New South Wales Department of Lands selects ER Mapper’s Geospatial Imagery Solutions
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New South Wales Department of Lands selects ER Mapper’s Geospatial Imagery Solutions

Perth, Australia, November 29, 2005 -- The New South Wales Department of Lands (DoL) has selected ER Mapper’s Image Web Server to distribute high resolution satellite imagery to land stakeholders. Image Web Server is an enterprise image delivery and integration solution that serves large volumes of image data via a Local Area Network or the Internet. ER Mapper will also provide RightWebMap, an imagery integration framework, as well as integration and consultancy services.

The NSW Government has recently acquired 100’s of gigabytes of high quality SPOT 5 satellite imagery as part of the Planning and Natural Resource Information Integration Environment project (PANRIIE). DoL is responsible for the storage and delivery of imagery and subsequently required a robust image deployment solution.

DoL commissioned an independent consultancy to analyse and benchmark various image deployment and integration solutions. The report issued by the independent consultant recommended ER Mapper’s solution to DoL.

Guy Perkins, Vice President of ER Mapper Asia Pacific said, “We’re excited and looking forward to providing DoL with a world-leading image deployment and integration solution. Our Enterprise Services Team, comprised of the world’s foremost experts in geospatial imagery, are chomping at the bit to provide the people of NSW with the best possible imagery solution.”

Through winning numerous large scale contracts, ER Mapper is the obvious choice for large Enterprises to manage, deploy and integrate their imagery.

About ER Mapper

ER Mapper is the leader in enterprise geospatial imagery solutions. Clients in more than 120 countries use the ER Mapper product to prepare imagery, ECW JPEG 2000 to compress and use imagery, the Image Web Server to serve imagery over the Internet and RightWebMap for integrated web map solutions. For more information visit ER Mapper at