The City of Mesa Electric Completes Migration to ArcGIS and ArcFM MultiSpeak Solution
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The City of Mesa Electric Completes Migration to ArcGIS and ArcFM MultiSpeak Solution

Fort Collins, CO -- The City of Mesa Electric Division in Mesa, Arizona, a long-time user of ESRI and Miner & Miner technology, has migrated its GIS to the ArcGIS and ArcFM MultiSpeak 8.3 Solution and rolled out into production with the new system. The decision to migrate from their current version was based on the need to better support the City's various business requirements. The City felt the ArcGIS and ArcFM MultiSpeak technology gave them the flexibility to integrate future systems, and the associated data model provided the level of detail necessary for their business operations. With the updated system now in place, the City will be able to better manage, integrate, and maintain its data.

Established in 1917, the City of Mesa Electric Utility provides electricity to nearly 16,000 electric customers within a five and a half square-mile area located in the heart of the City of Mesa. The City of Mesa Utilities also provides water, wastewater, and gas utility services to the greater Mesa area, which has a population of approximately 400,000.

From the beginning, the project was approached as a cooperative effort between Miner & Miner, ESRI, Mesa Electric Division, and the Mesa Information Services Division. The collaborative approach allowed the City to contribute a significant portion of the labor for the migration effort as well as learn how the database is constructed and managed. In addition, they were able to benefit from having the opportunity to train personnel while working closely with ESRI and M&M staff. The team members helped to guide the process, plan and specify the migration, and provide final configuration and delivery of the new database.

Implementation for the project began in July and was completed in just over two and half months including the data migration. The City now has three editors using the system to perform data cleanup part time and will soon be adding a fourth. Mesa expects company-wide roll out by the first of the year. The data cleanup effort will improve the accuracy and consistency of the system data. The tools in ArcEditor and ArcFM, especially Feeder Manager, enable the City to quickly identify and correct data issues such as disconnected sections, loops, and double-feeds.

The City is now working to establish a strategy for turning over data maintenance responsibilities to the Electric Utility Division. The plan will include establishing day-to-day data maintenance procedures, including integrating ArcFM Session Manager into the process and defining the roles and privileges for editing and viewing the data. Roberta Bledsoe, Information Technology Services Leader, states, “The ISD hopes to create an implementation model that can be used throughout the other utilities at the City for similar repository efforts.”

Says Jeff Gould, Director of the City of Mesa's Electric Division, “Both ESRI and Miner & Miner brought considerable value to our conversion process. I am a strong believer in team approaches, and with quality organizations like ESRI and Miner & Miner, it is a true winning solution. Our thanks to the team, who took a nontraditional approach to supporting their customers. We look forward to a continuing relationship.”

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