Leading GIS Web Mapping Application Now On BlackBerry
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Leading GIS Web Mapping Application Now On BlackBerry

Putting the Power of GIS and Databases On BlackBerry Handsets

Dayton, Ohio. January 22, 2007 -- TDC Group, Inc. announced today that FreeanceTM, its industry-leading Web mapping application, has been extended to create geographic information system (GIS) and database applications for BlackBerry® handsets from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM). This new functionality brings the popular no-programming, plug-and-play Freeance software application to a new group of mobile users with unique capabilities that leverage the BlackBerry platform.

GIS and IT groups can now quickly and easily publish their GIS and enterprise databases to BlackBerry handsets. Field workers using BlackBerry handsets can browse their local GIS data stored on ESRI server platforms and also read/write to their enterprise databases using custom forms. The new product, Freeance MobileTM, also taps into the power of GPS location using GPS receivers built into BlackBerry handsets or Bluetooth® enabled GPS receivers paired with a BlackBerry handset.

TDC built Freeance Mobile for the BlackBerry platform because of its market leading position and the industry leading security and device management capabilities of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. Freeance Mobile runs in either a BlackBerry Enterprise Server environment or over a secure connection on the BlackBerry® Internet Service. Organizations can scale their use of Freeance Mobile from one to hundreds or thousands of BlackBerry users.

Freeance and BlackBerry: Two Platforms, One Powerful Solution.

Freeance Mobile includes three device-side applications that allow organizations to easily put their GIS and enterprise databases out into the field. Custom mobile applications can be constructed in just a few hours by in-house personnel, and then instantly published to BlackBerry users.

MapViewer works much like a standard GIS Web browser. End users can display, zoom, pan, locate, and turn layers off and on for any standard, ESRI server-based mapping. System administrators using the Freeance Mobile configuration software can create numerous custom map viewers in a matter of hours. Specific tools and searches needed for individual mobile work groups can be simply deployed. Changes requested by users can be made within a matter of minutes and a modified application immediately delivered to users in the field.

GPS Collector allows end users to use custom forms that write back to enterprise databases within the organization. System administrators use the GPS Collector to create custom forms in a no-programming environment and then link the forms to enterprise databases such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Forms can be populated in the field and automatically tied to a GPS location through a BlackBerry handset with integrated GPS or by pairing a Bluetooth GPS receiver, such as from Trimble or Garmin, with a Bluetooth-enabled BlackBerry handset.

Search allows mobile users to effortlessly find records in enterprise databases within their organization. Custom searching and reporting are set up by system administrators enabling users to easily locate and reference records by means of customized displays when in the field. The database connections are live and connect directly to enterprise databases such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

View Live GPS Field Mapping Anywhere

By combining the use of Freeance Web with Freeance Mobile software, organizations can set up Freeance Web-based GIS applications that display live data on a map as the data are logged by field crews. The interoperability of Freeance Web and Freeance Mobile makes it possible to display live map features and the location of field crews, while adding the ability to display and search records created in the field by mobile workers.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Compatible for Security and Easy Integration

Freeance Mobile was designed to be compatible with BlackBerry Enterprise Server. BlackBerry allows organizations to make their GIS and enterprise mobile applications secure with a strong encryption scheme that keeps data encrypted while it is in transit between the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry handsets. Organizations running the BlackBerry Enterprise Server can now easily integrate their enterprise databases and ESRI map servers to securely publish applications to their BlackBerry users.


Freeance Mobile is now available. The base package of Freeance Mobile is $14,950, with training and implementation included.

Demo Signup

Live, 30-minute Web demos of Freeance Mobile are available each Tuesday and Thursday at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. To attend one of these free demos, please call (866) 832-4768 extension 7226 and ask for Patrick Kiggins.

Web Site

For more information about Freeance Mobile, please visit www.Freeance.com. Pricing, information requests, technical details, use cases and other information are available there.

About TDC Group, Inc.

TDC Group, Inc. is a software development firm focused on building powerful, easy-to-use GIS and location products. With 18 years of experience in the GIS industry, our goal is to allow organizations to easily create Web mapping, and Mobile GIS and enterprise database applications, in a low-cost plug-and-play environment. TDC is dedicated to expanding the Freeance product line and continues to build additional functionality that allows organizations to use standard off-the-shelf software to integrate GIS and database platforms and create custom Web and Mobile applications.

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