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Imperial Irrigation District Targets Underground Locating for Improvement NewTC Technology 030-Mar-2014
Carbon County, Montana Improves Public Safety with TerraGo® GeoPDF® Maps and Imagery PopularTerraGo Technologies 67126-Jun-2012
IP-S2 Case Study - Rapid Survey Solutions PopularTopcon Positioning Systems, Inc. 12616-Nov-2010
Multiservice Telco Improves Data Access with NetWORKS from Enghouse PopularEnghouse 21315-Mar-2010
American Red Cross Uses Trimble Technology and RDMS to Speed Hurricane Disaster Relief PopularTrimble Navigation 9929-Jul-2009
Government Group Uses Mapping, GIS To Manage German Agricultural Subsidy Applications PopularTrimble Navigation 10924-Jul-2009
USDA Forest Service's Online Data Sharing Solution PopularERDAS, Inc. 15928-Jun-2009
Winning the War on Weeds PopularTrimble Navigation 20205-Jun-2009
Enhancing Florida Turnpike’s Mobile Asset Management Solution PopularERDAS, Inc. 13621-May-2008
Imagery Provides Compelling Evidence of Human Rights Violations PopularERDAS, Inc. 9912-Apr-2008
Cellcom Navigator transforms mobile phones into handheld mobile navigation & information PopularTelmap 6816-Dec-2006
California ISO GIS and Transmission Information Display System PopularFarallon Geographics, Inc. 9110-Dec-2006
McDonalds - Choosing the best McLocation in town PopularCritchlow Associates 24805-Dec-2006
Dubai GIS Center PopularOrion Technology Inc. 23822-Nov-2006
Embedded GIS bring real benefits to ambulance C3 systems PopularCadcorp 6617-Nov-2006
GIS in the fight against crime and disorder PopularCadcorp 17917-Nov-2006
The Art of LIDAR Feature Extraction Becomes Smooth as “SILC” PopularSpectrum Mapping, LLC 7527-Sep-2005
The City o f Terrace migrates from MapGuide 6.5 to iVAULT MapGuide Open Source for internal and public web mapping Pacific Alliance Technologies 018-Jun-2012
GIS & REMOTE SENSING SGS Infotech 7813-Jan-2012
PHOTOGRAMMETRY & LiDAR SGS Infotech 4413-Jan-2012
Fast Image Delivery Helps Nashville Respond to Historic Flooding Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging 1506-Dec-2011
iVAULT integrates GIS with Financial and Asset Data, improving efficiency and decision-making Pacific Alliance Technologies 1106-Dec-2011
Conversion to MapGuide® Enterprise Pacific Alliance Technologies 618-Nov-2011
Delivering geospatial data to the web, improving customer service Pacific Alliance Technologies 2218-Nov-2011
Delivering on its regulatory mandate with help from MapGuide® Pacific Alliance Technologies 218-Nov-2011
iVAULT helps TELUS Provision TELUS TV customers Pacific Alliance Technologies 218-Nov-2011
iVAULT integrates GIS with Financial and Asset Data, improving efficiency and decision-making Pacific Alliance Technologies 718-Nov-2011
iVAULT Space Management Pacific Alliance Technologies 118-Nov-2011
MapGuide® OpenSource + iVAULT slim workflows, delivering web accessible mapping Pacific Alliance Technologies 1318-Nov-2011
Self-Service Address Location Tool for Emergency Response Systems Pacific Alliance Technologies 1018-Nov-2011
Hellometro gets hyperlocal with Maponics Neighborhoods Maponics, LLC 801-Oct-2010
FleetMatics GPS Tracking Helps Concrete Coring Company Beat Economic Recession FleetMatics 312-Sep-2010
Plote Construction Uses FleetMatics GPS to Win Court Case and Improve Productivity FleetMatics 312-Sep-2010
ServiceMaster of Onondaga Slashes Fuel Costs and Recovers Stolen Vehicles With FleetMatics GPS FleetMatics 812-Sep-2010
Straightline Uses GPS Tracking to Recover $120,000 in Stolen Vehicles and Equipment FleetMatics 512-Sep-2010
United Water Adopts Innovative Modeling Processes to Improve Water System Management Bentley Systems 2025-Aug-2010
WebEOC in Action: Propane Tanker Explosion in Indianapolis Emergency Services integrators ESi® 1111-Aug-2010
Interim REP Management System (iREPMS) Envitia 210-Aug-2010
Mortgage Company Chooses ViewWise® to Enable Growth Computhink, Inc. 330-May-2010
Alamance County, NC saves thousands of dollars and extends vital information to First Responders IDSi International 028-May-2010
Real Time Precision Location Cardio Logic, Inc. 1023-May-2010
Using Orthorectification For Cross-Platform Image Fusion Cardio Logic, Inc. 1423-May-2010
Charlottetown Area Development Corporation Baseline Business Geographics 330-Apr-2010
Virtual Charlottetown Case Study Baseline Business Geographics 730-Apr-2010
Keeping NASA's IBEX on Track Analytical Graphics, Inc. 123-Apr-2010
