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From Mylars to Enterprise Geodatabase PopularDCSE 5320-Sep-2006
Cadastral Mapping Data Models in the Geodatabase PopularThe Sidwell Company 12320-Nov-2005
Cartographic Quality: ArcMap to Adobe Illustrator for Publication PopularNational Park Service 5520-Nov-2005
Creating Contiguous Cartograms in ArcGIS 9 PopularUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga 6220-Nov-2005
How Are Title Insurance Companies Using GIS? PopularAttorneys' Title Insurance Fund, Inc. 4420-Nov-2005
Imperial County: Web Deployment of Land Base GIS PopularImperial County 5220-Nov-2005
Tracking and Managing Parcel Changes in a Geodatabase Format PopularCounty of Santa Cruz 10520-Nov-2005
Geographic Information Design for Envisioning and Choosing Neighborhoods PopularSan Jose State University 4619-Nov-2005
Integrated GIS Work Environment for Development of Cartographically Styled Geodatabases PopularRMSI 5419-Nov-2005
Neighborhood Revitalization: Mapping Social Perceptions and Conditions PopularCook Inlet Housing Authority 5219-Nov-2005
Representing Data Uncertainties in Overview Maps PopularUniversity at Albany, NY/Centro Internacional de la Papa - CGIAR, Lima, Peru 3919-Nov-2005
Comparative Study on Generation of Optimal Digital Elevation Model PopularKunsan National University 5718-Nov-2005
Data Management for Transportation, Water, Sanitary and Storm in ArcSDE PopularCity of Saskatoon 9618-Nov-2005
Design and Development of the USDA Geospatial Data Warehouse PopularUSDA/FSA/APFO 6118-Nov-2005
Design the Geodatabases for Institutional Purposes PopularGeorge Mason University 4718-Nov-2005
NOAA's NowCOAST: Developing a Java Connector-Based GIS Web Application PopularNOAA/NOS 4418-Nov-2005
Enterprise Data Modeling in the Bureau of Land Management PopularBureau of Land Management 5517-Nov-2005
Geomodeling and Implementation of a Geodatabase Using CASE Tools and ArcCatalog PopularNational Geographical Institute Belgium 7817-Nov-2005
Network Geodatabase Design and Implementation PopularAdams County 10017-Nov-2005
The Role of Grid Size Optimization in ArcSDE Performance Tuning PopularTele Atlas North America 7317-Nov-2005
Water Infrastructure GIS Database Development PopularWaukesha Water Utility 6817-Nov-2005
Developing Custom 3D Visualization Applications for Defense Using ArcGIS PopularConcurrent Technologies Corporation 4916-Nov-2005
Dynamic Application for ArcGIS Using .NET WinForms, Oracle Stored Procedures PopularU.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Cold Regions Lab, RS/GIS Center 6016-Nov-2005
Expanding the Availability of Georeferenced Weather Observation and Forecast Data PopularUnited States Air Force 3816-Nov-2005
Managing & Migrating Multiple Instances of ArcSDE Across an Enterprise PopularJIOC 6516-Nov-2005
Why Is My Map So Slow? The Impact of Image Storage Formats on ArcIMS Performance at Air Combat Command PopularUSAF--ACC GeoBase 8616-Nov-2005
Developing Natural Hazards Mitigation Plans with ArcGIS PopularBowling Green State University 4615-Nov-2005
ICWater: Incident Command Tool for Drinking Water Protection PopularSAIC 5115-Nov-2005
Information Technology and GIS Employment during an Emergency Event PopularSeminole County Government 5315-Nov-2005
Geodatabase Application for Invasive Plant Tracking and Coordinated Habitat Restoration PopularUC Davis 5414-Nov-2005
Using ArcReader to Share Maps: An Emergency Management Agency Application PopularCenter for Geographic Information Sciences at Towson University (CGIS) 6914-Nov-2005
Using GIS to Estimate Hurricane Debris PopularBroward Emergency Management Agency 5314-Nov-2005
Using GIS to Connect Watersheds and People PopularWestern Pennsylvania Conservancy 5813-Nov-2005
Airborne LIDAR and GIS Tools in Transmission Line Re-Rating Projects PopularLACTEC - Instituto de Tecnologia para o Desenvolvimento 5512-Nov-2005
ARCFUELS: Forest Planning Tools for Managing Wildland Fuels PopularUSDA Forest Service 5812-Nov-2005
Building the Business Case for an Enterprise GIS PopularSouthern Company 9112-Nov-2005
Calculating Wildfire Hazard Levels: Algebraic Raster Construction Using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst PopularBureau of Land Management 4312-Nov-2005
GIS--A Valuable Watershed Assessment Tool PopularEarth Tech 4711-Nov-2005
Incorporating GIS Capabilities into National Park Service's Databases Using MapObjects PopularNational Park Service 4411-Nov-2005
Integrating GIS and Real-Time Vehicle Tracking for County Emergency Response PopularCollier County 5411-Nov-2005
GIS-Based Facility Information Management Systems: An Evolving Success Story PopularEDAW, Inc. 6410-Nov-2005
Use of Multi-Criteria Analyses to Facilitate Decision Making PopularTauw bv 5710-Nov-2005
Analysis of Forest Structure Using LiDAR in South Korea PopularKorea University 4609-Nov-2005
Deriving Forest Structure from LiDAR Data for a Large Watershed PopularCity of Seattle Watershed Management 5309-Nov-2005
Moving the Appalachian Trail: Inventory, Analysis, Models, and Maps PopularRutgers University 4609-Nov-2005
Strategic Regreening and Open Space Planning in Washington, D.C., Using ModelBuilder PopularCasey Trees 4909-Nov-2005
Visualizing International Deforestation Trajectories Using ArcGIS PopularUniversity of British Columbia 4309-Nov-2005
Disaster Preparedness for Human Services: A GIS Vulnerability Index PopularLee County, Florida 6708-Nov-2005
GIS Impact: Department of Labor Declares Geospatial Industry High Growth PopularGlobal Marketing Insights, Inc. 4508-Nov-2005
