Geospatial Modeling Upgrades Third World Groundwater Quality
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Geospatial Modeling Upgrades Third World Groundwater Quality

GIS-Based Groundwater Pollution Assessment Guides Third World Development Analysis

NEWARK CA, December 21, 2005: RMSI, the global IT services company with offices in India, the US and the UK, has evaluated the ground water pollution in industrializing areas of India using the standardized DRASTIC system. RMSI successfully used the DRASTIC method in the Rachi district of Jharkhand state of India to create pollution vulnerability maps, and to analyze cost/benefit ratios relating to development. The system relies on seven hydrogeologic settings, which also combine to create the DRASTIC acronym: Depth of water, annual Recharge, Aquifer media, Soil media, Topography, vadose zone Impact and hydraulic Conductivity.

The resulting pollution index and maps are used by both public and private organizations to gauge susceptibility to groundwater pollution in the area, and to encourage economic development in those areas less vulnerable to groundwater pollution.

A well-established model, the DRASTIC system brings modern definitions and technologies to Third World development—the same areas where groundwater often represents the main source of drinking water are also the areas which can benefit most from increased industrial, agricultural and animal husbandry activity—precisely the type of activity with the greatest potential for groundwater contamination.

About RMSI

Originating in Silicon Valley in 1992, the company was founded and is managed by alumni from Stanford University. Today, RMSI's resource base comprises over 600 software, data and technology specialists. The company is part of one of the UK's largest listed companies, the Daily Mail and General Trust plc. The combination of technical, financial, and human resource strengths, coupled with domain knowledge in many vertical markets, makes RMSI a unique global solution provider.

RMSI's core competency lies in full-service GIS and spatial solutions. This is well supported by strong complementary competencies in application software services, data engineering, and spatial modeling and analytics. The ability to offer complete solutions, comprising data, software and engineering under one roof, is a key differentiator for the company. For more information, visit

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