Mapping Comes Down to Earth (PC Magazine)
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Mapping Comes Down to Earth (PC Magazine)

December 7, 2005 -- We love the breathtaking top-down satellite imagery found in Google Earth. But there's more than one way to chart the world. Amazon's search site,, is enhancing its business-directory listing by bringing city views down to street level, one block at a time.

A9 has the complete Yellow Pages database for the U.S., which is updated each month. When you search for a listing, up pops not only the address of the business but also a map of its location. And if the business is on one of the blocks a certain silver SUV has visited, you'll also see a photo of the business, and you can virtually stroll down the street to get a sense of the neighborhood. We took a ride with Barnaby Dorfman, vice president of product development at A9 and the mastermind of this effort, to see how it's done.

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