South Kesteven rolls out MapInfo Exponare™
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South Kesteven rolls out MapInfo Exponare™

Mostly rural Lincolnshire council reaps the benefits of Location Intelligence

London, 8 December 2005 – South Kesteven District Council has deployed MapInfo Exponare™ to provide internal and external facing communications and data management to deliver on a range of community needs as well as on e-Govt and Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) directives.

Recognising the power of a web-based Location Intelligence solution for the delivery of both public facing communications and internal data sharing, South Kesteven DC deployed MapInfo Exponare, through MapInfo premier partner CDR Group.

“MapInfo Exponare allows us to do precisely what we want to do”, says Andy Nix, IT Support Manager, South Kesteven District Council.

“Although it’s still early days, Exponare is already knocking down internal and external communications barriers whilst helping us to streamline our processes and support efficiency drives across the council.”

“Exponare is a new generation solution, compatible with our core platforms like the .Net environment, providing an excellent fit with our drive to share Location Intelligence internally whilst providing a public interface which communicates effectively with our processes.

“CDR helped us to deploy MapInfo Exponare quickly and efficiently; it now presents the public with a valuable planning and environmental service and continues to be rolled out across the 400-plus council users to centralise critical data such as grounds maintenance for contractor relations, planning data and communications with key departments such as environmental services.

“Roll-out internally is continuing, providing access to all council users with central control while the external, web interface is already serving the public on key environmental and planning services - it’s an extremely helpful and cost effective solution for a small rural council like South Kesteven.”

“We selected MapInfo Exponare through CDR because nothing else on the market was designed to address the holistic need we had to implement one central solution to such a wide range of need. This was coupled with the fact that it was an easy to deploy solution requiring no programming and yet took spatial data into our core operational systems and delivered on our main corporate objectives.”

South Kesteven is a predominantly rural community (population of around 150,000 spread over more than 365 sq miles) and effective council communications requires efficient public interaction. Key drivers like e-Govt directives and ODPM Priority Outcomes have helped South Kesteven and many UK councils, to focus on efficient delivery of public services.

Exponare offers both depth and breadth of capability due to its strong emphasis on central deployment and management, data integration, ease of use and its ability to be configured by non-programmers. It allows for the efficient sharing of information across an organisation and is a simple, powerful solution that makes location-based information an everyday business tool.

MapInfo Exponare has been deployed by a number of local authorities this year, including Canterbury City Council, Portsmouth City Council and Herefordshire County Council.