Better Data Collection, Sharing and Wild Land Fire Fighting with Capturx for ArcGIS Adapx 411-Apr-2010
Capturx Automates Inspection Paperwork and Speeds up Inspection Cycles Adapx 411-Apr-2010
Capturx Improves NASA’s Facility Utilization Optimization Adapx 011-Apr-2010
City of Boise Chooses Capturx to Keep Emergency Plans Current and People Safe Adapx 111-Apr-2010
Corpus Christi, TX Street Services Department Increase Productivity by 20% Using Capturx Adapx 011-Apr-2010
Holland America Line Instantly Digitizes Paper Medical Records with Capturx Forms for Excel Adapx 011-Apr-2010
Marin County Reengineers Plan Review and Field Inspection Operations with Capturx Adapx 111-Apr-2010
Northland District Health Board Deploys Capturx to Automate Medication Chart Audits Adapx 011-Apr-2010
Phoenix Fusion Center Automates Data Collection for National Infrastructure Protection Plan with Capturx Adapx 011-Apr-2010
TBI Assessment Breakthrough for Wounded Warriors Using Capturx Software Adapx 011-Apr-2010
US Courts Automate Paper Forms and Decrease Case Processing Time and Costs Adapx 011-Apr-2010
Generalisation at AdV Germany 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 528-Mar-2010
Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 1828-Mar-2010
Roads Generalisation at IGN France 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 428-Mar-2010
The Aeronautical Production System (APS) 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 428-Mar-2010
Vodafone Ireland 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 828-Mar-2010
Army Corps of Engineers Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc. 1227-Nov-2009
Facilities Mapping Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc. 2127-Nov-2009
Transportation Mapping Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc. 4327-Nov-2009
Digital online Plan Room with Project Management utilities IDEAL 1125-Jul-2009
Escondido Reprographics Inc. Proves that "If You Build it, They Will Come" Small Shop Achieves Success with Online PlanRoom IDEAL 425-Jul-2009
Managing Community Risk at Wiltshire Fire - An Integrated Approach Innogistic 325-Jul-2009
Visual Fusion Performance Lauded in Case Study on Rapattoni Corporation IDV Solutions 125-Jul-2009
KOREC & Jones Bros. KOREC 122-Jul-2009
TV4 Project first UK rail site to adopt fully interactive GPS machine control KOREC 122-Jul-2009
Staubach SRC 121-Jul-2009
TargetSmart Communications SRC 021-Jul-2009
ABN AMRO Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation 414-Jul-2009
Capturing and Delivering Digital Imagery of the Netherlands ERDAS, Inc. 7003-Jul-2009
GrafNav Volcano Monitoring Waypoint Consulting 830-Jun-2009
EPCOR Utilities Inc.,Canada increases efficiencies with a Mobile Web Mapping Solution built on eSpatial’s Web GIS eSpatial 628-Jun-2009
Hull City Council, UK Improve Internal Efficiencies and Customer Services with Web Applications based on eSpatial's iSMART eSpatial 228-Jun-2009
North Dakota's Online 9-1-1 Mapping Solution, USA eSpatial 628-Jun-2009
FlexMLS Real Estate Mapping DM Solutions Group 320-Jun-2009
Fountains Plc (UK) works with DigiTerra Explorer DigiTerra Information Services Ltd. 320-Jun-2009
Mapmobility - Canadian Street Maps DM Solutions Group 220-Jun-2009
Two Countries, One Forest - Appalachian Atlas DM Solutions Group 420-Jun-2009
Customer Service GIS for Haier Group SuperMap International Limited 1326-Apr-2009
Gas Pipe network GIS of Tanggu District, Tanjing SuperMap International Limited 3226-Apr-2009
Sales Management System for Heilongjiang Jiusan Oil & Fat Co.Ltd SuperMap International Limited 726-Apr-2009
Urban Management System of Chongwen District, Beijing SuperMap International Limited 1726-Apr-2009
Industry - Textile/Apparels Senega Systems 515-Apr-2009
Location-based solution helps utilities and government agencies coordinate public infrastructure projects American Digital Cartography, Inc. (ADCi) 927-Mar-2009
CrossView™ At Work, Crossing Limits A-Prime Software 117-Mar-2009
CrossView™ At Work, Reaching New Depths A-Prime Software 117-Mar-2009
Insider’s Look At CrossView™ A-Prime Software 217-Mar-2009
Reykjavik City Graffiti Tracking and Cleaning Project with GPS Mapping Trimble Navigation 1106-Feb-2009
Initiate Systems and IBM help hospitals improve patient and provider satisfaction ... Initiate Systems provides software for creating complete, real-time views of data about people and organizations IBM 421-Dec-2008
Data Collection in Remote Communities Surveylab USA Inc 1612-Dec-2008
Capturx for ArcGIS at Earth Day Adapx 2510-Oct-2008