Airborne Rapid Imaging for Emergency Support PopularEarthData Solutions 3907-Nov-2005
GIS in an Emergency Situation PopularAiken County Govt. 6107-Nov-2005
ArcPad Field Data Collection for Sonoma County's 911 Dispatch System PopularCounty of Sonoma 5906-Nov-2005
Critical Risk Zones: Violators of Megan's Law PopularTexas A&M University 4206-Nov-2005
A GIS System Development for Evaluating 3D Slope Stability PopularKyushu University 6505-Nov-2005
Avenue to VB: Migrating a Geological Database to ArcGIS PopularUniversity of Texas at Austin 5405-Nov-2005
Developing a GIS Model for Assessing Intrinsic Landscape Aesthetic Quality PopularJones & Jones Architects and Landscape Architects, Ltd. 5005-Nov-2005
Dynamic Segmentation for Monitoring Underground Mining Effects on Pennsylvania Streams PopularCONSOL Energy, Inc. 5505-Nov-2005
GIS and Satellite Visibility: Viewsheds from Space PopularVirginia Tech 4605-Nov-2005
Modeling Soil Distribution in Wilderness Areas of Washington State PopularWashington State University 4805-Nov-2005
Multidimensional Modeling Based on Spatial, Temporal, and Spatio-Temporal Stereotypes PopularIST--Technical University of Lisbon 4605-Nov-2005
Thinking Long Term: Land Use Planning in Dane County, WI PopularUniversity of Wisconsin--Madison 4605-Nov-2005
Vector Driven Spatial Analysis PopularDonley & Associates Inc. 7405-Nov-2005
3D City Models in the Web-Based 3D-GIS PopularCyberCity AG 6504-Nov-2005
Denver Water Uses ArcGIS Engine to Field Collect Customer Facilities PopularDenver Water Information Technology 5804-Nov-2005
Dynamic Web-Mapping Using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) PopularQinetiQ 5404-Nov-2005
Enhanced GIS Presentation with Flash--GIS integration for Harris County PopularHarris County Flood Control 6904-Nov-2005
Flash, ColdFusion, and ArcIMS: A New-Generation IMS-Map Portal PopularIndiana Geological Survey 7404-Nov-2005
Parks and Recreation Information System: Integrated ArcIMS Application PopularCity of Boulder 5804-Nov-2005
The Practical Union of OLAP Analysis and Geographic Mapping PopularSAS 4204-Nov-2005
Disseminating Critical Pipeline Infrastructure Data with GIS PopularU.S. Department of Transportation 5803-Nov-2005
Filtering of LIDAR Data Points Using 3D and ArcGIS Spatial Analyst PopularCOPEL - Companhia Paranaense de Energia S.A. 10103-Nov-2005
GIS Technology Applied to Modeling Oil Spills on Land PopularApplied Science Associates 4403-Nov-2005
Landsat Atmospheric Correction: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly PopularDelaware Geological Survey-University of Delaware 7403-Nov-2005
Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Maps and GIS PopularU.S. Geological Survey 4603-Nov-2005
Remote Sensing and GIS Applications for Pipeline Security Assessment PopularGeorge Mason University 10703-Nov-2005
A Commercial and Industrial Land Inventory Analysis Using GIS PopularMartin County-Martin County Administrative Center 4102-Nov-2005
ArcGIS as Information Portal for Town of West Springfield, MA PopularTown of West Springfield 5102-Nov-2005
ArcIMS Software-Based Land Development Monitoring: Prototype for Harford County, Maryland PopularUniversity of Illinois 4902-Nov-2005
Beyond Maps: GIS Support of Transit-Oriented Development Planning PopularMetropolitan Transportation Commission 4402-Nov-2005
City of Grapevine Makes Big Strides in GIS PopularCity of Grapevine, TX 4902-Nov-2005
GASB 34 Compliance: Made Easy PopularCity of Rowlett 5701-Nov-2005
GIS Analysis to Write a Comprehensive County Farmland Preservation Plan PopularCumberland County Department of Planning and Development 6001-Nov-2005
Horry County's Enterprise GIS: From Vision to Reality PopularHorry County GIS-IT/GIS 5501-Nov-2005
Philadelphia Water Department: From Paper to the Geometric Network PopularPhiladelphia Water Department GIS 8931-Oct-2005
Preparing a Data Distribution Policy for Local Government PopularGIS Consultants 9631-Oct-2005
Street Light Inventory Using Digital Photography and GPS PopularAkron Public Utilities Bureau Public Utilities 11331-Oct-2005
Uses of Viewshed Analysis Models in Planning and Neighborhood Preservation PopularCity of Scottsdale Planning and Development 4831-Oct-2005
Using ArcGIS to Develop and Analyze Smart Growth Strategies PopularHunterdon County, NJ Planning Board 5231-Oct-2005
Civilian Casualties in the Colombian Conflict--A Spatial Analysis PopularUniversity of London - Economics Royal Holloway 4727-Sep-2005
FAA Airport Surveying--GIS Program PopularNOAA 7227-Sep-2005
Integrating GIS and Participatory Mapping in Community Development Planning PopularCarnegie Mellon University-Engineering and Public Policy 6127-Sep-2005
Reality Bites: Water and Environment GIS in the Developing World PopularThe World Bank-South Asia Region 5827-Sep-2005
Tsunami Response Efforts: GIS and Remote Sensing Utility and Applications PopularU.S. Department of State-Office of the Geographer and Global Issues 11027-Sep-2005
Using GIS to Derive Base Flood Elevations for Building Permits PopularSarasota County Watershed Management 5027-Sep-2005
Using Mobile GIS for Storm Water Infrastructure Inventories and Inspections PopularCity of Redding 8327-Sep-2005
Web-GIS Integration in Gwinnett County: A Multi-Faceted Approach PopularGwinnett County 5927-Sep-2005
A Campus-Wide Geodatabase: Brick and Mortar of a University's GIS PopularUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-Planning and Construction 5726-Sep-2005
Building an Integrated GIS Transportation Network for Municipality of Anchorage PopularMunicipality of Anchorage-Data/GIS Resources Division 8626-Sep-2005
