major release of INPHO’s photogrammetric system
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major release of INPHO’s photogrammetric system

May 28, 2009 —We are pleased to announce a new major release of INPHO’s photogrammetric system:

ApplicationsMaster 5.2
DPMaster 5.2
MATCH-AT Pushbroom 5.2
inBlock 5.2
DTMaster 5.2
OrthoMaster 5.2
OrthoVista 4.4

The main focus of these releases was set on further enhancing the productivity of the complete system by increasing both the processing speed and the number of images handled in one project. This productivity boost is reached by efficient utilization of multi-core and multi-processor technology available with up-to-date computer systems.

In addition, substantial progress has been achieved in the automated point cloud generation out of digital imagery with MATCH-T DSM. The quality of the resulting surface model is well suited for orthophoto generation with considerable reduction in interactive editing work by operators. The highly accurate and dense point cloud opens up new opportunities for subsequent applications.

Much more detailed information about all new features, changes and enhancements can be found in the individual Release Note documents available for download from our web site.

Please pay attention to the additional information in the Appendix of this document.

In case of any further questions, please contact our Support Team at Email Contact in all technical issues and our Sales Team at Email Contact in all commercial questions.


Delivery information

From May 28th, 2009 on the new versions can be obtained, along with the operating manual and release notes, from the download section of our website; a visitor registration is requested for the download. In case you wish to receive the new versions on a DVD, please contact us.

Licensing information

New licensing files are required for all the new versions.

Customers having a valid maintenance agreement will receive the license free of charge.Detailed information about the license update will be sent in a separate email.

Multi-core / multi-processor usage

Some of the time-consuming processing tasks within MATCH-AT, MATCH-T and OrthoVista are now using the multi-threading technology to speed up the overall processing time. Up to 4 threads are used by one software license. The operating system is responsible to assign the threads to the available cores/processors of the workstation.

The distributed processing technology with DPMaster is still available and required for utilization of multiple workstation configuration.

Recommendation for operating system

At present, INPHO recommends to use Microsoft Windows Server 2008 for running its photogrammetric applications since this 64bit operating system supports the stereo viewing capabilities and provides an improved file I/O performance boosting the processing time by 15% for some of our applications.

All INPHO products are running on Windows XP (32 or 64bit) as well.


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