Bay Area Air Quality Management District ESRI-based Enterprise GIS Farallon Geographics, Inc. 1709-Sep-2008
GIS PavePlan Application Helps San Mateo County Manage Pavement Conditions Farallon Geographics, Inc. 909-Sep-2008
QPC risk management geoprocessing to develop a nationwide set of risk factors using Oracle Spatial Farallon Geographics, Inc. 409-Sep-2008
3D Building Reconstruction from Airborn LiDAR: Berlin, Germany virtualcitySYSTEMS 2804-Sep-2008
Client Side Web Mapping framework Kcube consultancy services 530-Aug-2008
Coconut GIS Kcube consultancy services 2630-Aug-2008
2D-3D Air traffic performance measurement for Amsterdam airport Luciad 1228-Aug-2008
FS21 – 21st Century flight planning & weather briefing system for pilots Luciad 628-Aug-2008
Analyzing Motion with Trend Surface Analysis Clark Labs 722-Aug-2008
Application of Spatial Priors in the Maximum Likelihood Classification of Tropical Dry Forest Classes Clark Labs 722-Aug-2008
Canadian Wheat Board Monitors Crops with IDRISI Clark Labs 922-Aug-2008
Clark Labs Assists Local Town in the Siting of Cell Towers with IDRISI Clark Labs 722-Aug-2008
Development of GIS-Based Pest Detection Strategies and Mapping Subsequent Risk Clark Labs 1522-Aug-2008
GIS Helps to Improve the Quality of Brazilian Wine Clark Labs 2922-Aug-2008
Hyperspectral Imagery Studied for Indications of Emerald Ash Borer Infestation Clark Labs 1122-Aug-2008
Multi-Criteria Evaluation Tools in Sustainable Forest Management Clark Labs 1622-Aug-2008
Native Communities Use GIS for Nuclear Risk Management Clark Labs 1222-Aug-2008
Sustainability Research in the Yucatan Peninsula Clark Labs 1022-Aug-2008
Watershed Mapping and Land-Cover Classification in Sedimentation Study Clark Labs 2022-Aug-2008
Designing, modeling and isometric delivery for construction of a gas gathering station in Saudi Arabia Rolta International, Inc. 1321-Aug-2008
Eastern Petrochemical Company (SHARQ) Rolta International, Inc. 1021-Aug-2008
Georgia Power Company Rolta International, Inc. 2021-Aug-2008
ONGC As built Modeling Rolta International, Inc. 1621-Aug-2008
Saudi Electric Company – Service Level Management Rolta International, Inc. 2021-Aug-2008
The Kuwait Styrene Company Rolta International, Inc. 1021-Aug-2008
Unicenter Service Desk at Fujitsu for the Royal Mail Group Account Rolta International, Inc. 621-Aug-2008
Design and Development of GIS - ZESCO Intec Infocom, Inc. 1220-Aug-2008
PWD Road GIS Intec Infocom, Inc. 2520-Aug-2008
R & S Electric Utility Intec Infocom, Inc. 1320-Aug-2008
City of Alpharetta - Use NAVTEQ to provide cost effective services throughout the community. Primus Geographics Inc. 1419-Aug-2008
Delaware shaves 9 months off report review and improves data sharing with First Responders IDSi International 617-Aug-2008
Illinois speeds compliance to 2 months with a 99% online reporting rate IDSi International 217-Aug-2008
Online Maps Drive Competitive Advantage for Auto Directory Publisher IDV Solutions 1017-Aug-2008
State delivers immediate responses to Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests while improving invoicing receivables and compliance IDSi International 217-Aug-2008
Forest Estate Management Myriax - Landscape Mapper 910-Aug-2008
National Shoreline Geomorphic and Stability Mapping Project Myriax - Landscape Mapper 1010-Aug-2008
Hillsborough County Field Data Collection Application Marshall 708-Aug-2008
Martin County Crews Mobilize with GeoResults Mobile Marshall 808-Aug-2008
Maryland State Highway Administration MapText, Inc. 908-Aug-2008
Vancouver Productivity Soars with GeoResults Mobile Marshall 608-Aug-2008
Conversion of Geological Cross Sections and Surface Maps Magnasoft 1806-Aug-2008
Creation of vector database of cadastral maps Magnasoft 2006-Aug-2008
Data Development for Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Master Plan Magnasoft 1206-Aug-2008
French Cadastral Mapping Magnasoft 1606-Aug-2008
Geological mapping - Surface Mapping Magnasoft 2706-Aug-2008
Highway Mapping and Data Compilation Magnasoft 1606-Aug-2008
Integration of Survey Data with GIS System Magnasoft 2106-Aug-2008
LARGE SCALE MAPPING Magnasoft 1606-Aug-2008
LiDAR “Flood MAPPING” Project Magnasoft 4306-Aug-2008
ORTHOPHOTO GENERATION Magnasoft 1806-Aug-2008
Overlay analysis system Magnasoft 906-Aug-2008
Property enumeration and web mapping of ward 76 Bangalore Magnasoft 306-Aug-2008
Property enumeration and web mapping of ward 76 Bangalore Magnasoft 106-Aug-2008
Report Writer Component - Web-based business intelligence with mapping features Magnasoft 1006-Aug-2008
