CompassData Releases CompassAA 3.3 and CompassTA 2.3
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CompassData Releases CompassAA 3.3 and CompassTA 2.3

September 04, 2015 -- At CompassData, we are proud to announce the release of two upgraded imagery data verification and validation tools: CompassAA 3.3 and CompassTA 2.3.

Our clients have been telling us that the CompassAA and CompassTA user interfaces needed to be upgraded to improve usability and keep up with today’s demands. In response, we improved File Folder navigation, enhanced reporting abilities, enabled customization of the size of the Application Window and implemented a number of other improvements.

“Our main purpose is demonstrating our commitment to our customers,” says Brant Howard, CompassData CEO. “To do this, we recognize their continued use of our data verification and validation tools and provide value for their maintenance dollars. We also show our commitment to our customer by listening to what they say, taking their suggestions seriously and upgrading our products to improve user experience.”

Upgrades in CompassAA 3.3 and CompassTA 2.3

File Folder

In older versions of CompassAA and CompassTA, users were forced to select files and folders using a process of repetitive, time-consuming and identical mouse clicking. To improve File Folder navigation, the new system allows users to cut and paste the path name of a file or folder directly from an Explorer window and into another Explorer window or file location field. This makes browsing to the file or folder location much easier as well.

Once a folder or file is selected, it remains cached until the next folder or file selection. Other improvements to File Folder navigation include a simplified design of the Add Tile Index and Images window to ensure consistent input of file and folder locations.

Reporting Abilities

In the latest version of CompassAA and CompassTA, users have the option to include the map image in the report as it is displayed by CompassTA. Both aerial views and monochrome boundary polygons are now possible. A new option in the Photo Book tool allows users to choose a lower right and lower left image or each control point detail page in the report. Users are no longer forced to use only one image per page of the report.

Application Window Sizing

In previous versions of CompassTA and CompassAA, there was a maximum sized application window. While this window fit the majority of sizes of workstation monitors, it lacked the flexibility and customizability of viewing that users expect. Older versions also didn’t work as well on high resolution laptop screens.

In CompassAA 3.3 and CompassTA 2.3, the default size of the application window is now the maximum size of the monitor. Using common Windows mouse actions, the application window can be resized and minimized. Users can also use the mouse to click, drag and release to adjust the interior view ports.

Additional Improvements

The latest versions of CompassAA and CompassTA come with a number of improvements and upgrades to make these imagery data verification and validation tools more powerful, useful and user friendly than ever before. A few of these additional improvements include:

Upcoming Improvements and Upgrades

All of us here at CompassData are proud of all the upgrades and improvements that have been included in CompassAA 3.3 and CompassTA 2.3. Despite our pride in these imagery data verification and validation tools, we know there is always room for improvements. With the field and the needs of our clients constantly evolving, we recognize the importance of constantly improving and upgrading to ensure that our tools remain on the cutting edge.

While we aren’t yet sure of all of the enhancements that will be available in future editions, there are definitely a few things users can look forward to in upcoming releases. CompassTA will gain the ability to use LAS v1.4 file formats. It will also gain the ability to verify data, validate and create reports in line with the new USGS LiDAR Base Specification v1.2 requirements for land classes. Lastly, users will gain the ability to select folders and files using Windows drag and drop functions.

At CompassData, we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of the geospatial industry. To learn more about our tools and services, please feel free to browse our website. For questions or to request additional information about CompassAA 3.3 or CompassTA 2.3, please give us a call. You can reach us at (303) 627-4058.

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