Optensity, PlanetRisk, Rosoka team up to win Engility IGAPP Grand Challenge at GEOINT
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Optensity, PlanetRisk, Rosoka team up to win Engility IGAPP Grand Challenge at GEOINT

WASHINGTON — (BUSINESS WIRE) — June 8, 2016Optensity, PlanetRisk and Rosoka, three top leaders in big data analytics, announced today that their team won the Engility IGAPP Grand Challenge at the 2016 GEOINT Symposium. Partners Optensity, PlanetRisk and Rosoka received a $25,000 award for their SafeTravelerGlobe app. Now available for download via the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s App Store, the app provides situational awareness to government employees traveling in high-risk areas.

The GEOINT Application Provider Program, or IGAPP, is intended to help harness the creativity of commercial app developers and bridge the gap between traditional government contracting procedures and nontraditional businesses. IGAPP feeds applications into the GEOINT App Store, NGA’s online storefront that provides downloadable applications for mobile, web and desktop devices. IGAPP functions as a trusted broker between commercial vendors and the government. The program provides registered and approved app vendors with the infrastructure and support to build, test and launch creative, innovative mapping apps using geospatial data from NGA and other organizations that are then available through NGA’s GEOINT App Store.

PlanetRisk, a leader in delivering advanced technology solutions, showcased the power of big data to help understand and manage risk during the GEOINT 2016 Symposium, the preeminent event of the year for the defense, intelligence and homeland security communities.

About PlanetRisk

PlanetRisk is a global big data analytics company providing advanced technology solutions that merge big data, visionary analytics and subject matter expertise. The company’s capabilities are in data sourcing, integration and engineering; advanced analytics; geospatial and social network analysis; and enterprise risk modeling. The company develops models that enable analysts to recognize hidden patterns, detect anomalies and even forecast future conditions, whether at the local, national or global level. PlanetRisk supports the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security and Justice; the intelligence community; state and local agencies; and the private sector. PlanetRisk is headquartered in the Tysons Corner area of McLean, Virginia. For more information, please visit www.planetrisk.com.

About Optensity

Optensity helps its customers dramatically accelerate the integration of data and algorithms to build big data analytics apps through the use of its flagship AppSymphony product. A workflow analytics platform, AppSymphony automates the process of accessing and formatting new data sources, gathering and mixing social media and sensor data, trying and testing new algorithms, and remote orchestration across multiple clouds. Optensity also supports commercial and government deployments of AppSymphony and related applications with its sophisticated engineering capabilities for building highly scalable analytic web and mobile applications in public and private clouds. The company’s software and services have been proven in mission-critical, massive throughput projects involving remote sensing, cybersecurity and fraud/risk detection. For more information, please visit www.optensity.com.

About Rosoka

Rosoka Software is a leader in the development of multilingual products and applications for both commercial and governmental organizations to extract content and context from unstructured sources and provide enhanced metadata for analysis. Rosoka is truly multilingual and able to process over 230 languages; effective and scalable, operating on smartphones or within a cloud environment; and portable, providing consistent results from one operating system to another. For more information, please visit  www.rosoka.com.



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