Considering Network Demand Issues in GIS Transportation Data Modeling PopularAristotle University of Thessaloniki-Civil Engineering 4826-Sep-2005
Discovering the Growing GIS-Centric Business Processes in Public Sector PopularCity of Hamilton-Information Technologies 4526-Sep-2005
Easy Web-Based Data Editing Using ArcIMS PopularCity of Indianapolis Department of Public Works 14526-Sep-2005
Migrating Software, Systems, and Databases in a Citrix Environment PopularFairfax County Government-Fairfax County Government 5226-Sep-2005
Creating a Transportation Database Using a Linear Referencing System PopularTMACOG-Transportation 10225-Sep-2005
Dynamic Spatial Analysis of Urban Travel Survey Data Using GIS PopularEcole Polytechnique Montreal-Civil Engineering 6025-Sep-2005
GIS and Transportation Planning in Utah PopularInterplan Co. Geography 6325-Sep-2005
A Multi-Purpose Geodatabase Serving GIS, Cartography, and Engineering at SHA PopularMaryland State Highway Administration-Highway Information Services 5724-Sep-2005
Identification and Ranking of High Pedestrian Crash Zones Using GIS PopularLouis Berger Group 4424-Sep-2005
Maps in Apps: ArcIMS Web Applications at the Chicago Transit Authority PopularChicago Transit Authority 6824-Sep-2005
Modeling Efficient Work Flows: Automating Bus Stop Updates at CTA PopularChicago Transit Authority-Data Service & Tech Dev 4724-Sep-2005
Transportation Infrastructure GIS Maximized Return on Investment in Halton Region PopularThe Regional Municipality of Halton-PPW - Planning & Trasnportation Services 6624-Sep-2005
Agriculture in California: Basic Land Use Data Collection PopularDepartment of Water Resources 9323-Sep-2005
Analysis of Soil Erosion Hazard Zone in Farm Land PopularKorea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT) 5223-Sep-2005
Application of GIS in the Determination of Probable Maximum Flood PopularBC Hydro/University of British Columbia 8723-Sep-2005
The Vital Role of GIS in Solving Controversial Transportation Issues PopularRegional Transportation Commission Planning 7423-Sep-2005
The Walkable-Bikeable Communities Analyst Extension for ArcView 3.x PopularUniversity of Washington-College of Architecture & Urban Planning 5523-Sep-2005
A Geodatabase for Groundwater Modeling in MLAEM and MODFLOW PopularKansas State University-Landscape Architecture Planning 7122-Sep-2005
Automatic Delineation of River Banks Using Aerial Photographs PopularUniversity of Texas at Austin Center for Research in Water Resources 9522-Sep-2005
Evaluation of Water Quality Objectives for Santa Ana Basin Waterbodies PopularSanta Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA) 5622-Sep-2005
Functional Linkage of Watersheds and Streams: ArcGIS FLoWS Tools PopularColorado State University-Natural Resource Ecology Lab 9022-Sep-2005
Geospatial Analysis Approaches for Drinking Water Source Protection Areas PopularResearch Triangle Institute (RTI) 6122-Sep-2005
GIS Applied to Flood Mapping in Sinkhole Areas PopularWestern Kentucky University - Engineering Dept. 5622-Sep-2005
Groundwater Modeling of the Upper Skunk Basin PopularUSDA 5822-Sep-2005
Land Acquisition Prioritization for the Protection of the Edwards Aquifer PopularUniversity of Mississippi Geology and Geological Engineering 8122-Sep-2005
Mexico's National Map of Small Watersheds PopularUniversity of Querétaro 4822-Sep-2005
Mobile GIS Helps Streamline Agricultural Survey for State of Utah PopularState of Utah Division of Water Resources 4122-Sep-2005
Modeling the Propagation of DEM Uncertainty on Flood Inundation Depths PopularMETU Water Resources Lab. 7122-Sep-2005
Modernizing Floodplain Map Production with GIS PopularPBS&J 8522-Sep-2005
A Proposed Intelligent GIS Protocol for the Revisions of Floodplain Maps PopularArizona State University Graduate Research Fellow 4821-Sep-2005
Asset Management System Works for Portland Water District PopularPortland Water District 7621-Sep-2005
NRCS Hydro: A GIS-Based Hydrologic Modeling Tool PopularNRCS/USDA National Cartography and Geospatial Center 8021-Sep-2005
Rapid Stormwater Feature Data Collection--Experience in Automation PopularParsons Corporation Water Resources 5421-Sep-2005
Converting Water System Paper Maps to an ArcSDE Geodatabase PopularCity of Tucson Water Department 6320-Sep-2005
Creating a Hydraulic Model from an ArcSDE Geodatabase PopularCity of Tucson Water Department 10920-Sep-2005
Delivering World Class Service: Integrating GIS and Municipal Asset Management PopularCity of Greensboro GIS 7220-Sep-2005
Development of City of Norfolk Stormwater Master Plan PopularCity of Norfolk Storm Water 5720-Sep-2005
Erie County Mobile GIS Implementation: Populating the Sewer Inspection Database PopularErie County Department of Environment and Planning Division of Sewerage Management 7220-Sep-2005
Flooding Analysis Strategy Using GIS PopularTroy University Maths & Physics 9320-Sep-2005
Forecasting Future Population and Resource Demands Using GIS PopularCity of Phoenix Water Resources City Hall 7720-Sep-2005
Improving Capital Project and Asset Management Success with ESRI Technology PopularGoleta Water District Engineering 6220-Sep-2005
Improving Utility Maps, Locations and Maintenance with Custom Tools PopularBAE Systems ADR GIS 5320-Sep-2005
Integrating GIS and Asset Management at Greater Cincinnati Water Works PopularCity of Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) 11319-Sep-2005
Integrating the ArcGIS Water Distribution Data Model into PipelineNet PopularSAIC 15619-Sep-2005
Making GIS Feasible for a Small Wastewater District PopularRancho Santa Fe Community Services District 6819-Sep-2005
