Wayne County, North Carolina Selects Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) to Implement GIS Software Solutions
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Wayne County, North Carolina Selects Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) to Implement GIS Software Solutions

January 13, 2006 -- Goldsboro, NC – Geographic Technologies Group, Inc. (GTG) announced today that Wayne County, North Carolina has procured products from GTG’s GIS software suite. The County will be implementing GISmoWeb. This application is an intranet GIS solution that will provide County staff the ability to map and analyze existing GIS data.

Curtis Hinton, CEO of GTG states: “We are excited about the continued progress of GIS in Wayne County. Wayne County has been a client of GTG’s for eight years. As the County continues to grow so does its sophisticated use of GIS. What was once a one-person GIS implementation has permeated the entire organization. Sharon Syck, IT Director, and Chip Crumpler, GIS Coordinator, have moved a system that was successful for the Tax Department and has rapidly made it an enterprise-wide tool. Almost every department has now been exposed to GIS. Recently GTG provided a seminar on the “Seven Keys to a Successful GIS for Local Government.” Mrs. Syck stated that: “The seminar was very informative. Our County Manager understands the need for GIS throughout the County departments. Our departments now see how the technology can best be implemented for them. GIS is changing the way we do business. GIS affects a broad range of activities within Wayne County.”

GISmoWeb provides users with the ability to turn their data investment into meaningful information by allowing the users to view, search, query and browse their GIS data in a quick and easy manner.

The County’s implementation of GISmoWeb continues to add to the rapidly expanding number of cities and counties that are utilizing GTG’s GIS solutions as a distributable and unifying technology.

About Geographic Technologies Group, Inc. (GTG):

GTG is a full-service local government GIS consulting company offering specialized experience in the planning, design, implementation, and procurement of geo-technologies. GTG has unmatched technical GIS capabilities, demonstrated successes, international experience, and a reputation for successfully implementing the right solutions. GTG develops GIS products that spatially enable various enterprise solutions and integrates an organization's IT investment via a common interface. GTG also offers stand alone products for land management, public safety, public access, touch screen technology, and utilities.

GTG has over 700 clients located throughout North America and Europe and serves all levels of government as well as the private sector. To support our clients, GTG maintains six offices located across the United States: Headquarters in North Carolina, and Regional Offices in Texas, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting Geographic Technologies Group, Inc. at 888-757-4222.

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