GIS Cloud Launches Apps and its Enterprise Geo 2.0 Platform!
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GIS Cloud Launches Apps and its Enterprise Geo 2.0 Platform!

July 19, 2012 -- Since its introduction in 2010, GIS Cloud has been a leader and innovator in delivering true GIS in the Cloud. For example, last year the company introduced its powerful vector mapping technology which is based on HTML5, and was the first to deliver vectors to the browser to support full editing and application development without requiring any plugin or application download.

Now, the company is pleased to announce the launch of its Enterprise Geo 2.0 Platform, which is the first to deliver a true Cloud-based platform that will support today's expansive, distributed enterprise workforce.

The Enterprise Geo 2.0 Platform is being introduced with a number of applications and previews that demonstrate the power and flexibility of the platform, and address the diverse needs of segments ranging from transportation, utilities, municipal and local government, as well as other owners of geo-located assets.

Traditional client-server GIS applications have evolved over the years to support a diverse set of industries and vertical segments, often through the use and deployment of 3rd party and custom applications. But these applications, and more importantly the data created by these applications, are locked into desktop and workgroup server environments, and are not accessible to the larger enterprise user base that needs access. The GIS Cloud Enterprise Geo 2.0 Platform is designed to fully leverage the power of Cloud computing to overcome these limitations and provide access to all enterprise users who need it.

For the end-users this means very easy web access to apps solving their particular challenges. All apps are instantly available and a user can get started with them in a matter of seconds. No more IT, no more CD installations, no more desktop & server software!

For the launch of its platform, GIS Cloud has prepared 7 enterprise geo apps to demonstrate the power of the platform:

  1. Map Editor: full featured GIS Cloud map creation, editing and publishing
  2. Map Viewer: easy map viewing optimized for non-professionals
  3. Asset Data Collection and Management: enables organizations to effortlessly collect, track and manage their assets in real time
  4. Roadwork Management and Coordination: enables organizations to track and coordinate their current and planned roadwork projects
  5. Fleet Management: improve fleet and business efficiency with more than just a fleet tracking system
  6. Mobile Data Collection: a simple and easy solution for real-time field location, multimedia and attribute data collection
  7. Publisher for Esri ArcMap: a single click solution to get your maps and data from the most popular desktop GIS straight into GIS Cloud

Map Viewer and Map Editor apps are now available in two flavors: free use for non-commercial users and a premium user-based subscription for commercial use. Other apps are launched as previews and therefore can be used free of charge.

For more details and pricing, please visit the new GIS Cloud website:

About GIS Cloud

Since GIS Cloud was launched back in 2010, the company has been a leader and innovator in delivering Cloud-based GIS solutions. The mission at GIS Cloud is to deliver a powerful Cloud-computing platform for geo-based applications and solutions that address the needs of the entire enterprise.

With a strong focus on using the latest web and mobile technologies, the company believes in moving traditional map and geo-based enterprise applications into the era of Cloud computing.

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