Total Onsite Management Solution Magnasoft 906-Aug-2008
Web-based management information system for housing Magnasoft 506-Aug-2008
Web-based management information system for housing Magnasoft 1206-Aug-2008
Mid-South Synergy Wireless Matrix 905-Aug-2008
ONCOR Energy Wireless Matrix 705-Aug-2008
TOMRA Wireless Matrix 705-Aug-2008
TVEC Wireless Matrix 405-Aug-2008
Vectren Energy Delivery Wireless Matrix 605-Aug-2008
Application Development Geoinfosys Technologies 903-Aug-2008
Infrastructural Planning Geoinfosys Technologies 2103-Aug-2008
Survey Geoinfosys Technologies 1103-Aug-2008
Glacial Surges and Termination Deciphered with Satellite Imagery GeoEye (formerly Space Imaging & OrbImage) 601-Aug-2008
Researchers Track Rattlers with Transmitters, Satellite Imagery GeoEye (formerly Space Imaging & OrbImage) 701-Aug-2008
Satellite Imagery Aids in the Mapping of Ancient Plants in the Namib Desert GeoEye (formerly Space Imaging & OrbImage) 501-Aug-2008
Satellite Imagery Is Used to Measure the Spatial Mutation of an Urban Park in Burkina Faso GeoEye (formerly Space Imaging & OrbImage) 501-Aug-2008
Using Satellite Imagery to Study Glacier-like Landforms on Mars GeoEye (formerly Space Imaging & OrbImage) 601-Aug-2008
MapRite - Salisbury Improvement Data Quality TENET Technology Ltd 224-Jul-2008
A Global Transportation and Logistics Company gains a unified view of its customers TATA America Inc 1123-Jul-2008
A Large Travel Company – Deploying the Right Customer Loyalty System TATA America Inc 623-Jul-2008
ABN AMRO: To Work Well, Work Together TATA America Inc 323-Jul-2008
CDS: There Are Times When Everything Must Change TATA America Inc 523-Jul-2008
Competitive Capabilities for the Future TATA America Inc 623-Jul-2008
Cummins: The Leanest Run the Best TATA America Inc 323-Jul-2008
Cutting-Edge City strives for Seamless Integration GBA Master Series, Inc. 323-Jul-2008
Cycling portal of Ustecky region T-Kartor AB 1023-Jul-2008
Kuwait Clearing Company Modernizes Their Operations with TCS BaNCS Market Infrastructure TATA America Inc 223-Jul-2008
Ministry of the Interior (MoI) - Czech Republic T-Kartor AB 323-Jul-2008
More Nontraditional GIS Solutions for Utilities TC Technology 723-Jul-2008
Municipality of Brno T-Kartor AB 723-Jul-2008
Philips Semiconductors Enhances Customer Experience TATA America Inc 523-Jul-2008
Re-engineering a Legacy System into a Service-Oriented Application that Supports Business Growth Strategies TATA America Inc 423-Jul-2008
TCS Builds IT Platform to Underpin Balfour Beatty Utilities’ Mission to Become the UK’s Ultimate Utility Solutions Provider TATA America Inc 1023-Jul-2008
TCS Conducts IT Assessment Study for a Leading Japanese Bank TATA America Inc 623-Jul-2008
TCS delivers integrated Front Office Solution for Scotia Gas Networks TATA America Inc 1123-Jul-2008
TCS improves IT performance for a leading retailer in UK TATA America Inc 223-Jul-2008
TCS integrates different applications across geographies to give Alcoa the Competitive Edge TATA America Inc 623-Jul-2008
TCS Provides Global Application Support for Agilent Technologies TATA America Inc 923-Jul-2008
TCS reinforces retail excellence by delivering end to end IT Outsourcing to Somerfield TATA America Inc 523-Jul-2008
Transport for London T-Kartor AB 2223-Jul-2008
United Kingdom Hydrographic Office T-Kartor AB 223-Jul-2008
Grease Trap Detection with ike Surveylab USA Inc 422-Jul-2008
Vineyard Management System Using GIS Modeling Surveylab USA Inc 2522-Jul-2008
Managing up-to-date Geodata softelec 615-Jul-2008
Powered by Software softelec 415-Jul-2008
1Spatial and Ordnance Survey Great Britain - working together to deliver e-government solutions 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 713-Jul-2008
3D Topology 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 2913-Jul-2008
Achieving Interoperability at Staffordshire County Council using the Digital National Framework 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 813-Jul-2008
City of Oslo 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 713-Jul-2008
CrossView™ At Work A-Prime Software 213-Jul-2008
CrossView™ At Work: Crossing Limits A-Prime Software 113-Jul-2008
Insider’s Look At CrossView™ A-Prime Software 113-Jul-2008
MidCoast Water: Realising ROI through Data Quality 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan) 713-Jul-2008
ArcGIS Business Analyst Helps Norwegian Retail Group Refine Marketing Strategies Esri 2104-Jul-2008
