Claritas Introduces New Restaurant Survey Product
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Claritas Introduces New Restaurant Survey Product

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- Jan 31, 2006 -- Claritas Inc., the premier provider of intelligent marketing information and target marketing services, announced today the release of the PRIZM NE Restaurant Audit Profiles™ -- a new information product that combines Claritas' signature segmentation system with its industry-specific survey to better identify which PRIZM segments have a high propensity to eat at certain restaurant categories and frequent specific brands.

"Backed by PRIZM NE, which is widely regarded as the gold standard in segmentation systems, the profiles give marketers the power to differentiate and market to the unique customer sets of either quick service, midscale or upscale restaurants," said Claritas Vice President Tom Spencer.

Spencer said the profiles also answer important questions such as: Who are my best customers? Which areas contain the highest concentration of my customers? What other types of restaurants do my customers frequently visit? And, what are my customers' attitudes towards eating out?

Among its features, the profiles offer a range of information on consumer behavior, such as:

--  Locations frequented in the past 30 days by type and name
--  How many times visited in the past 30 days
--  Drive-thru/Carry-out/Dine-in frequency
--  Number of times eaten out in the past week
--  Stored value gift card use and interest
Further, the product has approximately 50 attitudinal profiles that address consumer preferences and attitudes when dining out. Topics include:
--  Dieting and nutrition
--  Pricing
--  Impact of children on restaurant choice
--  Organically grown food
--  Smoke free restaurants
PRIZM NE categorizes the population into 66 segments and ranks them on a socio-economic level, with each segment described by a "catchy" name that captures the makeup of that segment population -- names such as Blue Blood Estates, Young Digerati and Bohemian Mix. PRIZM NE combines household-level coding and geographic-level coding to provide the same segment schema at both levels.

The Restaurant Audit, which is administered by Integras, Claritas' advanced analytical services division, is based on more than 30,000 respondents and provides a wide range of information regarding behavior and attitudes toward eating away from home.

Both the raw data from the Restaurant Audit and the PRIZM NE profiles are available for licensing. For more information, visit the Claritas web site at the address below or call 1-866-737-5997.

About Claritas

Since 1971, San Diego-based Claritas has been the pre-eminent source of accurate, up-to-date marketing information about people, households and businesses within any geographic area in the United States. Its target marketing services are aimed at reducing the cost of customer acquisition and growing customer value. Claritas offers industry-leading consumer segmentation systems, consulting services and software applications for site analysis, advertising sales and customer targeting. Claritas is a division of VNU, a world-leading information and media company that includes ACNielsen, Nielsen Media Research, Spectra Marketing Systems and Scarborough Research, among others. To learn more about Claritas and VNU products and services visit their web sites at and

About Integras

Formed in January 2003, Integras provides high-end analytical consulting and advanced decision support for marketing and location strategy. A division of Claritas Inc., Integras combines sophisticated quantitative analysis with the broadest array of consumer and business data available in the United States to help companies make better strategic decisions. In addition to conducting four syndicated surveys (Insurance Audit, Market Audit, Convergence Audit and Restaurant Audit), the Customer Research and Targeting business unit of Integras conducts custom primary market research on behalf of their clients. For more information about these and other Integras services visit

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