COM.Geo 2012 Emerging Tech Panel: Cloud / Big Data Computing for Defense
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COM.Geo 2012 Emerging Tech Panel: Cloud / Big Data Computing for Defense

Washington, DC – June 15, 2012 The ever growing necessity for Big Data processing within the industry, government, and specially within defense applications causes the need and requirement for the fast development of new technologies. In addition, the protection of Big Data can be a serious problem because security is commonly an afterthought during technology development, and the exponentially increasing rate at which new data is generated presents many challenges. Although conventional Turing computation has been remarkably successful, it does not scale well and is failing to adapt to novel application domains in cyberspace. Fortunately, Turing formalism for computation represents only a subset of all possible computational possibilities. Unconventional computing - the quest for new algorithms and physical implementations of novel computing paradigms based on and inspired by principles of information processing in physical and biological systems - may help to solve some of the information overflow problems facing the Defense community. These and other topics will be covered by our diverse panel of experts.

 Dr. Robinson Pino, Senior Scientist, ICF International (ever worked at DARPA & Air Force)

 Dr. Arthur H. Edwards, Senior Research Physicist, Air Force Research Laboratory, Space Vehicles Directorate
 Mr. Michael Shevenell, Project Manager, ICF International
Dr. Bryant Wysocki, Ret Maj USAF, Senior Electronics Engineer, Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate
 Dr. Larry Feldman, Lead Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton (Defense Consulting Firm)
 Dr. Alexander Davydov, Senior Scientist, COM.Geo (ever worked for DOD)
Dr. Kevin Montgomery, CEO, Intelesense Technologies(Defense Consulting Firm)

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