Green Map® System is Charting the Way to a Sustainable Future!
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Green Map® System is Charting the Way to a Sustainable Future!

NEW YORK, April 12, 2012 — (PRNewswire) —  To help answer the question, How Green is My City?, the original Green Map of NYC was published 20 years ago. This "Green Apple Map" shared a fresh perspective on natural, cultural and green living resources. Informing New Yorkers as well as visitors, this map quickly gained global attention, sparking the award-winning Green Map System that benefits communities worldwide. Today, the Green Map network includes 800 locally-led projects in 63 countries!

Every Green Map project is unique, and all utilize globally designed Green Map Icons to highlight greener, healthier ways to shop, get around, work, recreate and learn, including gardens, greenmarkets, bike lanes, solar and historical sites. Green Mapmakers share adaptable mapmaking guides and multilingual community engagement resources, including the acclaimed Open Green Map. This platform delivers interactive Green Maps that invite the public to share their insights and images. Explore 21,000 sites at and use your smartphone to suggest new sites wherever you discover them.

Introducing the Newest NYC Green Map

While supporting the global movement, the nonprofit Green Map System continues to create local Green Maps of NYC. Wendy Brawer, Founding Director, says "This Earth Day, we are debuting a new map about ENERGY! As seen at, everyone is invited to embed this electrifying map in their website or blog".  Find a variety of printed and interactive Green Maps, related bike tours and presentations at

Across NYC and all around the world, nonprofits, grassroots, civic and youth groups are leading the way to sustainable futures while highlighting the green economy and celebrating the uniqueness of their hometowns with Green Maps.

Get involved at Think global, map local!

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