MultiGen-Paradigm Recognized in 3D Simulation Software Markets With Frost & Sullivan's 2005 Product Innovation Award
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MultiGen-Paradigm Recognized in 3D Simulation Software Markets With Frost & Sullivan's 2005 Product Innovation Award

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Frost & Sullivan's recent analysis, U.S. Military Training and Simulation Markets, selected MultiGen- Paradigm, Inc. as the recipient of the 2005 Product Innovation Award for its dynamic 3D software packages that power advanced training and simulation (T&S) systems.

Each year, this Award is given to a company that demonstrates excellence in new products and technologies within its industry. It lauds the recipient company's innovative efforts that have helped launch a broad line of emerging products and technologies.

MultiGen-Paradigm is a leader in the 3D simulation market and offers software solutions for all segments of the U.S. military T&S markets. The military end users for air, land, sea, and sensor simulations extensively use the company's modeling, terrain generation, and application development lines of software packages.

Formed by the merger of MultiGen, Inc. and Paradigm Simulation, Inc. in 1998, and bought over by Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA), MultiGen-Paradigm functions as an independent subsidiary. Through partnerships and alliances, the company has formed relationships with Tier 1 companies as well as other 3D software and hardware companies, which ensures its products an easier path to market.

"Software sales require training support to operate the programs and the T&S markets are shifting toward more PC-based training," said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Shaun Tinoco. "These benefits present an additional revenue stream and market share for MultiGen-Paradigm, who offers courses at two U.S. locations -- San Jose, California and Plano, Texas -- to help improve its customer bases' productivity with the software and ultimately the customers' time to market with their applications."

Within the database products area, end users consider the MultiGen(R) Creator(TM) software package to have the highest performance and most efficient 3D models for use in realtime simulations. OpenFlight(R), Creator's native 3D content, is the defacto standard format in the visual simulation industry. Its logical, hierarchical scene description file format informs the realtime image generator what, when, where, and how to render, resulting in realtime 3D scenes with unmatched precision and reliability. One of the Creator software's best features is the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) real-time interaction for faster detail modeling.

The Creator software's Rapid Process Modeling (RPM) tools increase productivity through its output-oriented design and wizard-based interfaces. Rather than having users resort to hand-modeling entities at the polygon level for generating typical or geo-specific buildings, roofs, trees, and bridges for real time display, the RPM tools offer a coached, quick process to produce fast and effective models.

The Creator Terrain Studio(TM) (CTS) product line is widely used in military applications and in late 2004, it was credited as the choice software for developing 3D terrain models by the U.S. Army's Combat Maneuvering Training Center Interim Live Fire (CMTCILF). The software's unique approach to workflow processing and geospatial data management allows customers to deliver complex, large-area terrain databases that meet varying requirements. This approach results in shorter production timeframes, design flexibility, and promotes reusability.

"CTS is the industry's only solution that captures the workflow process and catalogs metadata based on the MultiGen-Paradigm MetaFlight(TM) schema", notes Tinoco. "This optimizes real time paging efficiency by communicating the metadata that enables runtime applications to take advantage of the database structure."

In the Runtime products area, the Vega Prime(TM) software environment -- a commercial, off-the-shelf offering -- is the clear leader among application development tools for visual simulation. The company designed it to be a cross-platform, scalable and flexible plug-in toolkit that maximizes the productivity of those developing realtime 3D visual and sensor applications. With multiple integrated application-specific modules available both from MultiGen-Paradigm as well as the top tier companies in the field, Vega Prime provides immediate functionality as needed to meet specific project requirements.

As MultiGen-Paradigm moves into the future, it will continue to create new and improved 3D software packages that complement more powerful and demanding simulation systems. Its strong position in all the U.S. military T&S markets and multiple partnerships with key participants ensures recognition for its ability to solve complex problems with innovative products. For these achievements, Frost & Sullivan is proud to present the 2005 Product Innovation Award to MultiGen-Paradigm.

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MultiGen-Paradigm, Inc. leads the industry in providing commercial-off- the-shelf, realtime 3D simulation software tools and solutions to interactively create and run visual and sensor simulation, simulation-based training, urban simulation, and 3D GIS visualization applications. Further information about MultiGen-Paradigm and its products and services can be found at .

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