionMaps and ArcGIS Server: Matching Business Needs with Philadelphia Assets Esri 823-Feb-2008
Enterprise GIS at a City Level Esri 4023-Feb-2008
Enterprise GIS Improves Product Repair Services and Home Delivery Esri 1323-Feb-2008
Enterprise GIS Improves Workflow and Data Management Esri 2123-Feb-2008
GIS and Web Services Help Manufacturer Find the Best Retailers Esri 323-Feb-2008
GIS Empowers Emergency Response and Public Health Awareness Esri 2023-Feb-2008
GIS Enables Flood Map Modernization Esri 3023-Feb-2008
GIS Enhances Reinsurer’s Exposure Control Functionality Esri 423-Feb-2008
GIS Helps Nebraska Tackle Flu Vaccine Shortage Esri 923-Feb-2008
GIS Improves Marketing at Local Community College Esri 623-Feb-2008
GIS Improves Marketing, Logistics, and Sales Esri 2923-Feb-2008
GIS Increases Newspaper Subscriptions Esri 1723-Feb-2008
GIS Makes Enterprise Data Available through a Seamless Map Esri 1123-Feb-2008
GIS Supports Market-Focused Selling at Newspaper Esri 723-Feb-2008
Hospital Situational Awareness Developed by ESRI Using Air-Trak Vehicle Location and Tracking Esri 923-Feb-2008
Increased Efficiency—Improved Accuracy Esri 1123-Feb-2008
Internet GIS Enhances Tracking of Outdoor Activities Esri 623-Feb-2008
Internet GIS Gets Customers to Business Sites Esri 523-Feb-2008
Internet Mapping for Outdoor Enthusiasts Esri 1423-Feb-2008
Making Geographic Data and Maps Accessible Esri 523-Feb-2008
Mobile GIS Improves Asset Inspections and Cuts Costs Esri 1723-Feb-2008
Mobile GIS Speeds Disaster Relief Esri 1923-Feb-2008
South Bend Small Business Development Center Esri 623-Feb-2008
Successfully Matches Retailers With the Best Properties Esri 423-Feb-2008
Sustainable Development through Responsible Environmental Stewardship Esri 923-Feb-2008
Traffic Road Book Quality Control Using ArcGIS Server Esri 2623-Feb-2008
Using GIS to Create Offi cial Travel Map Esri 1023-Feb-2008
Using GIS to Meet Lessor’s Needs Esri 123-Feb-2008
Web Portal Provided Information about Environmental Contaminants during Hurricanes Esri 423-Feb-2008
Mapping at the Top of the World: Gathering LiDAR Data in Greenland Airborne 1 823-Jan-2008
Commercial Real-estate Firm Establishes In-house Scan/Archive Department BW Document Management solutions 020-Jan-2008
Engineering Reclaims Space After Digitizing Drawings BW Document Management solutions 020-Jan-2008
Construction TeleNav, Inc. 1011-Jan-2008
Professional Services TeleNav, Inc. 411-Jan-2008
Transportation- Storage and Moving TeleNav, Inc. 1311-Jan-2008
Milhouse Engineering Manages the O’Hare Airport Project Quickly and Securely with GlobalSCAPE WAFS GlobalScape, Inc. 007-Jan-2008
Bureau of Indian Affairs Land Management System Farallon Geographics, Inc. 1910-Dec-2007
The Great Lakes Laboratory for Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (GLLFAS) eSpatial 910-Dec-2007
US Department of Defense MilitaryHOMEFRONT LBS eSpatial 1110-Dec-2007
B2B market analysis and trade area analysis from InfoGrow ... InfoGrow Corporation 907-Nov-2007
BP Cuts Hours Off Emergency Response with Visual Solution that Tracks Threats to Assets IDV Solutions 1807-Nov-2007
Sharing Utility Data On-line at Yorkshire Water Innogistic 1007-Nov-2007
Manage Maps Online - U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) IDEAL 1606-Nov-2007
PostcodeAnalyst 2 Case Studies Graticule 306-Nov-2007
Cereality geoVue, Inc. 104-Nov-2007
Vineyard Management System Using GIS Modelling Surveylab Ltd 3425-Oct-2007
Maintenance and Management System for PGD, Abu Dhabi Rolta International, Inc. 3523-Oct-2007
Autodesk Green Autodesk, Inc. 414-Oct-2007
GIS & Asset Management Applanix 2614-Oct-2007
Corporate GIS at Yorkshire Water Innogistic 728-Sep-2007
Mobile Working at Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council Innogistic 728-Sep-2007
Skyforce Case Study Innogistic 1028-Sep-2007
London Borough of Tower Hamlets. GeoWise 805-Aug-2007
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. GeoWise 705-Aug-2007
The “KnowFife Dataset” - Running on InstantAtlas GeoWise 305-Aug-2007
Worcestershire County Council - Live site GeoWise 1005-Aug-2007
