Visual Learning Systems and Feature Analyst® profiled on CNBC
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Visual Learning Systems and Feature Analyst® profiled on CNBC

MISSOULA, Montana – CNBC recently profiled Visual Learning Systems, Inc (VLS), an emerging software company, as the featured small business for the week during its “Power Lunch” program.

Power Lunch is seen worldwide each business day, reporting on the stock market and profiling companies at the peak of innovation. Each week CNBC features one up-and-coming company in a feature segment called “Small Business Report.”

“VLS is at the forefront of developing automated and simple methods for creating map databases. The fact that CNBC approached and selected VLS for a business profile during a prime spot in their global broadcast further illustrates our high standing in the field,” says Dr. David Opitz, CEO of VLS.

The CNBC report by Mike Hegedus, airing July 29, focused on VLS software products Feature Analyst and LIDAR Analyst™, and praised VLS for “cracking the nut” on the difficult problem of creating maps from earth images. Footage included the software in action: finding and reporting damage from the 2004 tsunami, creating 3D simulations for military rehearsals, and analyzing forest fires for the USDA Forest Service (see

"The US Forest Service can use it for detailed looks at the health of its millions of acres of forest and to analyze the fire danger." stated Hegadus, who went on to add that for the military the VLS software "is able to analyze, often in 3D, the real-life streets, buildings and trees of a potential mission location, allowing troops to rehearse in real terms."

The report ended by highlighting VLS’ ability to attract and retain the top talent in the state of Montana to produce high-quality products and services. VLS released Feature Analyst in 2001 and LIDAR Analyst earlier this year, quickly becoming must-have products for their industry and prompting the CNBC coverage.

About VLS

Visual Learning Systems, Inc. is an international leader in automated mapping solutions. Feature Analyst and LIDAR Analyst, the VLS flagship software products, are used worldwide for GIS database management and mapping applications supporting Defense, Homeland Security, Education, Environmental projects and more. Feature Analyst exists as extensions to ERDAS IMAGINE®, SOCET SET®, the ArcGIS™ suite, and soon GeoMedia®, and is used in every U.S. state, in over 50 countries and 100 universities. LIDAR Analyst is the revolutionary new VLS product that automates 3D capture of buildings, trees, and bare earth from LIDAR data. More information can be found at

Feature Analyst is a registered trademark of Visual Learning Systems, INC. All rights reserved. ERDAS IMAGINE is a registered trademark of Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping, LLC. SOCET SET is a registered trademark of BAE SYSTEMS Mission Solutions. GeoMedia is a registered trademark of Intergraph Corporation.