New A-Prime Software Eliminates Need For CAD or Outside Software Within ESRI’s ArcGIS Platform
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New A-Prime Software Eliminates Need For CAD or Outside Software Within ESRI’s ArcGIS Platform

DENVER, Colorado, September 12, 2007 – Scott David, Vice President of DPRA, announced today the launch of a new division of the company, called A-Prime Software. A-Prime will now provide enhancement technologies that address the limitations of the current ArcGIS ESRI platform used by so many GIS professionals–from environmental engineers and mining analysts to geologists and construction developers.

“ESRI’s the definitely the gold standard for traditional mapping needs; our tech simply upgrades its quality,” says A-Prime Vice President Scott David. “For example, our new CrossView plug-in now let’s GIS users create stunning cross sections diagrams or profile views directly within the ArcGIS platform to give more intimate and robust information about terrains and subsurfaces. And since we’re GIS professionals engineering software for other GIS professionals, we’ve paid close attention to the flexibility and functionality we all need to work faster and more cost effectively,” David says.

Formerly tasked to aid in large-scale environmental restoration efforts, the creators of A-Prime provide GIS and other records management services for a variety of purposes. Frustrated, however, by the time exhausting process of using outside software like AutoCAD, Earthvision, or Illustrator to achieve cross-section detail for topographic, geologic and hydrologic profile visualizations, A-Prime developed unique technologies to assist with their outreach, production management, and data analysis that work directly within the ESRI platform.

By working directly within the program or language most GIS professionals are comfortable with, A-Prime found that they eliminated the need to invest thousands of dollars in outside software platforms along with the time that went along with understanding it. The result was an increased workflow for their team, an expanded ESRI toolset, and increased program flexibility that also removed the need to spatially adjust files. Further, the new software creates a single workflow for a single GIS analyst so
there was no need to hand off projects in-progress to outside teams. Cumulatively, these capabilities created a dramatic savings in time and money while providing attractive, near real-time access to cross-section details that used to take needless man-hours to obtain.

“Because our team has worked with ESRI for so long, we have designed our platforms to work directly with ArcGIS and ESRI’s native toolkit, which means no learning curves,” says David. “Our hope is to engineer fluid solutions that make GIS users ask why didn’t I think of that?”

A-Prime’s pilot product, CrossView Earth Surfaces, provides detailed cross-section views of the earth’s surface and sub-surfaces to GIS users worldwide. A simple and intuitive platform, CrossView is also the first among many wizard-based upgrades to the ArcGIS platforms that A-Prime Software has planned for the future.

“We believe that good technology is meant to bridge the gap between complexity and simplicity to create robust yet intuitive output. Therefore, by leveraging geospatial data with illustrious visualization techniques in today’s available drawing apps, we want to give GIS users better access to the information they need to work smarter,” David says.

About A-Prime
A-Prime Software is a GIS software company focused on enhancing the detail, visualization tools, and flexibility of current mapping applications with unique technologies. With a rich history in environmental restoration, the creators of A-Prime are dedicated to improving the workflow of GIS professionals, which saves both time and money. Taking its name from the mapping symbol that notes both start and end, A-Prime remains focused on charting new ground in the mapping industry by developing innovative software that broadens and sharpens the way we view the world. Visit A-Prime Software at

A-Prime Exhibits at GIS In The Rockies (September 12-13, 2007)
Come see our new perspective on mapping above and below the surface.

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