Creating Enterprise Insurance Quotes with GIS Esri 1904-Jul-2008
GIS Enhances Reinsurer's Exposure Control Functionality Esri 704-Jul-2008
GIS Transforms Company's Way of Doing Business Esri 1104-Jul-2008
Identifies the Best Sites—Quickly and Accurately Esri 1104-Jul-2008
Internet Mapping Helps Customers Find Stores Esri 1304-Jul-2008
Making Geographic Data and Maps Accessible to Museum Visitors Esri 904-Jul-2008
Postal Address Data Management—Adding Quality with ArcGIS Server Esri 1104-Jul-2008
Successful Site Selection—Automatically! Esri 2104-Jul-2008
Using GIS to Meet Lessor’s Needs Esri 1304-Jul-2008
All Nippon Airlines aims to become Asia’s No. 1 airline for quality and value with IBM BladeCenter IBM Corporation 1026-May-2008
T-Mobile speeds business intelligence with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence Accelerator and IBM IBM Corporation 1926-May-2008
The Anomalies Network more than doubles site traffic — and revenue — with powerful search engine. IBM Corporation 426-May-2008
WYDOT - XMF Alerter Helps Drive Success of Wyoming DOT Enterprise GIS GeoXMF 115-May-2008
Providing Consistency and Efficiency for the NRCS ERDAS, Inc. 3518-Mar-2008
Satellite Imagery For Mine Sites AAMHatch Pty Limited 1701-Mar-2008
Apex Office Supply Esri 423-Feb-2008
ArcGIS® Business Analyst Helps Norwegian Retail Group Esri 623-Feb-2008
Automated QA/QC Tests Aid in Map Production Esri 2523-Feb-2008
Building Custom GIS Quickly and Easily Esri 3523-Feb-2008
Creating Client Proposals with Internet GIS Esri 1523-Feb-2008
Creating Equitable Insurance Quotes with GIS Esri 1123-Feb-2008
Cumulative Effects Study Uses GIS to Assess the State of the River's Ecosystem, Predict Future Conditions, and Distribute Data to Decision Makers Esri 1623-Feb-2008
Cut Field-Mapping Time in Half Using Mobile GIS Esri 1823-Feb-2008
DecisionMaps and ArcGIS Server: Matching Business Needs with Philadelphia Assets Esri 823-Feb-2008
Enterprise GIS at a City Level Esri 4023-Feb-2008
Enterprise GIS Improves Product Repair Services and Home Delivery Esri 1323-Feb-2008
Enterprise GIS Improves Workflow and Data Management Esri 2123-Feb-2008
GIS and Web Services Help Manufacturer Find the Best Retailers Esri 323-Feb-2008
GIS Empowers Emergency Response and Public Health Awareness Esri 2023-Feb-2008
GIS Enables Flood Map Modernization Esri 3023-Feb-2008
GIS Enhances Reinsurer’s Exposure Control Functionality Esri 423-Feb-2008
GIS Helps Nebraska Tackle Flu Vaccine Shortage Esri 923-Feb-2008
GIS Improves Marketing at Local Community College Esri 623-Feb-2008
GIS Improves Marketing, Logistics, and Sales Esri 2923-Feb-2008
GIS Increases Newspaper Subscriptions Esri 1723-Feb-2008
GIS Makes Enterprise Data Available through a Seamless Map Esri 1123-Feb-2008
GIS Supports Market-Focused Selling at Newspaper Esri 723-Feb-2008
Hospital Situational Awareness Developed by ESRI Using Air-Trak Vehicle Location and Tracking Esri 923-Feb-2008
Increased Efficiency—Improved Accuracy Esri 1123-Feb-2008
Internet GIS Enhances Tracking of Outdoor Activities Esri 623-Feb-2008
Internet GIS Gets Customers to Business Sites Esri 523-Feb-2008
Internet Mapping for Outdoor Enthusiasts Esri 1423-Feb-2008
Making Geographic Data and Maps Accessible Esri 523-Feb-2008
Mobile GIS Improves Asset Inspections and Cuts Costs Esri 1723-Feb-2008
Mobile GIS Speeds Disaster Relief Esri 1923-Feb-2008
South Bend Small Business Development Center Esri 623-Feb-2008
Successfully Matches Retailers With the Best Properties Esri 423-Feb-2008
Sustainable Development through Responsible Environmental Stewardship Esri 923-Feb-2008
Traffic Road Book Quality Control Using ArcGIS Server Esri 2623-Feb-2008
Using GIS to Create Offi cial Travel Map Esri 1023-Feb-2008
Using GIS to Meet Lessor’s Needs Esri 123-Feb-2008
Web Portal Provided Information about Environmental Contaminants during Hurricanes Esri 423-Feb-2008
Mapping at the Top of the World: Gathering LiDAR Data in Greenland Airborne 1 823-Jan-2008
Commercial Real-estate Firm Establishes In-house Scan/Archive Department BW Document Management solutions 020-Jan-2008
Engineering Reclaims Space After Digitizing Drawings BW Document Management solutions 020-Jan-2008
Construction TeleNav, Inc. 1011-Jan-2008
Professional Services TeleNav, Inc. 411-Jan-2008
Transportation- Storage and Moving TeleNav, Inc. 1311-Jan-2008
Milhouse Engineering Manages the O’Hare Airport Project Quickly and Securely with GlobalSCAPE WAFS GlobalScape, Inc. 007-Jan-2008
Bureau of Indian Affairs Land Management System Farallon Geographics, Inc. 1910-Dec-2007
