Digital Media Helping Fishermen Pinpoint Locations of Game Fish Using Geospatial Technology
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Digital Media Helping Fishermen Pinpoint Locations of Game Fish Using Geospatial Technology

August 24, 2004 -- Stennis Space Center, MS – Digital Media, Inc. has developed an innovative, new marine information service for use by a wide variety of marine interests including sportsmen and commercial fishermen, as well as sailing and diving enthusiasts. What makes Digital Media’s product unique is they utilize remote sensing data in combination with a proprietary software and processing system. This allows fishermen to make the best use of their time and money.

“By utilizing and delivering the most current data, we are able to show saltwater anglers where game fish are most likely to gather,” stated Vince Phillips of Digital Media. “As complex as the information is, we have formatted it to be easily used in several forms and understood by even a novice angler.”

So how do they do it? Digital Media uses a proprietary mathematical algorithm that accurately identifies where conditions consistently result in concentrations of baitfish. Using this information they can direct fishing interests to these locations using GPS coordinates. Originally developed by the National Marine Fisheries Service, the algorithm has been tested, studied over a number of years and has now been refined to achieve amazing accuracy. Factors contributing to the final composite image include sea surface temperatures, temperature gradients, water clarity, and water depth. This combined information is analyzed by remote sensing technicians to accurately deliver the location of baitfish in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Pursuing game fish as well as commercial species can be a time consuming and expensive process. Being able to eliminate a significant portion of a trip spent searching for the right conditions is a tremendous benefit. Today, commercial and recreational anglers have access to GPS systems that can put a fishing vessel within feet of a specific coordinate in the ocean. Knowing where the game fish are most likely to gather is the other link in the saltwater fishing equation. The subscriber receives a full color image of the offshore area of his choice accompanied by a text of information drafted by one of Digital Media’s processing experts. Digital Media’s composite model allows the angler to go directly to the closest location, minimize his running time and expense, and maximize the time spent fishing.

All you need to get started is access to the Internet or to make a trip to a designated marina or bait and tackle shop. For approximately $29.95 a month, subscribers have 24 hour a day access via Internet to all current marine images and information, local or remote to their locations. Non-subscribers can gain access to the marine imagery information by purchasing individual daily reports through points of distribution such as marinas and bait and tackle shops.

Using the same images and information, Digital Media can produce customized products for interests ranging from saltwater tournament competitors to professionals performing marine research involving tideland, near-shore, and deep water conditions. Additionally, media outlets including television, newspaper and radio can benefit from Digital Media’s information as it has already been formatted to make an entree into each form of media. The media affiliate’s web site is another point of distribution for non-subscribers to access information and experience the product.


Digital Media, Inc., is a television production company of 16 years and for the past five years has focused part of its resources on developing geospatial products for the broadcast industry. Additionally, the company has developed the most accurate marine information service currently available for individual subscribers. Digital Media, Inc. is a member of the Enterprise for Innovative Geospatial Solutions’ industry cluster. For more information, contact J. Vincent Phillips, 601-954-2287, Email Contact.