Self-Service, Geospatial Business Intelligence Revealed at the Microsoft BI Conference
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Self-Service, Geospatial Business Intelligence Revealed at the Microsoft BI Conference

Self-Service, Geospatial Business Intelligence Revealed at the Microsoft BI Conference

New Orleans, LA, June 9, 2010 --  IDV Solutions today announced their participation at Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Conference in New Orleans, LA. The company’s flagship product, Visual Fusion, is enterprise mashup software used to build business intelligence applications that unite data from virtually any data source in interactive web-based data visualizations (comprised of maps, timelines, and analytics) for superior context, rapid insight, and decisive action.

“As Business Intelligence becomes more and more accessible and even critical for business users to perform their jobs, BI tools will need to resonate with the average businessperson in ways that traditional, technician-centric tools and approaches do not,” explained IDV Solutions CEO Mark Morrison. “Today’s executives and knowledge workers are taking their cues from what they see and use in the Web 2.0 world, and expect their business tools to be just as visual, interactive, collaborative, and mobile. That’s what they get with Visual Fusion.”.

Visual Fusion software uniquely ties together Microsoft’s BI stack—Excel, SharePoint, SQL Server—and presents it to the business user in Silverlight business-focused applications. Visual Fusion enhances Microsoft business intelligence capabilities by bringing self-service location intelligence to the business user. With the full spectrum of development capabilities in Visual Fusion, anyone in an organization can build a geospatial mashup in SharePoint in minutes, combining Excel files, web feeds, SharePoint content, SQL Server content, and more..

“We are very proud of the way Visual Fusion applications have been embedded in the business processes of some of the greatest companies and organizations in the world,” stated Morrison. “Visual Fusion puts the business in full context by visually integrating all relevant content in location and time, as well as in the traditional organizers of spreadsheets, charts, and graphs.”.

The IDV Solutions team will be at the Microsoft booth demonstrating the unique capabilities of Visual Fusion throughout the conference. .

About IDV Solutions
IDV Solutions is an enterprise software company committed to helping Global 2000 and government organizations make their information more accessible, understandable, and contextual. Their suite of products, Visual Fusion, forms an enterprise mashup platform for creating interactive, visual applications utilizing the power of SharePoint. This software empowers everyone in an organization to create interactive, geospatial mashups from unlimited sources of data. It provides a streamlined platform for building Enterprise 2.0 apps that drive agility, collaboration, and insight.

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