NAVTEQ Puts The Republic of Ireland On The Map
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NAVTEQ Puts The Republic of Ireland On The Map

Complete and detailed map coverage now available

March 28, 2006 -- NAVTEQ (NYSE: NVT), a leading global provider of digital maps for vehicle navigation and location-based solutions, has completed a full and detailed digital map of the entire Republic of Ireland stretching from Dublin to Galway and Donegal to Kerry.

The new NAVTEQ map, which is fully detailed, includes all public roads in the Republic and every kilometre was driven and field verified by teams of NAVTEQ geographic analysts.
It covers 95,369 kilometres of road linking over 44,000 cities, towns and villages and enabling navigation systems to give drivers turn by turn directions to and from addresses throughout the country.

Developing an addressing system in the Republic was particularly challenging as not only are there no post codes outside of Dublin but there are also thousands of tiny townlands with no street names. “We had to work out how the townlands would fit into navigation system software which normally requires a street name and the name of the town to establish the destination,” explained Graham Ward, NAVTEQ Country Manager.

“It was decided the townland name would be treated as a ’street name’ linked to the nearest, larger postal town,” added Graham Ward. “This also helps differentiate between the many identically named townlands! For example, there are three townlands called Ballyadam in County Cork all within 50 kilometres of each other – for addressing purposes we have linked one to the city of Cork, one to Mallow and one to Midleton.”

NAVTEQ data is much more than a map, it offers precise geometry and extraordinary detail about the environment as seen through the eyes of the driver. Each road segment features up to 160 attributes – street names, address ranges, turn restrictions – enabling navigation systems to help people get from A to B. There are over a million entries in 46 Points of Interest (POI) categories and POIs can also be entered into navigation systems as a destination.

For example, coverage in the Republic includes over 5,000 POIs ranging from hotels to petrol stations and airports to sports facilities plus internal and international ferry routes to England, Wales, the Isle of Man and France.

The Republic of Ireland coverage links seamlessly to the road network of Northern Ireland which also now has full and detailed NAVTEQ map coverage. This enables navigation from one end of the island to the other and provides a consistent level of detail on both sides of the border. NAVTEQ’s coverage of the Republic of Ireland is packaged together with maps of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. For more information, visit