The Great Lakes Laboratory for Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (GLLFAS) eSpatial 910-Dec-2007
US Department of Defense MilitaryHOMEFRONT LBS eSpatial 1110-Dec-2007
B2B market analysis and trade area analysis from InfoGrow ... InfoGrow Corporation 907-Nov-2007
BP Cuts Hours Off Emergency Response with Visual Solution that Tracks Threats to Assets IDV Solutions 1807-Nov-2007
Sharing Utility Data On-line at Yorkshire Water Innogistic 1007-Nov-2007
Manage Maps Online - U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) IDEAL 1606-Nov-2007
PostcodeAnalyst 2 Case Studies Graticule 306-Nov-2007
Cereality geoVue, Inc. 104-Nov-2007
Vineyard Management System Using GIS Modelling Surveylab Ltd 3425-Oct-2007
Maintenance and Management System for PGD, Abu Dhabi Rolta International, Inc. 3523-Oct-2007
Autodesk Green Autodesk, Inc. 414-Oct-2007
GIS & Asset Management Applanix 2614-Oct-2007
Corporate GIS at Yorkshire Water Innogistic 728-Sep-2007
Mobile Working at Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council Innogistic 728-Sep-2007
Skyforce Case Study Innogistic 1028-Sep-2007
London Borough of Tower Hamlets. GeoWise 805-Aug-2007
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. GeoWise 705-Aug-2007
The “KnowFife Dataset” - Running on InstantAtlas GeoWise 305-Aug-2007
Worcestershire County Council - Live site GeoWise 1005-Aug-2007
FME Objects at Itron, Inc. Safe Software Inc. 704-Aug-2007
FME’s Role in Creating a Successful GIS Population Health Research Lab Safe Software Inc. 1104-Aug-2007
Barrett Technology, Inc. CADD Edge, Inc. 007-Jun-2007
Nichols Aircraft CADD Edge, Inc. 007-Jun-2007
Radionics, Inc. CADD Edge, Inc. 207-Jun-2007
IDEAL / Contex Scanners and WiseImage Software Helps IGIS Technologies Speed the Conversion of Paper Maps into GIS Systems IDEAL 1430-May-2007
New York Garment Production Company Uses IDEAL / Contex Scanners in System that Reduces Garment Pattern Makers Man-Hours by 80% IDEAL 1030-May-2007
Macomb County Improves Water Quality with New Soil Erosion Management System Accela, Inc. 429-May-2007
New One-Stop Permit Center Powered by Tidemark Advantage Accela, Inc. 029-May-2007
Canadian Forces Base Suffield Storms Data Islands to Take Command of Infrastructure Intergraph Corporation 327-May-2007
Geographic Institute of the Army, Portugal Intergraph Corporation 727-May-2007
German Federal Armed Forces Launches Geoinformation System Intergraph Corporation 527-May-2007
Intergraph Technology enables Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. (KKC) to Develop True Ortho Technique Intergraph Corporation 527-May-2007
Knowledge Management Safeguards - Air Force Self-Inspection Program Intergraph Corporation 727-May-2007
new IinteropPerable solution incCreases pPolicCe respPonse Intergraph Corporation 327-May-2007
Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) implements geospatial infrastructure management solution Intergraph Corporation 1227-May-2007
Verona Province uses a geospatial data management solution from Intergraph Intergraph Corporation 427-May-2007
Development Of A Sports Information System RMSI 1826-May-2007
Geometry Enhancement Program RMSI 1726-May-2007
Manufacturer Boosts Retailer Sales by 25% with Business Intelligence and Mapping Technologies InfoGrow Corporation 1926-May-2007
Quark Content Extraction And Metadata Creation RMSI 826-May-2007
The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) Integeo 1226-May-2007
Major Car Rental Companies Benefit From a Radix Mobile Computing Solution Radix International Corporation 725-May-2007
Mobile Assessment Extension (MAX) Zekiah Technologies, Inc 1925-May-2007
Radix Handheld Utilized in Military Application in Croatia Radix International Corporation 525-May-2007
Vehicle inspection and maintenance Radix International Corporation 625-May-2007
Pixxures, Inc. and The City of Chicago Pixxures, Inc. 2024-May-2007
Rasmuson Foundation - Website Usability GeoNorth, LLC 520-May-2007
A Successfully Planned and Phased GIS Solution Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 2719-May-2007
Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) Michael Baker Corporation 319-May-2007
Ease-of-Use, GIS is Critical: Keeping City Officers Informed Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 519-May-2007
Fiber Optic Network System throughout Mexico Michael Baker Corporation 1019-May-2007
GIS and the City of Midland, Michigan: Outstanding Commitment and Success Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 1519-May-2007