FME Objects at Itron, Inc. Safe Software Inc. 704-Aug-2007
FME’s Role in Creating a Successful GIS Population Health Research Lab Safe Software Inc. 1104-Aug-2007
Barrett Technology, Inc. CADD Edge, Inc. 007-Jun-2007
Nichols Aircraft CADD Edge, Inc. 007-Jun-2007
Radionics, Inc. CADD Edge, Inc. 207-Jun-2007
IDEAL / Contex Scanners and WiseImage Software Helps IGIS Technologies Speed the Conversion of Paper Maps into GIS Systems IDEAL 1430-May-2007
New York Garment Production Company Uses IDEAL / Contex Scanners in System that Reduces Garment Pattern Makers Man-Hours by 80% IDEAL 1030-May-2007
Macomb County Improves Water Quality with New Soil Erosion Management System Accela, Inc. 429-May-2007
New One-Stop Permit Center Powered by Tidemark Advantage Accela, Inc. 029-May-2007
Canadian Forces Base Suffield Storms Data Islands to Take Command of Infrastructure Intergraph Corporation 327-May-2007
Geographic Institute of the Army, Portugal Intergraph Corporation 727-May-2007
German Federal Armed Forces Launches Geoinformation System Intergraph Corporation 527-May-2007
Intergraph Technology enables Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. (KKC) to Develop True Ortho Technique Intergraph Corporation 527-May-2007
Knowledge Management Safeguards - Air Force Self-Inspection Program Intergraph Corporation 727-May-2007
new IinteropPerable solution incCreases pPolicCe respPonse Intergraph Corporation 327-May-2007
Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) implements geospatial infrastructure management solution Intergraph Corporation 1227-May-2007
Verona Province uses a geospatial data management solution from Intergraph Intergraph Corporation 427-May-2007
Development Of A Sports Information System RMSI 1826-May-2007
Geometry Enhancement Program RMSI 1726-May-2007
Manufacturer Boosts Retailer Sales by 25% with Business Intelligence and Mapping Technologies InfoGrow Corporation 1926-May-2007
Quark Content Extraction And Metadata Creation RMSI 826-May-2007
The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) Integeo 1226-May-2007
Major Car Rental Companies Benefit From a Radix Mobile Computing Solution Radix International Corporation 725-May-2007
Mobile Assessment Extension (MAX) Zekiah Technologies, Inc 1925-May-2007
Radix Handheld Utilized in Military Application in Croatia Radix International Corporation 525-May-2007
Vehicle inspection and maintenance Radix International Corporation 625-May-2007
Pixxures, Inc. and The City of Chicago Pixxures, Inc. 2024-May-2007
Rasmuson Foundation - Website Usability GeoNorth, LLC 520-May-2007
A Successfully Planned and Phased GIS Solution Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 2719-May-2007
Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) Michael Baker Corporation 319-May-2007
Ease-of-Use, GIS is Critical: Keeping City Officers Informed Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 519-May-2007
Fiber Optic Network System throughout Mexico Michael Baker Corporation 1019-May-2007
GIS and the City of Midland, Michigan: Outstanding Commitment and Success Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 1519-May-2007
LGdispatch botches kidnappers joyride Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 719-May-2007
Mobile GIS is Awesome: Its reassuring to see where all of the Vehicles are Located Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 919-May-2007
American Suzuki Motors Corporation Esri 518-May-2007
CIVICTechnologies Esri 218-May-2007
DatamarkTM needed to find an intuitive location-based solution that was easy to use MapInfo Corporation 418-May-2007
Ekornes® USA needed a clearer understanding of its customers before it could set MapInfo Corporation 718-May-2007
FAIRMONT HOTELS & RESORTS MapInfo Corporation 918-May-2007
Hurricane Ivan Emergency Planning Geocortex Internet Mapping 418-May-2007
LA County Geocortex Internet Mapping 318-May-2007
THE BIRMINGHAM NEWS MapInfo Corporation 818-May-2007
City of Philadelphia Base Map Update geographIT 2917-May-2007
Lebanon City Authority Utility Conversion geographIT 1017-May-2007
