SGI Extends High Performance Computing Innovation on Path to Exascale
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SGI Extends High Performance Computing Innovation on Path to Exascale

MILPITAS, CA -- (Marketwired) -- Nov 17, 2014 -- SGI (NASDAQ: SGI), a global leader in high performance solutions for compute, data analytics, and data management, announced new next-generation supercomputers, enhanced software, and heightened services to accelerate time to discovery at greater scale and lower cost. SGI highlights areas of continuing innovation in high performance computing (HPC) that bring exaflop-capable systems into view by 2020.

"We believe exascale is the next frontier in high performance computing and will enable computational breakthroughs spanning climatology, energy, security and at the speed of human thought," said Jorge Titinger, president and CEO of SGI. "SGI is on a path to deliver systems capable of an exaflop by 2020. While these systems will be designed for the most extreme HPC environments, our progression will bring practical solutions to tera- and petascale problems seen today."

Additions to SGI's high performance computing portfolio introduced today include:

"Beyond faster processors, HPC system vendors must redefine how supercomputers are powered, cooled, and managed to reach exascale," said Earl Joseph, program vice president, High-Performance Computing at IDC. "Reflected in SGI's new offerings and aspiring to exaflop-capable systems, SGI remains at the forefront of HPC innovation, helping customers solve today's business challenges and future-proofing for tomorrow."

SGI ICE XA - Leading performance and cooling efficiency at greater scale
New SGI ICE XA is the sixth generation of the world's most powerful distributed-memory supercomputer. The Linux-based system features new Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 processors, with which SGI holds the performance world speed record. Nodes can be further augmented with Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors or NVIDIA®GPU Accelerators. Extending SGI's leadership in energy efficiency, SGI ICE XA also features second generation E-cell warm water cooling technology, providing at least a 30% increase in cooling efficiency compared to competing technologies, saving customers millions of dollars in energy costs.

Additionally, SGI ICE XA can scale to tens of thousands of nodes and hundreds of thousands of cores running SUSE® or Red Hat Linux® and with optimum InfiniBand® flexibility to include all-to-all, fat-tree and hypercube topologies. Customers can also extend their existing SGI ICE platform by adding next generation nodes and cooling technology, without user interruption.

SGI UV 300 - The most powerful in-memory supercomputer for data-intensive workloads
Building on 20 years of in-memory computing expertise and extending SGI's UV line of servers, the new SGI UV 300 and SGI UV 30EX are designed for in situ data analytics, visualization and real-time streaming. Running SUSE Linux® Enterprise Server or Red Hat® Enterprise Linux, SGI UV 300 delivers up to 32 sockets (480 cores) and 24 terabytes (TB) of coherent shared memory in a single system. Powered by Intel® Xeon® E7-8800 v2 processors and the ability to add Intel® Xeon Phi™ or NVIDIA® GPU accelerators, seventh generation SGI NUMAlink® ASIC technology provides extreme bandwidth and ultra-low latency network interconnects. Nodes can be further augmented with Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors or NVIDIA GPU Accelerators to meet the needs of diverse environments. Designed for data-intensive environments, SGI UV 30EX is a 4-socket server providing up to 3TB of in-memory computing power, and can be upgraded to the scalable UV 300 if your infrastructure needs change.

SGI Management Center 3.0 - Advanced HPC software to reduce complexity, saving time and resources
An integral component of the SGI Management Suite, the new SGI Management Center 3.0 leverages SGI's experience delivering enterprise compute solutions for environments with extreme web traffic. Advanced capabilities include provisioning operating systems across clusters automatically-even with tens of thousands of nodes-in a fraction of the time of competing technologies. Power provisioning can be limited at a node level to conserve power on idle nodes and fit total system use within an available power envelope. With Management Center 3.0, event logs capture time-stamped history for analysis to proactively maintain system performance.

SGI Remote Services - 24x7 SGI system monitoring
New SGI Remote Services maximize system uptime, improve operational efficiency and increase productivity. With 24x7 systems monitoring, administrators can benefit from ongoing data gathering, component failure and change alerts, and help enable preemptive action to avoid downtime. Optional secure system access further enables SGI support personnel to diagnose and resolve issues quickly. SGI Remote Services are included in the SGI Management Suite which supports SGI HPC Compute solutions worldwide.

SGI on a Path to Exascale
On the path to exascale, SGI will continue to focus on innovation through:

Availability and Support
SGI ICE XA is available for order today and begins shipping in spring 2015. SGI UV 300 and SGI UV 30EX are available for order today and begin shipping at the end of this calendar year. SGI Management Center 3.0 and SGI Remote Services are both available today.

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Please visit the SGI booth (#915) at SC14 in New Orleans, LA from November 17 - 20, 2014 to learn more about SGI's industry-leading HPC solutions for compute, data analytics and data management.

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