LGdispatch botches kidnappers joyride Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 719-May-2007
Mobile GIS is Awesome: Its reassuring to see where all of the Vehicles are Located Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 919-May-2007
American Suzuki Motors Corporation Esri 518-May-2007
CIVICTechnologies Esri 218-May-2007
DatamarkTM needed to find an intuitive location-based solution that was easy to use MapInfo Corporation 418-May-2007
Ekornes® USA needed a clearer understanding of its customers before it could set MapInfo Corporation 718-May-2007
FAIRMONT HOTELS & RESORTS MapInfo Corporation 918-May-2007
Hurricane Ivan Emergency Planning Geocortex Internet Mapping 418-May-2007
LA County Geocortex Internet Mapping 318-May-2007
THE BIRMINGHAM NEWS MapInfo Corporation 818-May-2007
City of Philadelphia Base Map Update geographIT 2917-May-2007
Lebanon City Authority Utility Conversion geographIT 1017-May-2007
Mutual Funds Company Turns Bullish on Social Values-Based Marketing Environics Analytics 417-May-2007
What Our Clients Are Saying geographIT 717-May-2007
Airport Shuttle Service for the 21st Century CompassCom, Inc. 412-May-2007
Aurora Public Works uses CompassTrac and CompassFDE to greatly increase efficiency CompassCom, Inc. 112-May-2007
CompassCom AVL solution used to track 2002 Winter Olympic Games athletes in Salt Lake City CompassCom, Inc. 812-May-2007
Florida Keys Mosquito Control uses CompassTrac and CompassFDE to monitor operations CompassCom, Inc. 1112-May-2007
FLORA AND FAUNA MAPPING PROJECT Variac Systems Pvt. Ltd. 2212-Apr-2007
Firefighter Training Solid Terrain Modeling Inc. 2104-Feb-2007
Digital Camera Survey Applanix 2803-Feb-2007
Film Camera Survey Applanix 1903-Feb-2007
LIDAR Survey Applanix 3503-Feb-2007
GIS Mapping and Regional Stormwater Management Plan Clemson University Water Replenishment District of Southern California 124-Jan-2007
City of San Jose, Public Works Dept. MapText, Inc. 1522-Jan-2007
City of San Jose, Planning Dept. MapText, Inc. 1921-Jan-2007
EDF Energy Networks deploys UMSIPS Wheatley Associates 1128-Dec-2006
Northern Electric Distribution Ltd. Wheatley Associates 628-Dec-2006
United Utilities Wheatley Associates 1128-Dec-2006
Western Power Distribution Wheatley Associates 2428-Dec-2006
Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS) Integeo 822-Dec-2006
Large Wholesale Distributor Identifies 13,000 New Prospects They Were Not Contacting InfoGrow Corporation 722-Dec-2006
Melbourne Health Integeo 1522-Dec-2006
Northern Territory Police Fire and Emergency Services Integeo 1222-Dec-2006
MIRS introduces Voice Navigator - Israel's first GPS-based navigation service with both graphic and voice guidance Telmap 1016-Dec-2006
Mobilcom launches mobilcom navigator, a GPS-based mobile navigation service for mobile phones Telmap 1116-Dec-2006
A Beautiful Town, A Team's Vision and a Total GIS Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 2115-Dec-2006
Coastal Community Enables Existing IT Investments with GIS Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 915-Dec-2006
Department of Water Resources Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 2415-Dec-2006
GIS and Walk-in Traffic: 30% Decrease in Stall Time plus a 40% Increase in Responsibilities Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 2515-Dec-2006
GIS for Stormwater Billing Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) 3415-Dec-2006
City of Oregon City Geocortex Internet Mapping 1514-Dec-2006
City of Surrey COSMOS Geocortex Internet Mapping 1814-Dec-2006
Consumers Energy Selects ArcGIS Software Tadpole Technology Group 214-Dec-2006
Oklahoma County Assessor’s Office Geocortex Internet Mapping 1114-Dec-2006
Integrating Enterprise GIS with Asset Management for Streamlined Data Management GBA Master Series, Inc. 2312-Dec-2006
American Suzuki Motors Corporation Esri 110-Dec-2006
Apex Office Supply Esri 010-Dec-2006
Army Corp of Engineers projects analyzed by congressional district Farallon Geographics, Inc. 1010-Dec-2006
Automated integration between San Mateo County's GIS and asset management system Farallon Geographics, Inc. 2910-Dec-2006
Automated QA/QC Tests Aid in Map Production Esri 1210-Dec-2006
Bay Area Geological Hazard Abatement Districts use GIS Mashup to Identify and Manage Critical Data Farallon Geographics, Inc. 1410-Dec-2006
Caltrans - Linear Referencing System (LRS) Data Model Farallon Geographics, Inc. 3810-Dec-2006