Mutual Funds Company Turns Bullish on Social Values-Based Marketing Environics Analytics 417-May-2007
What Our Clients Are Saying geographIT 717-May-2007
Airport Shuttle Service for the 21st Century CompassCom, Inc. 412-May-2007
Aurora Public Works uses CompassTrac and CompassFDE to greatly increase efficiency CompassCom, Inc. 112-May-2007
CompassCom AVL solution used to track 2002 Winter Olympic Games athletes in Salt Lake City CompassCom, Inc. 812-May-2007
Florida Keys Mosquito Control uses CompassTrac and CompassFDE to monitor operations CompassCom, Inc. 1112-May-2007
FLORA AND FAUNA MAPPING PROJECT Variac Systems Pvt. Ltd. 2212-Apr-2007
Firefighter Training Solid Terrain Modeling Inc. 2104-Feb-2007
Digital Camera Survey Applanix 2803-Feb-2007
Film Camera Survey Applanix 1903-Feb-2007
LIDAR Survey Applanix 3503-Feb-2007
GIS Mapping and Regional Stormwater Management Plan Clemson University Water Replenishment District of Southern California 124-Jan-2007
City of San Jose, Public Works Dept. MapText, Inc. 1522-Jan-2007
City of San Jose, Planning Dept. MapText, Inc. 1921-Jan-2007
EDF Energy Networks deploys UMSIPS Wheatley Associates 1128-Dec-2006
Northern Electric Distribution Ltd. Wheatley Associates 628-Dec-2006
United Utilities Wheatley Associates 1128-Dec-2006
Western Power Distribution Wheatley Associates 2428-Dec-2006
Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS) Integeo 822-Dec-2006
Large Wholesale Distributor Identifies 13,000 New Prospects They Were Not Contacting InfoGrow Corporation 722-Dec-2006
Melbourne Health Integeo 1522-Dec-2006
Northern Territory Police Fire and Emergency Services Integeo 1222-Dec-2006
MIRS introduces Voice Navigator - Israel's first GPS-based navigation service with both graphic and voice guidance Telmap 1016-Dec-2006
Mobilcom launches mobilcom navigator, a GPS-based mobile navigation service for mobile phones Telmap 1116-Dec-2006
A Beautiful Town, A Team's Vision and a Total GIS Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 2115-Dec-2006
Coastal Community Enables Existing IT Investments with GIS Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 915-Dec-2006
Department of Water Resources Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 2415-Dec-2006
GIS and Walk-in Traffic: 30% Decrease in Stall Time plus a 40% Increase in Responsibilities Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 2515-Dec-2006
GIS for Stormwater Billing Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 3415-Dec-2006
City of Oregon City Geocortex Internet Mapping 1514-Dec-2006
City of Surrey COSMOS Geocortex Internet Mapping 1814-Dec-2006
Consumers Energy Selects ArcGIS Software Tadpole Technology Group 214-Dec-2006
Oklahoma County Assessor’s Office Geocortex Internet Mapping 1114-Dec-2006
Integrating Enterprise GIS with Asset Management for Streamlined Data Management GBA Master Series, Inc. 2312-Dec-2006
American Suzuki Motors Corporation Esri 110-Dec-2006
Apex Office Supply Esri 010-Dec-2006
Army Corp of Engineers projects analyzed by congressional district Farallon Geographics, Inc. 1010-Dec-2006
Automated integration between San Mateo County's GIS and asset management system Farallon Geographics, Inc. 2910-Dec-2006
Automated QA/QC Tests Aid in Map Production Esri 1210-Dec-2006
Bay Area Geological Hazard Abatement Districts use GIS Mashup to Identify and Manage Critical Data Farallon Geographics, Inc. 1410-Dec-2006
Caltrans - Linear Referencing System (LRS) Data Model Farallon Geographics, Inc. 3810-Dec-2006
City of Fairfield Enterprise Geodatabase and Master Address Development Farallon Geographics, Inc. 1310-Dec-2006
City of Houston - Work Order and Service Request Monitoring System eSpatial 1310-Dec-2006
City of San Mateo Google Earth integration with OGC compliant data Farallon Geographics, Inc. 1010-Dec-2006
CIVICTechnologies Empowers Public Libraries to Provide Access to Web-Based Demographic and Business Data Esri 210-Dec-2006
Contra Costa Economic Development website integrates spatially-aware database and MS Virtual Earth Farallon Geographics, Inc. 610-Dec-2006
