The City of Sierra Vista, Arizona Selects Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) to Implement New GIS Software Solution
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The City of Sierra Vista, Arizona Selects Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) to Implement New GIS Software Solution

January 10, 2006 -- Portland, Oregon – Geographic Technologies Group, Inc. (GTG) announced today that the City of Sierra Vista, Arizona has procured additional products from GTG’s LG GIS software suite. The City will be implementing LGfires to expand the City’s existing LG platform, which already includes other public safety GIS applications such as LGdispatch, LGcrimes, and LGmobile. LGfires will enable the City’s Fire Department to conduct spatial analysis of fire incidents, in order to deploy its resources more efficiently, as well as to work with other public safety departments and agencies. Additionally, the City will use LGfires in emergency response management, utilizing LGfires to predict airborne particulate plume drift, and utilizing GIS-based emergency notification services to quickly and accurately contact potentially affected populations during various emergency scenarios.

LGfires is a simple, easy-to-use GIS software product that seamlessly integrates with the City of Sierra Vista’s existing fire incident data stored in the City’s existing CAD/RMS application. It offers the fire departments refined spatial tools required in today’s high-tech world. LGfires allows an end-user to generate plumes to predict hazardous material impact areas. The user can pick from a variety of atmospheric conditions, wind direction/speed and emission rates to create a hazard zone. Curtis Hinton, CEO of GTG, stated that “Sierra Vista has focused on the need to protect its citizenry. Staff have made it a priority to utilize the best available tools and the best available data to insure public safety remains at the forefront of City directives.”

The City’s continuing utilization of GTG’s LG products highlights the value of LG products as an integrated and comprehensive set of GIS solutions that leverage the City’s investment in their current CAD/RMS applications. As with other fast-growing communities in the Country, the City of Sierra Vista has embraced cutting-edge technology to improve public safety services for its citizens.

Andres Ferrate, Vice President of Business Operations for GTG, stated that “the increasing use of GTG’s LG suite of public safety products is based on our commitment to provide local government organizations with valuable tools that allow these organizations to save lives, time, and money. We are excited that the City of Sierra Vista continues to build on an established, positive relationship with GTG, and that we have the opportunity to assist the City with it’s technology initiatives.”

About Geographic Technologies Group, Inc. (GTG):

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