Managing Your Water Utility with Integrated GIS PopularCitrus Heights Water District Engineering 9819-Sep-2005
Multi Purpose MS4 Storm Water Facility Mapping in San Diego County PopularSan Diego County Public Works 6519-Sep-2005
Using a GIS to Predict Sanitary Sewer Overflows PopularGSWW 11419-Sep-2005
Water and Sewer Enterprise GIS Deployment in the Jersey Pinelands PopularHamilton Township Municipal Utilities Authority 8817-Sep-2005
Urban Renewal Design Template Hernando County Florida Planning Department 4327-Jan-2011
ArcGIS, DVR (Digital Video Recorder) CCTV, Video Cameras, and DSL, Monitoring System Hernando County, FL Planning Department 3527-Jan-2011
Building a Future for and Labeling with Prenumbered Marker Symbols Data Deja View 3520-Nov-2005
GIS Driving Force of Land Records System in Beaufort County NovaLIS Technologies 3220-Nov-2005
Land Records Information Management System National Databases and Registration Authority 3620-Nov-2005
Multi-Criteria Analysis for Rental Property Search Using Preference Function Method Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) 2620-Nov-2005
Placer Dome: Implementation of a Global Land Management GIS System Placer Dome Asia Pacific 3220-Nov-2005
Standard Insurance, Philippines Utilizes GIS Technology in Natural Hazard Assessment Standard Insurance Co., Inc. 3220-Nov-2005
Underwriting and Quantifying Catastrophe Risks Using GIS ACE Tempest Re 3320-Nov-2005
Using Tidemark Data and ESRI Products to Maintain Pasadena's Land Base City of Pasadena 1420-Nov-2005
Are Republicans Sprawlers and Democrats New Urbanists? Clemson University 3619-Nov-2005
Arresting the Decline of Housing in Low/Mod Census Tracts City of Durham 3319-Nov-2005
Creating 2010 Census Geography of Turkey by Using GIS Middle East Technical University 3219-Nov-2005
Field Survey Work with ArcGIS with Voice Technology National Geographic Institute 2219-Nov-2005
Georgia Coordination with the Census Bureau Boundary and Annexation Survey Georgia Department of Community Affairs 1119-Nov-2005
GIS: A Well Needed Technology for Development in Lebanon University of Balamand 1319-Nov-2005
Integrating Orienteering Maps and Data into an Enterprise Geodatabase USMA 2019-Nov-2005
Multiagency Collaboration in Statewide Development Tracking State of Maine 2119-Nov-2005
Using Commercial Satellite Imagery and GIS to Update NOAA ENCs NOAA 2219-Nov-2005
Acid Deposition Response to the 1995 Clean Air Act Amendment Environment Canada 1718-Nov-2005
Creating a GIS-Based Web Service for Naval Educational Facilities 3001, Inc. 2418-Nov-2005
Estimating Regional Contributions to Atmospheric Haze Using GIS Sonoma Technology, Inc. 1018-Nov-2005
Predicting Areas of High Diesel Particulate Matter Using Spatial Analysis Sonoma Technology, Inc. 2718-Nov-2005
SIMGIS: GIS for Thermal Simulations in the Built Environment Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 2518-Nov-2005
Symbology Modification for Climate Studies U.S. DOC/NOAA/NCDC 818-Nov-2005
Test-Driving a Tornado Likelihood Model University of Central Arkansas 1618-Nov-2005
The Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale National Climatic Data Center 1218-Nov-2005
Use of GIS Databases in Urban Air Quality Modeling University of California at Los Angeles 3218-Nov-2005
Utilizing Doppler Radar to Estimate Rainfall Rates for Highway Segments University of North Florida 1518-Nov-2005
ArcGIS Server Solutions for Ranges Safety in the USMC U.S. Marine Corps 4117-Nov-2005
Battlespace Terrain Reasoning and Awareness U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center 3217-Nov-2005
DSDM: What's the Use of It? AQUAGIS 2117-Nov-2005
Establishment of the Spatial Information Infrastructure in Kyushu University, Japan Kyushu University 1217-Nov-2005
Facilities Monitoring and Asset Management in USBR MP Region U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 2817-Nov-2005
GEO Services at Swiss Re: Maintaining a Company-Wide Centralized Geodatabase Swiss Reinsurance Company 1817-Nov-2005
Leveraging Geoprocessing Functionality to Manage Enterprise Data in Sacramento County Sacramento County 1017-Nov-2005
Simplify for Success: Using ArcGIS Engine to Simplify Data Management City of Auburn 2917-Nov-2005
An Enterprise Geospatial Application to Support Expeditionary Naval Warfare NATO Undersea Research Centre 1616-Nov-2005
Custom Data Access with MapObjects - Java Edition CTC 2716-Nov-2005
Enterprise Geospatial Data and Decision Information for Defense New Age Systems, Incorporated 1516-Nov-2005
GeoBase Communications Mission Data Set Editor: A Tailored ArcGIS Application Titan 1016-Nov-2005
GeoBase Data Steward Operations (Promoting Data Steward Activity) 99 CES/CECT 1316-Nov-2005
GeoBase Space Utilization System The Planning Center 916-Nov-2005
GEOFidelis--The Marine Corps Tool Set Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point 4416-Nov-2005
Joint Geospatial Enterprise Services - Research Program U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center 1516-Nov-2005
Reducing Visual Clutter with Semantic Lenses MITRE 1016-Nov-2005
Theater Geospatial Database Value-Adding in a Distributive Environment 29th Engineer Battalion (Topographic) 3216-Nov-2005
Broward County's Web-Based Hurricane Debris Estimation Tool (HurDET) PBS&J 3615-Nov-2005
Geospatial Flood Vulnerability Assessment in the Lower Mekong Basin Pacific Disaster Center-Data and Information Resources 3815-Nov-2005
GIS and Mass Notification: Changing the Face of Emergency Communications National Notification Network (3n) 3615-Nov-2005
