Mayrise System Keeps English Holiday Resort Lights Shining for Less
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Mayrise System Keeps English Holiday Resort Lights Shining for Less

January 30, 2012 -- The UK's Great Yarmouth Borough Council has saved thousands of pounds following the introduction of mapping integrated street lighting software from Mayrise Systems. The remotely hosted software has helped the Council improve the collection and management of lighting asset information, which in turn has led to an immediate reduction in their electricity bill. Streetlights that don’t work or have previously been removed were, in some cases, still being charged for, while some lights on a metered supply were also being charged on a fixed rate contract.

Using the Mayrise software Great Yarmouth now manages the routine maintenance of more than 4,000 lighting units. Reported faults are logged on the system by use of a unique column identification number or through the integrated mapping module MapNow. A works ticket is then automatically raised and printed together with a map showing the location of the faulty unit for use by street lighting engineers in the field. Completed works are also logged in the Mayrise system together with additional updated condition survey reports and future actions.

“Since the introduction of the Mayrise system we have identified a number of cases where we were being charged for electricity we simply weren’t using or we were being charged twice for the same unit,” commented Michael Stephenson, Environmental Services Officer. “As we collect more and more detailed asset information, including detailed condition reports, we expect to build on these original savings realising a significant annual reduction in electricity charges, money that can then be reinvested in existing or new stock.”

Prior to the adoption of MAYRISE Street Lighting software Great Yarmouth Borough Council (GYBC) worked with Norfolk County Council to manage the provision of street lighting services in the coastal resort. When the county council entered into a 25 year Private Finance Agreement (PFI) GYBC decided to bring the service back in house. “We looked at what we had been paying,” continued Mr Stephenson, “and what we could expect to pay if we continued with our agreement with Norfolk County Council. We decided we could provide the service in house at the same, if not a better level.”

MAYRISE Street Lighting is also helping GYBC manage the final stages of a four-year replacement programme for category 4 street lights and will be used to plan and implement a new capital programme to address ageing private network cabling within the borough. The Council also has plans to bring additional assets on board within the Mayrise system including decorative lights, car park lights and pay machines as well as litter bins and benches.

Mark Clarke, Managing Director, Mayrise Systems, Tel. +44 (0)1453 827 400,