Platial Surpasses 200,000 Places and 2,500 Maps in Its First Four Months; Creates Free Social Atlas for Mapping Lives, Telling Stories
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Platial Surpasses 200,000 Places and 2,500 Maps in Its First Four Months; Creates Free Social Atlas for Mapping Lives, Telling Stories

PORTLAND, Ore.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—April 17, 2006— A new, citizen-created online atlas called Platial is bridging the virtual world of online communities with the physical environments of real life by enabling anyone to map their personal experiences and the little corners of the universe that are meaningful to them.

Platial (pronounced PLAY-shul) adds a new dimension to online blogs and journals, letting people map and tag their experiences, memories and opinions to specific places that others can explore. Thousands of people worldwide are discovering places and sharing maps related to hundreds of topics, such as adventure, history, politics, music, architecture, and various life experiences.

Anyone can register for free at to start adding and sharing places. They can:

-- Add, save and share places with people around the world.

-- Create maps of their travels, family history, businesses, organizations, favorite bands or anything else.

-- Discover new places and maps from people in their backyards or on the other side of the world.

Posted quietly in December 2005, the free site today features more than 200,000 place listings, 2,500 maps and millions of page views. It's attracting a diverse range of community groups, from environmentalists looking to map biodiesel pumps across the country and knitters posting their favorite shops and places to knit, to individuals looking to save and connect their experiences with the places they've been by recording geography-based autobiographies.

"As more people use Platial, we've noticed an amazing pattern. They start out by mapping where they live and work, move on to tagging their favorite places, then go back in history and post items relating to their pasts," explains Di-Ann Eisnor, Platial co-founder and CEO. "They're creating what we're calling their 'autobiogeographies,' and it's powerful."

Platial user Ed Shepp has been mapping all sorts of places, from where he was when the plane crashed into the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, to the place where he penned a song on his CD while hating the New York subway to the venue where he saw Avant-Garde-o-Rama show.

Bao Ly, who goes by the Platial name of Baostar, has been mapping all sorts of places, from where he lived to places he'd recently visited to spots where "The O.C." television show was taped to places where he saw his favorite music groups perform.

Platial is a leading example of the trend toward Web-based social media, enabling people to combine content from multiple sources to present their own integrated online experience. Platial has built a social mapping platform on top of Google's open application programming interface (API) and easily incorporates users' media rich content, such as flickr ( photos or blogs.

"We're reinventing the atlas and the way people think of place, turning the Platial site over to the people and giving them a way to leave their mark on the world," said Eisnor. "Because humans have such a deep fascination with and relationship to their origins and places they've been, we believe that Platial has the potential to bridge people, neighborhoods and even nations."

Platial will eventually drive revenue through an online geo-targeted advertising channel that will allow small businesses to cost-effectively connect with like-minded people.

About Platial

Based in Portland, Ore., Platial is the inspiration of successful Internet entrepreneur Di-Ann Eisnor and her business partner co-founders, Jason Wilson and Jacob Olsen. Eisnor, considered a leader in digital grassroots marketing, founded two other online companies, Eisnor Interactive and Community-Centric Marketing. Eisnor and Wilson also co-invented the urban exploration game "Here." Early-stage investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Omidyar Network, Sherpalo Ventures, Georges Harik, Will Hearst, Jerry Neumann and Jack Dangermon. Visit for more information.

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