New Polish Imagery Extends AeroGRID WMS Service to the edge of Europe
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New Polish Imagery Extends AeroGRID WMS Service to the edge of Europe

February 26, 2013 -- AeroGRID has signed an agreement with Polish survey company MGGP Aero (Tarnów) and has installed their high resolution orthophotos of the most populated areas of the country on to its webserver. This brings AeroGRID’s European WMS coverage to over 5 million km² just 0.5m km² short of being Europe-wide and the most comprehensive dataset of the continent currently available.

WMS is the standard protocol for streaming georeferenced map imagery over the Internet to web based applications, GIS and CAD software. As WMS feeds only load the imagery that a user needs to see, it is a very convenient and efficient way for clients to subscribe to our growing library of high resolution imagery. Users can confidently base their projects on AeroGRID data which always comes with the guaranteed accuracy from long established aerial survey companies, working together within the AeroGRID partnership.

“We are extremely pleased to host this high quality data of Poland,” said Miles Taylor, General Manager. “Continuous economic expansion over the last 20 years has made Poland a vital part of the European economy which means that there is significant demand for up to date aerial imagery. We have worked with MGGP for a number of years now and we admire their dynamism and desire to succeed.”

“This is probably the best high resolution data available for Poland right now,” said Witold Kuznicki, Key Account Manager for MGGP. “Maintaining our imagery at this level is keeping us very busy. Our coverage is also second to none which means that AeroGRID is now the top provider of Europe-wide data.”


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