City of Fairfield Enterprise Geodatabase and Master Address Development Farallon Geographics, Inc. 1310-Dec-2006
City of Houston - Work Order and Service Request Monitoring System eSpatial 1310-Dec-2006
City of San Mateo Google Earth integration with OGC compliant data Farallon Geographics, Inc. 1010-Dec-2006
CIVICTechnologies Empowers Public Libraries to Provide Access to Web-Based Demographic and Business Data Esri 210-Dec-2006
Contra Costa Economic Development website integrates spatially-aware database and MS Virtual Earth Farallon Geographics, Inc. 610-Dec-2006
Countrywide Mapping Made Possible with GIS Esri 1310-Dec-2006
Davis County, Utah Enterprise Parcel Database and Web Application Development Farallon Geographics, Inc. 2110-Dec-2006
Farallon assists Bay Area Air Quality Management District in implementing an ESRI-based Enterprise GIS Farallon Geographics, Inc. 310-Dec-2006
GIS Supports Market-Focused Selling at Newspaper Esri 1110-Dec-2006
Increased Target Circulation, Lower Cost Esri 510-Dec-2006
Increasing Efficiency and Profits with Wireless Location-Based Services Esri 1010-Dec-2006
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners Liquid Fuel Pipeline Control Center Emergency Response GIS Farallon Geographics, Inc. 2010-Dec-2006
Postal Address Data Management—Adding Quality with ArcGIS Ser Esri 3010-Dec-2006
Producing Commercial Maps Efficiently and Accurately Esri 610-Dec-2006
Providing Accurate Aeronautical Data in a Timely Manner Esri 610-Dec-2006
Touch-Screen Mapping for Intel and Defense Esri 710-Dec-2006
Bell Actimedia DMTI Spatial Inc. 008-Dec-2006
Dr. Green Lawncare DMTI Spatial Inc. 108-Dec-2006
GE Capital DMTI Spatial Inc. 208-Dec-2006
Maptuit DMTI Spatial Inc. 108-Dec-2006
Pushing Back the Boundaries Earth Resource Mapping 008-Dec-2006
INDEX Paint the Region Criterion Planners 1406-Dec-2006
The Digital Charrette Criterion Planners 906-Dec-2006
The People's Plan Criterion Planners 306-Dec-2006
LTSA- Land Transport Safety Authority Critchlow Associates 1105-Dec-2006
NABIS A unique web-based GIS system developed by the Ministry of Fisheries Critchlow Associates 605-Dec-2006
Territory Mapping at BP Critchlow Associates 1505-Dec-2006
Geospecific 3D Stereo Imagery for Rapid Low Cost GIS Data Collection SimWright Inc. 1002-Dec-2006
SIA in Partnership with NDMC at TfL SIA Limited 002-Dec-2006
SIA in Partnership with NDMC at TfL SIA Limited 002-Dec-2006
APAC, Inc. - Southeastern United States Meteorlogix 420-Nov-2006
ABC Supply Company Meteorlogix 318-Nov-2006
Alcoa, Inc. Meteorlogix 718-Nov-2006
Bay City Gas Company Meteorlogix 1418-Nov-2006
Chemseal Asphalt Maintenance Co. Meteorlogix 318-Nov-2006
City of Longboat Key Meteorlogix 618-Nov-2006
CJ Systems Aviation Group Meteorlogix 618-Nov-2006
Georgia Power Company Meteorlogix 718-Nov-2006
Jasper County Sheriff's Department Meteorlogix 618-Nov-2006
McLeod Cooperative Power Association Meteorlogix 818-Nov-2006
Taylor Roofing, Inc. Meteorlogix 318-Nov-2006
Top Flite Express Drives Automotive Business Growth With Mobitrac's Next-Generation Transportation Execution System Mobitrac, Inc. 117-Nov-2006
Case Ekisaikai Hospital, Japan Ekahau, Inc. 109-Nov-2006
Shell Oil Jump Starts Consumables Savings ToolWatch Corporation 016-Sep-2006
Stolen Tools Recovered with ToolWatch’s Help ToolWatch Corporation 116-Sep-2006
ToolWatch Part of Thompson Electric's Success ToolWatch Corporation 116-Sep-2006
Using Qualitative Futures Tools to Implement Change within the Fort Bend County Engineering GIS University of Houston Clear Lake 617-Aug-2006
The Sidwell Company Maps Out Competitive Business Strategy by Keeping GIS Services In-House Oce Technologies & The Sidwell Company 1019-May-2006
Hero Honda Motors Drives Increased Operational Efficiency and Productivity Using MapInfo MapInfo Corporation 1504-Jan-2006
A Geographic Timeline of Global H5N1 Avian Influenza from October 2003 through August 2005, by David Alexander XPAND Corporation 1516-Dec-2005
Case Study: Southern California Water Professionals View Perchlorate Data with EQuIS for ArcGIS EarthSoft, Inc. 2618-Jul-2005
Total 430 links listed, not including links in sub-categories.

GIS Analyst for RAMTeCH at Stillwater, MN
Programmer Analyst for Integrys Energy Group at Green Bay, WI
Aerial Sensor Operator for Keystone Aerial Surveys at Philadelphia, PA
Technical Product/Project Managers for D E Shaw Research at New York City, NY
Head of Technical Product/Project Management for D E Shaw Research at New York City, NY
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