Michigan Groundwater Management Project selects ER Mapper and ECW
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Michigan Groundwater Management Project selects ER Mapper and ECW

San Diego, CA, 10 December 2004 -- Michigan State University (MSU) Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Science Research and Outreach Services (RS&GIS) is completing a groundwater management project. One part of the study involves the creation of county mosaics from a statewide set of USGS Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quad (DOQQ) images of Michigan using ER Mapper. ER Mapper creates mosaicked ECW image files that are loaded into ESRI’s ArcSDE(r) an embedded raster catalog and accessed using ESRI’s ArcIMS(r). This aerial imagery serves as a backdrop for statewide basemap features from the Michigan Geographic Framework and water well data from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Other projects at RS&GIS that use backdrops produced with ER Mapper include an online GIS viewer to assist water well drillers in Michigan and an online viewer for the City of East Lansing. A Michigan GIS Viewer that incorporates statewide topographic, satellite and aerial imagery backdrops can be found at http://www.rsgis.msu.edu.

JoAnn Render from MSU RS&GIS said: “ER Mapper allows us to create high-quality backdrop images for our GIS applications. The ability to re-project the image after mosaicking and color balancing has been an important extension of the software’s capabilities. It makes the mosaic truly seamless by eliminating projection-related artifacts. We also have been pleased with the Utilities Wizards for ER Mapper from Earthstar Geographics, which have helped with batch processing.”

Chris Ribbel, President of ER Mapper’s Americas operations said, “Ease-of-use is the central philosophy behind the development of the ER Mapper product. ER Mapper allows people to prepare their imagery quickly and simply. The upcoming release of ER Mapper 7.0 includes more wizards to speed up image processing, as well as support for JPEG 2000.”

About Michigan State University Remote Sensing & GIS

RS&GIS is a component of the Department of Geography within the College of Social Sciences at MSU. RS&GIS staff conduct research, contract work, and outreach training to provide state-of-the-art remote sensing, global positioning system (GPS), geographic information science (GIS) and cartographic services to the MSU campus, the State of Michigan and other agencies. For more information, visit http://www.rsgis.msu.edu.

About ER Mapper

Earth Resource Mapping offers integrated imagery solutions for enterprise geospatial applications. Clients in more than 120 countries use the ER Mapper product to prepare imagery, ECW JPEG 2000 to compress and use imagery, the Image Web Server to serve imagery over the Internet and RightWebMap for integrated web map solutions. Visit ER Mapper at www.ermapper.com or the Image Web Server web site at www.EarthEtc.com

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