BAE SYSTEMS SOCET GXP(TM) Software Simplifies Geospatial Analysis
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BAE SYSTEMS SOCET GXP(TM) Software Simplifies Geospatial Analysis

SAN DIEGO—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Oct. 27, 2005— BAE Systems has released an upgraded version of its SOCET GXP software application that supports image analysis, geospatial analysis, photogrammetry, and targeting--all from a single user interface.

SOCET GXP v2.1 aids geospatial analysis workflow, processing information from imagery of the earth and transforming the data into mission-critical knowledge. The software supports commercial and defense customers by providing highly accurate geospatial data and reference tools.

"The fields of image analysis and geospatial analysis are merging as technologies advance," said Dan London, vice president of GXP sales and marketing for BAE Systems. "The latest version of SOCET GXP broadens users' capabilities and introduces new features for creating professional geospatial products on the fly."

One new feature is the 3-D fly-through, which simulates real world scenarios and gives customers a cost-effective way to preview a geographic area in three dimensions for improved situational awareness and decision making. Fly-throughs created by SOCET GXP can be recorded as a digital movie file for inclusion in presentations.

Other enhancements include terrain visualization to view digital elevation models against imagery; a map finishing tool for creating advanced imagery products, with the option of direct export to PowerPoint(R); and targeting. The new critical targeting component is fully integrated with the U.S. Navy's Common Geopositioning Services (CGS) targeting solution, and is compatible with an unequalled range of government and commercial image sources.

"The updates offered in SOCET GXP v2.1 benefit a large community of users, including image analysts, geospatial analysts and targeteers, who view the comprehensive software package as a long-term solution," said London. "The software is easy to learn and provides a familiar working environment for analysts who perform various tasks across different workstations."

Developed with a comparable appearance, user experience and range of functionality for both Windows(R) and UNIX(R) platforms, SOCET GXP v2.1 delivers performance unmatched in the industry, according to London. Users of SOCET GXP v2.1 will experience the added convenience of using one software tool to complete multiple tasks, a new concept that distinguishes SOCET GXP from competitive products.

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