Getmapping Launches Software With Potential To Revolutionise Urban Planning
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Getmapping Launches Software With Potential To Revolutionise Urban Planning

January 5, 2006 --, Britain’s leading supplier of aerial photography, announces the launch of SIMurban - a state-of-the-art 3D World Simulator that promises to revolutionise the future of sustainable planning and development.

Getmapping business partner Simmersion Holdings Ltd has developed the SIMurban World Simulator which is a suite of software designed for 3D visualisation and real time interaction with any real world built environment.

Organisations and businesses using digital map information are today placing increasing importance on the use of aerial geographic imagery to better manage activities and assets associated with land-use, people, transport and communications. By combining Getmapping’s ultra-detailed aerial photography and height data to create a visual context ‘wallpaper’, SIMurban enables users to place 3D objects into an authentic ‘on screen’ terrain to generate a photorealistic 3D world from anywhere in the UK – all at accelerated speed on standard desktop hardware.

“Getmapping’s ultra detailed images really are a major leap forward in aerial photography. The detail is immense, you can clearly identify buildings, streetscapes and even types of shrubs,” comments Tristram Cary, Getmapping Managing Director. “Using these images, the SIMurban software has the capability to create landscape simulations that are accurate to within 15cm along the width or length of a feature and 50cm in height.”

Structural and feature models can be quickly imported from commercial CAD packages like ArchiCAD, Microstation or 3D Studio Max, set in a locational context and viewed in the real-time. A range of powerful interactive features means users can truly interact with the 3D models to create a range of contextual applications.

For instance, areas can be illuminated with accurate solar lighting to simulate how shadows fall, indicate how structures will block out a view or how they will appear at any point in the model i.e. from street level, or from an over-hanging balcony.

“SIMurban has the potential to be one of the greatest decision making tools ever in the urban planning process” continues Cary. “For instance, judgements relating to development proposals can be based on a real world perspective rather than the educated guesswork associated with two-dimensional drawings that lack understanding of all the real world visual perspectives.”

As a communication tool the SIMurban World Simulator is extremely beneficial - still snapshots or video from the generated simulations can be placed on a website, and it is also possible to take a virtual tour of built environments to see the impact of new developments.

Cary continues: “SIMurban enables everyone involved in the urban planning process – residents, councillors, developers, architects and building owners – to easily understand the impact of planning changes and development proposals long before the first brick is laid.”

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