Countrywide Mapping Made Possible with GIS Esri 1310-Dec-2006
Davis County, Utah Enterprise Parcel Database and Web Application Development Farallon Geographics, Inc. 2110-Dec-2006
Farallon assists Bay Area Air Quality Management District in implementing an ESRI-based Enterprise GIS Farallon Geographics, Inc. 310-Dec-2006
GIS Supports Market-Focused Selling at Newspaper Esri 1110-Dec-2006
Increased Target Circulation, Lower Cost Esri 510-Dec-2006
Increasing Efficiency and Profits with Wireless Location-Based Services Esri 1010-Dec-2006
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners Liquid Fuel Pipeline Control Center Emergency Response GIS Farallon Geographics, Inc. 2010-Dec-2006
Postal Address Data Management—Adding Quality with ArcGIS Ser Esri 3010-Dec-2006
Producing Commercial Maps Efficiently and Accurately Esri 610-Dec-2006
Providing Accurate Aeronautical Data in a Timely Manner Esri 610-Dec-2006
Touch-Screen Mapping for Intel and Defense Esri 710-Dec-2006
Bell Actimedia DMTI Spatial Inc. 008-Dec-2006
Dr. Green Lawncare DMTI Spatial Inc. 108-Dec-2006
GE Capital DMTI Spatial Inc. 208-Dec-2006
Maptuit DMTI Spatial Inc. 108-Dec-2006
Pushing Back the Boundaries Earth Resource Mapping 008-Dec-2006
INDEX Paint the Region Criterion Planners 1406-Dec-2006
The Digital Charrette Criterion Planners 906-Dec-2006
The People's Plan Criterion Planners 306-Dec-2006
LTSA- Land Transport Safety Authority Critchlow Associates 1105-Dec-2006
NABIS A unique web-based GIS system developed by the Ministry of Fisheries Critchlow Associates 605-Dec-2006
Territory Mapping at BP Critchlow Associates 1505-Dec-2006
Geospecific 3D Stereo Imagery for Rapid Low Cost GIS Data Collection SimWright Inc. 1002-Dec-2006
SIA in Partnership with NDMC at TfL SIA Limited 002-Dec-2006
SIA in Partnership with NDMC at TfL SIA Limited 002-Dec-2006
APAC, Inc. - Southeastern United States Meteorlogix 420-Nov-2006
ABC Supply Company Meteorlogix 318-Nov-2006
Alcoa, Inc. Meteorlogix 718-Nov-2006
Bay City Gas Company Meteorlogix 1418-Nov-2006
Chemseal Asphalt Maintenance Co. Meteorlogix 318-Nov-2006
City of Longboat Key Meteorlogix 618-Nov-2006
CJ Systems Aviation Group Meteorlogix 618-Nov-2006
Georgia Power Company Meteorlogix 718-Nov-2006
Jasper County Sheriff's Department Meteorlogix 618-Nov-2006
McLeod Cooperative Power Association Meteorlogix 818-Nov-2006
Taylor Roofing, Inc. Meteorlogix 318-Nov-2006
Top Flite Express Drives Automotive Business Growth With Mobitrac's Next-Generation Transportation Execution System Mobitrac, Inc. 117-Nov-2006
Case Ekisaikai Hospital, Japan Ekahau, Inc. 109-Nov-2006
Shell Oil Jump Starts Consumables Savings ToolWatch Corporation 016-Sep-2006
Stolen Tools Recovered with ToolWatch’s Help ToolWatch Corporation 116-Sep-2006
ToolWatch Part of Thompson Electric's Success ToolWatch Corporation 116-Sep-2006
Using Qualitative Futures Tools to Implement Change within the Fort Bend County Engineering GIS University of Houston Clear Lake 617-Aug-2006
The Sidwell Company Maps Out Competitive Business Strategy by Keeping GIS Services In-House Oce Technologies & The Sidwell Company 1019-May-2006
Hero Honda Motors Drives Increased Operational Efficiency and Productivity Using MapInfo MapInfo Corporation 1504-Jan-2006
A Geographic Timeline of Global H5N1 Avian Influenza from October 2003 through August 2005, by David Alexander XPAND Corporation 1516-Dec-2005
Case Study: Southern California Water Professionals View Perchlorate Data with EQuIS for ArcGIS EarthSoft, Inc. 2618-Jul-2005
Total 430 links listed, not including links in sub-categories.

Support & Training Engineer - Photogrammetry Systems for Trimble Navigation at Westminster, CO
GIS Analyst for RAMTeCH at Stillwater, MN
Programmer Analyst for Integrys Energy Group at Green Bay, WI
Flight Planning Technician for Keystone Aerial Surveys at Philadelphia, PA
Technical Product/Project Managers for D E Shaw Research at New York City, NY
Aerial Sensor Operator for Keystone Aerial Surveys at Philadelphia, PA
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