GIS in Landslides Susceptibility Mapping, Murree Area, North Pakistan LMK Resources 300 STP 1 3815-Nov-2005
Identifying Global Natural Disaster Hotspots CIESIN, Columbia University 3815-Nov-2005
Interfacing ArcInfo 9.1 to Tacoma's Fire Dispatch System City of Tacoma - Tacoma Economic Development Department 3515-Nov-2005
Off-Site Emergency Planning for MAH Industries in India National Informatics Centre 1115-Nov-2005
Real Time Landslide Disaster System in Yokohama, Japan Yokohama National University 2515-Nov-2005
The Asia Pacific Natural Hazards Information Network Pacific Disaster Center-Data and Information Resources 1115-Nov-2005
Aggressive Urban Annexation and Conservation Site Protection in North Carolina University of North Carolina at Greensboro 1314-Nov-2005
Assessment of Landscape Ecological Metrics Clarion University of Pennsylvania 3614-Nov-2005
Detecting Shifts in Wildlife Movement Patterns Associated with Road Enhancement EDAW, Inc. 3014-Nov-2005
Development of the World Database on Protected Areas UNEP-WCMC 2814-Nov-2005
Exploring Trends in Conservation and Rural Development Sonoran Institute 1614-Nov-2005
Generating Predevelopment Land Cover Datasets for Two Florida Basins Jones Edmunds & Associates 1914-Nov-2005
Implementing Wildlands' Networks, Making Ecosystem Planning Real Wild Utah Project 3114-Nov-2005
Land Use Planning in the Yungas Biosphere Reserve in Argentina University of British Columbia 3214-Nov-2005
Mapping the Central Corridor of the Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest TCBR 1914-Nov-2005
Network Alert Management Module for Outage Management System (OMS) Canal de Isabel II 814-Nov-2005
Fort Bend Independent School District Partners with the City of Rosenberg City of Rosenberg 913-Nov-2005
Geospatial Information Education in Kenya: Geoinformation Training Programmes Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology 1113-Nov-2005
Language Map Server Stockholm University 2213-Nov-2005
Managing GIS Resources for a University Department's Research Program University of Alberta 2213-Nov-2005
Managing Plant Collections Using GPS/GIS in the Botanic Gardens Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne 3113-Nov-2005
Mapping Our World: Introducing GIS in Kenya Schools Oakar Services Ltd. 3013-Nov-2005
Pittsburgh's Hillsides and Watersheds: Using GIS to Investigate Post-Industrial Ecology Carnegie Mellon University 3913-Nov-2005
Sharing and Accessing Biodiversity Data Globally through GBIF GBIF 2213-Nov-2005
SmartConservation: Decision Support for Prioritizing Ecological Resources Using ESRI Software Natural Lands Trust 2613-Nov-2005
The Sacramento River Recreation and Public Access Guide California State University, Chico 1613-Nov-2005
The World Atlas of Great Apes and Their Conservation UNEP-WCMC 913-Nov-2005
Tracking Reintroduced California Condors in the Wild Zoological Society of San Diego 1613-Nov-2005
Using Geodatabases for Ecological Networks in Czech Republic ICS MU Brno 1713-Nov-2005
A Sampling Scheme for Peirson's Milk-Vetch in the Algodones Dunes Bureau of Land Management and American River College 1812-Nov-2005
ArcView and SynerGEE Work Together in a Gas COS Application Puget Sound Energy 3312-Nov-2005
Integration of GIS With Asset Management: Creating a Road Map for Success Great River Energy 4012-Nov-2005
Merging Two GIS Platforms for Utility Data into One JEA-GIS CAD Standards 2612-Nov-2005
Quantifying Municipal Electric Infrastructure for GASB34 Compliance City of Painesville 2412-Nov-2005
Rapid Data Capture and Asset Inspections--Saving Money Surveylab Ltd 3412-Nov-2005
Spatial Load Forecasting: Bringing GIS to T&D Asset Management PacifiCorp 2712-Nov-2005
Synchronizing Smallworld Data with ArcGIS UniSource Energy Services 3712-Nov-2005
Teaching Spatially Integrated Social Science Research Methods San Francisco State University 1112-Nov-2005
The History of the Lake Country Power Initiative Great River Energy 1112-Nov-2005
Using Geodata for School Reform Missouri Botanical Garden 1412-Nov-2005
Correlating Airborne Geophysical Survey Data to Conductive Strata ERM 2111-Nov-2005
Creating the Mechanism for Slope Land Monitoring and Computerized Management Feng Chia University Geographic Information Systems Research Center-Business Division 2811-Nov-2005
Development of a Carrying Capacity Assessment System for the Chi-Ri National Park Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering 2411-Nov-2005
Development of a Slope Failure Management System Using ArcGIS Server Yokohama National University 2811-Nov-2005
Development of Corresponding Management System for Disaster Yokohama National University 3011-Nov-2005
Dynamic GIS-Based Integrated Planning Template for Communities at Risk Firewise-ArcView Communities 3011-Nov-2005
Firewise Modeling in the Wildland/Urban Interface with ArcGIS Entrada/San Juan, Inc. 2711-Nov-2005
GIS in Forest Fires METU 3611-Nov-2005
GIS Solutions for Environmental Impact Statements VHB, Inc. 3711-Nov-2005
Improving Selective Dam Removal in Wisconsin Patrick Engineering, Inc. 611-Nov-2005
Low Cost, High ROI Public Safety Mobile GIS City of Fresno 1511-Nov-2005
MEGIN: The Maryland Emergency Geographic Information Network Towson University-Center for Geographic Information Sciences 1611-Nov-2005
Urban Wildfire Exposure Modeling in the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska Municipality of Anchorage-Data/GIS Resources Division 2611-Nov-2005
Finding Aerial Photography in the Tennessee Valley Using ArcIMS TVA 1810-Nov-2005
