GeoDecisions and North Dakota Department of Transportation Unveil On-RAMP
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GeoDecisions and North Dakota Department of Transportation Unveil On-RAMP

(Aug. 29, 2007/Harrisburg, Pa.) GeoDecisions, an award-winning leader in the information technology industry specializing in geographic information systems (GIS), recently deployed a Spatial Data Portal and Video Log Viewer to improve enterprise transportation information sharing and integration throughout North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT). The Video Log Viewer application was designed and built as the foundation for NDDOT’s GIS-enabled enterprise web portal called the Online Roadway Analysis and Mapping Portal (On-RAMP).

The requirements and design for the Video Log application ensure that the underlying technology will provide a framework for NDDOT’s future needs of a functionally rich portal for the DOT. The portal provides seamless integration with other spatially enabled applications at NDDOT, and will allow additional functionality and data sources to be added in order to support a wider variety of transportation business processes in the future.

The Web-enabled Image Log Viewer has enhanced the functionality of NDDOT’s existing Image Log desktop application with features such as an integrated map interface and movie export while web-enabling other existing image log functionality. The On-RAMP application used an innovative development approach, using .NET and Asynchronous Java for XML (AJAX) development languages, in order to meet the challenge of varying internet bandwidths at district offices while providing a user friendly web portal interface. The most immediate project benefit for NDDOT has been the accessibility of the existing video log images via the NDDOT intranet, thus making the video log images available to all NDDOT employees.

GeoDecisions’ experienced staff of professional consultants, analysts, and developers supports clients across the United States. Fundamental to the company’s award-winning approach is the integration of spatial information to empower existing systems and processes. GeoDecisions’ philosophy is based on an enterprisewide approach to the integration of diverse information technologies, data formats, and systems.

GeoDecisions is ISO 9001:2000 certified for its operations nationwide.

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