Dotted Eyes web mapping solution now being adopted by housing associations
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Dotted Eyes web mapping solution now being adopted by housing associations

November 23, 2011 -- Shoreline Housing Partnership, a provider of affordable housing in North East Lincolnshire, has rolled out Dotted Eyes’ latest intranet mapping solution, RMX4, to provide its customer service team with greater visibility of its assets whilst improving the efficiency of its workforce.

RMX4 is supporting Shoreline in building upon its current way of working to become more sophisticated in terms of accessing, analysing and using its data. With coverage of over 7,900 homes across North East Lincolnshire, Shoreline’s staff are using the intranet mapping solution to easily visualise and share information about their properties.

This is already helping it to improve the efficiency of its customer service team and reduce costs. For example, in the case of a customer complaining about fly tipping, the service team can now easily identify on a map whether the incident occurred on Shoreline’s land, enabling them to deal with it more effectively and save unnecessary removal costs. 

Built on top of a single, open source technology stack, RMX4 provides the flexibility Shoreline needs to accommodate future change whilst significantly reducing the cost of multiple desktop licences.  Due to RMX4’s user friendly interface Shoreline’s staff were able to use the solution from day one, rather than having to undergo intensive training or being reliant on costly analytical resource to manipulate the data for them.

Andrew Eayres, Performance Manager at Shoreline Housing, commented:  “What’s great about RMX4 is that you don’t need to be highly skilled to use it. The simplicity of the solution makes it accessible to staff across the whole organisation. At the click of a mouse, we now have instant visibility over our properties and the data related to them on a map.”

Shoreline also plans to use RMX4 in the future to plot more detailed information about its properties. This will allow it to identify problem areas, such as areas with a higher density of rental arrears, so that they can deal with them more effectively.

Andrew continued: “Like most organisations we’ve had to tighten our proverbial belt. As a result, we need to work more efficiently. RMX4 is helping us to do this by better targeting our resources for maximum impact.“

Ben Allan, CEO of Dotted Eyes, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Shoreline as one of our customers, especially given its highly respected reputation as an innovator in the housing association sector. Following the popularity of our mapping solutions within the local government sector, this sector will become another focus for Dotted Eyes, especially as RMX4 delivers a real return on investment for Housing Associations.”  

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