GIS for Effective Space Management: NASA Langley Research Center NASA/LaRC GIS Team 2810-Nov-2005
Implementing GIS in the NEPA Process at FERC FERC 3510-Nov-2005
Integrated Pest Management Analysis at Santa Barbara Airport City of Santa Barbara 2110-Nov-2005
Muddy Waters: Landcover and Sedimentation in an Urban Lake Lynchburg College 2410-Nov-2005
Prioritizing Restoration Activities for Salmonid Habitat within a Watershed Laurel Marcus & Associates 2110-Nov-2005
Prioritizing Restoration Sites in the Columbia River Estuary Battelle Marine Sciences Laboratory 2510-Nov-2005
Radiological Survey Tool Set for ArcGIS 8.3 and ArcPad 6 Bechtel Savannah River, Inc. 1510-Nov-2005
Setting Up Integrated GIS for the Walloon Region (Belgium) c/o Ministry of Walloon Region 1610-Nov-2005
Site Selection for New Tourism Types in Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey ODTU-GGIT 2610-Nov-2005
Urban Environmental Climate Map for Community Planning Kobe University-Graduate School of Science & Technology, COE -Architecture & Civil Engineering- 3210-Nov-2005
Use of Landsat Imagery, GIS, and DTM Land Planning Egerton University-Agricultural Engineering 4010-Nov-2005
Using GIS in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Data Management Clayton Group Services 2810-Nov-2005
Using Web-Based GIS to Improve EPA Permit and Grant Submissions RTI International 3610-Nov-2005
Characterizing Sea Turtle Nesting Behavior with Mobile GIS City of Boca Raton 2009-Nov-2005
Geostatistical Analysis of Damaged Area by Pine Wilt Disease Korea University 1509-Nov-2005
GIS Application for Classifying Forest Function Korea University 3309-Nov-2005
Mapping Potential Distribution of Tuna with ArcGIS and RS Techniques National Institute of Far Seas Fisheries 2509-Nov-2005
Rehearsal Scene Construction from LIDAR and Multispectral Data HyPerspectives 2109-Nov-2005
Satellite Mallard Tracking Using ArcIMS Arkansas Game and Fish Commission 4109-Nov-2005
Transportation Planning for a 150 Year Forest Harvest-Habitat Model Logging Engineering International 1809-Nov-2005
Using Arc Hydro to Evaluate Salmonid Status and Trends NOAA/NMFS 2109-Nov-2005
Using GIS for Selecting Trees for Thinning Stephen F. Austin State University 2109-Nov-2005
A Functional Taxonomy for a Customer Driven Enterprise GIS Sarasota County 2808-Nov-2005
Application of Geographic Information Systems to Syndromic Surveillance University of Mississippi Medical Center 1508-Nov-2005
Calculation of Health Disparity Indices University of Louisville 2408-Nov-2005
County of Los Angeles Health Service Locator County of Los Angeles 2108-Nov-2005
Data Quality and Long-Term Sustainability at the U.S. DOE's Hanford Site Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 1108-Nov-2005
Effect of Altitude and Smoking on Low Birth Weight Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment 1008-Nov-2005
GIS Applications: Planning Health Care Safety Net Services University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita 2108-Nov-2005
GIS Deployment in Bermuda--A Grassroots Approach Bermuda Government 2608-Nov-2005
GIS: The Human Component Lehigh County Authority 1608-Nov-2005
Herding Cats! GIS Coordination Efforts within an Enterprise System Arkansas Game and Fish Commission 1908-Nov-2005
Providing GIS Products in the Public Sector LOJIC 908-Nov-2005
Working Together For Environmental Management: A Collaborative Learning Approach University of British Columbia 2908-Nov-2005
A GIS-Based Probabilistic Time-Activity Model for Exposure Assessment Imperial College London 2907-Nov-2005
GIS Confirms Latitudinal Effect on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Ipsos North America 1907-Nov-2005
GIS for a Homeland Security Event: The Democratic National Convention DHS/FEMA Region 1 1607-Nov-2005
Integrating Spatial and Tabular Extract Transform and Load (ETL) Processes HHS/HRSA 2707-Nov-2005
Mapping Vitamin D Deficiency and Breast and Colon Cancers GEO Centers, Inc. 2207-Nov-2005
Mobile GIS for Public Health Preparedness and Response Guilford County Heath Department 2107-Nov-2005
Representation of Socioeconomic Indicators on Health Status in Turkey Bakü-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Crude Oil Pipeline Project 1507-Nov-2005
Sustainable Resiliency: Financing Environmental, Homeland Security, and Other Infrastructure Systems Urban Logic 2007-Nov-2005
Toward the Next Level of GIS for Emergency Management (EMMA) Towson University-Center for Geographic Information Sciences 3707-Nov-2005
Utilizing GIS (ArcGIS) for Fort Bend County Homeland Security Fort Bend County 2207-Nov-2005
Web-Based Community Planning Tool for Local Public Health Lincoln-Lancaster Country Health Department 2407-Nov-2005
World Atlas of Ultraviolet A and B Radiation University of California San Diego 1707-Nov-2005
Addressing the Addressing Issue with GIS in Hernando County, Florida Hernando County, Florida Property Appraiser 2806-Nov-2005
Advanced Authentication of ArcIMS Services Masaryk University 2906-Nov-2005
CVRD Metadata Standard Cia Vale do Rio Doce 1006-Nov-2005
Development of GIS Applications for Adult Probation Services Seminole County Government 1606-Nov-2005
Effective and Intuitive Search of Spatial and Spatially Related Data Swiss Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape WSL 3506-Nov-2005
Florida Department of Environmental Protection Geospatial Library Catalog Florida Department of Environmental Protection 2406-Nov-2005
GIS and Litigation Support: Applications in the Courtroom Brown and Caldwell 2306-Nov-2005
Global Observing Systems Datasets in the Global Change Master Directory University of Delaware 606-Nov-2005
Harnessing Web-GIS for Megan's Law in New Jersey Union County 606-Nov-2005
PARAMOUNT: An LBS Prototype for Hikers University of the Bundeswehr Munich 1106-Nov-2005
Project Safe Neighborhoods Mapping and Analysis Program U.S. Attorney's Office EDPA 1406-Nov-2005
Using Location Quotients Technique to Analyze Residential Burglary University of Florida 3106-Nov-2005
A GIS Energy Model for the Building Stock of Göteborg CHALMERS 905-Nov-2005
Breaking Down Barriers: Deprivation Mapping at a Local Scale Kingston University 3205-Nov-2005
Decision Support Models for Economically Efficient Integrated Forest Management University of Montana 3305-Nov-2005
Development of GIS-Based Analytical Method for Predicting Mining Subsidence Institute of Environmental Systems 4205-Nov-2005
Sunrise on the Klamath: Determining Topographic Sunrise and Sunset UC Davis 2705-Nov-2005
Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process to Create a Wildfire Model University of Arizona 2805-Nov-2005
A Clearinghouse for the Diverse Digital Archives Database with ArcGIS Server Academia Sinica 2104-Nov-2005
Assimilating GIS-Based Voter Districting Processes in Maricopa County, Arizona Maricopa County 3304-Nov-2005
Generating Composite Thematic Maps from Semantically Different Shapefiles San Diego Supercomputer Center 2304-Nov-2005
GIS at the Harte Research Institute TAMU-CC 604-Nov-2005
Implementing an Interoperable Global Mangrove Dataset UNEP-WCMC 1104-Nov-2005
Integrated Multidimensional Geo-Spatial Data Warehouse and Web-Based Mountainside Management Platform GIS Research Center, Feng Chia University-R&D 1404-Nov-2005
Integrating Seismic Events Focal Mechanisms with Image Services in Kepler San Diego Supercomputer Center 804-Nov-2005
Integration of GPS Wireless Internet Technology to GIS Database Builder University of Louisiana at Lafayette 3204-Nov-2005
The Caspian Interactive Map Service UNEP-WCMC 804-Nov-2005
A Methodology for Evaluating the Precision of Well Location Datasets ChevronTexaco ETC 3203-Nov-2005
GIS at the Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Biofuels: A New Approach Brazilian National Petroleum Agency 3103-Nov-2005
Implementing Oceanographic Analyses Using ArcGIS Engine and Java NOAA 2003-Nov-2005
Indiana Statewide Orthophotography Project Indiana Department of Environmental Management 1303-Nov-2005
Marine Environment Information Clearinghouse Using ArcIMS Metadata Service The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport 2803-Nov-2005
Marine GIS Data Derived from NOAA Electronic Navigational Charts NOAA 2303-Nov-2005
Monitoring Pipeline Travelers Including Inspection Tools Using ESRI Geographical Technology Geosys Ltd. 2503-Nov-2005
Passively Recorded Acoustic Data as a Component of Marine GIS Scripps Institution of Oceanography 1203-Nov-2005
Pribilof Islands/Bering Sea GIS: Historic Preservation and Environmental Restoration NOAA 2303-Nov-2005
Taking Advantage of APDM for Management and Planning Support Petrobras 1003-Nov-2005
Well Placement Optimization Using GIS Saudi Aramco-PEASD/Expec Computer Center 3603-Nov-2005
Area of Benefit Application Contra Costa County 102-Nov-2005
Assisting Voters Using GIS Online in Jefferson County, Kentucky Jefferson County Board of Elections 1102-Nov-2005
Building Internal Community Capacity through Technology: Sibley Consulting and DSNI Sibley Consulting-c/o Thompson RE Consultants 2002-Nov-2005
Capturing Flood Control Right-of-Way Parcel Information Contra Costa County 3202-Nov-2005
Capturing Historic Preservation in Riverside, California City of Riverside 2002-Nov-2005
City of Cincinnati GIS-Based Customer Service Request System C.A.G.I.S 1502-Nov-2005
County GIS Improves Process for Reviewing Applications for New Developments Saint Johns County 2602-Nov-2005
Creating a County-Wide Zoning District Map Book Nevada County, CA-GIS Division 2802-Nov-2005 Using ArcIMS to Promote a Sports Mecca Eagle County GIS Department 1002-Nov-2005
Houston Regional Data Transfer Matrix Houston Regional Data Transfer Matrix 1602-Nov-2005
Enterprise GIS Implementation in Utah State of Utah Automated Geographic Reference Ctr 2801-Nov-2005
Fast-Growing City Keeps Pace by Moving to GIS City of Meridian 2001-Nov-2005
Feasibility Study on Transit-Oriented Development, Using Urban-Form and Non-Urban-Form Variables University of Florida 2601-Nov-2005
Gaining Support for GIS in a Rural Environment County of Kauai 1501-Nov-2005
GIS Aids Occupational Licenses Utilizing Mobile Technology City of Boynton Beach 2101-Nov-2005
GIS for Policy Decision Support and Adopting Web Services in a National Tourism Portal Ligersystems 2501-Nov-2005
Integrating Public Participation and GIS Tools Improves Decision Making Town of Hayden 2801-Nov-2005
Migration of INDOT Road Inventory Certification to a Shapefile Submittal Town of Westfield 2301-Nov-2005
Municipal Geospatial Information Security City of Greensboro GIS 2801-Nov-2005
NJDEP's i-MapNJ GeoSpatial Data Miner: Serving Customized Profiles and Web Reports NJDEP 1101-Nov-2005
The Integrated Land and Resource Registry Project of British Columbia TRIRIGA Inc. 2601-Nov-2005
Ohio's Watercraft Access Facilities: Spatial Analysis for Planning and Communication Ohio Division of Watercraft 631-Oct-2005
Open Data Consortium Project: Phase 3 Progress Report GIS Consultants 1631-Oct-2005
Promoting Enterprise GIS at the Bureau of Street Services, Los Angeles California State University, Los Angeles 1631-Oct-2005
Streamlining ZIP-Plus-4 for Sales Tax with GIS State of Utah Automated Geographic Reference Ctr 731-Oct-2005
Street Condition and Inventory Assessment of College Station, Texas Michael Baker Jr., Inc. 3631-Oct-2005
Urban Renewal Management Using ArcView Integrating CAD, Spreadsheet, and DB University of Reggio Calabria 4031-Oct-2005
"Where Is That Place?" The Creation of a Florida Gazetteer USACE/SFWMD 3327-Sep-2005
MapAction in Action MapAction-Lime Farm Cottage 727-Sep-2005
Natural Pozzolans for Sustainable Development Southern University-Ph.D. Program in Public Policy 2127-Sep-2005
Pacific Disaster Center's Comprehensive Response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami Pacific Disaster Center-Data and Information Resources 2427-Sep-2005
Reducing the Impact: U.S. Tsunami Forecast Modeling and Mapping Efforts University of Washington/NOAA-JISAO PMEL 2527-Sep-2005
The National-Scale Land Change Detection System in Taiwan Space and Remote Sensing Research-National Central University 1927-Sep-2005
Using GIS to Define Grades of Poverty A.T. Sistemas C.A.-City Planning 3027-Sep-2005
Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) GIS Interoperability through GML CNA Corp/FAA-ATO-R AIM 2226-Sep-2005
Airport Management and Development System Student 3626-Sep-2005
Forging the Road Ahead: An ArcIMS/.NET System Implementation King County-DDES 2526-Sep-2005
The Application of Route Network Analysis to Commercial Forestry Transportation University of KwaZulu-Natal 2126-Sep-2005
The Application of Web-GIS in the Bus Information and Transfer System Feng Chia University Geographic Information Systems Research Center-Business Division 2726-Sep-2005
Desktop and Internet GIS Applications for Pace's Vanpool Incentive Program Pace 1225-Sep-2005
Developing a Bike/Pedestrian Plan Using ArcGIS and Public Participation Madison County Council of Governments 3725-Sep-2005
Estimate the Change of Mode Share by a Transit Project Texas Southern University-School of Public Affairs 825-Sep-2005
Forecasting Stop-Level Ridership for Florida's Transit Systems Florida Department of Transportation-Public Transit Office 3125-Sep-2005
Geographically Thinking Railroad Management at CVRD CVRD-Environmental and Territorial Management Department 3825-Sep-2005
GIS Methodologies Applied in LYNX, Central Florida's Regional Transportation Authority LYNX-Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority Planning 2625-Sep-2005
GIS Software, Concepts and Data in Support of Avionic Systems Elbit Systems Ltd. 3725-Sep-2005
Innovation Drives Stakeholder Involvement in Legacy Parkway and Preserve (Using Mobile GIS/GPS) Utah Department of Transportation-Engineering 1924-Sep-2005
McHenry County Implements GIS Technology to Enhance Snow Plow Application McHenry County, IL-GIS 2324-Sep-2005
Motorway Management with GIS: The Example of Attiki Odos Terra Ltd. 3724-Sep-2005
Orange County Transportation Authorities Web Based GIS Project Submittal Application AMEC Earth & Environmental-GIS 1924-Sep-2005
Roadway Sign Based on GIS GIS Research Center, Feng Chia University-R&D 2224-Sep-2005
Route Selection in Public Transport Network Using GA (Genetic Algorithm) Univ. of Seoul, Dept. of Geoinformatics, Jeonnong, Dongdaemun 4524-Sep-2005
Analysis of Forest Road Sediment Production and Stream Impacts Utah State University-Civil and Environmental Engineering 2823-Sep-2005
Applied Research in ArcObjects Software-Based Hydrodynamic Analysis USBR-MPGIS 2523-Sep-2005
Travel Time Calculation with GIS in Rail Station Location Optimization Morgan State University-Civil Engineering 3723-Sep-2005
Truck Demand Modeling with ArcInfo 9 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Civil Engineering 2523-Sep-2005
Using GIS and Innovation to Balance on the NEPA Tightrope Buchart-Horn, Inc. 1823-Sep-2005
Utilizing the Reader Control in the TxDOT Traffic Count Program Texas Department of Transportation-Transportation Planning and Programming 3323-Sep-2005
An ArcObjects Software-Based 3D Cross Section Tool for REALM USBR-MPGIS 4022-Sep-2005
Hydrochemical Evaluation of Groundwater in Azraq Basin, Jordan, Using Environmental Isotopes and GIS Techniques University of Wisconsin at Superior - Biology & Earth Science 2122-Sep-2005
Maintaining Water Rights in SDE Using ArcObjects Oregon Water Resources Dept. Information Services 2722-Sep-2005
An Advanced GIS to Legacy Database Linking Application Philadelphia Water Department GIS 3621-Sep-2005
City of Santa Ana Integrates GIS in Drainage Inventory Analysis CDM Inc. 3821-Sep-2005
National Hydrography Dataset -Based RiverSpill SAIC 4321-Sep-2005
Nutrient Stations Georeferenced to NHD: Value to Nutrient Criteria Development U.S. EPA Office of Science & Technology 1221-Sep-2005
Optimizing Water Level Monitoring Station Networks Using GIS University of Texas at Austin Center for Research in Water Resources 3621-Sep-2005
Tehama County: A Small Water System's Drought Vulnerability Study Tehama County 3721-Sep-2005
Using GIS and Remote Sensing for NPS Identification and Prioritization Tennessee Valley Authority Geographic Information & Engineering 3521-Sep-2005
GIS Revolutionizes Dig Alert Orange County Sanitation District Operations and Maintenance 2920-Sep-2005
INTWIS: The Dutch Way for Managing Water-Related Information AQUAGIS 2919-Sep-2005
Network Alert Management Module for Outage Management System (OMS) Canal de Isabel II 2119-Sep-2005
Stormwater Model Review Pre- and Post-Project Node Comparisons Sarasota County Board of County Commission (SCBCC) 3719-Sep-2005
Total 407 links listed, not including links in sub-categories.

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