Orbit FlashMap OFM v4.2 for Linux released
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Orbit FlashMap OFM v4.2 for Linux released

April 28th, 2006 – ORBIT Geospatial Technologies today announce the release of Orbit FlashMap 4.2 for Linux and other Unix flavors. Orbit Geospatial Technologies presents Orbit FlashMap 4.2 for Linux, a fast, easy to use, low cost and high quality solution for a wide range of web mapping applications. Download you copy now from www.orbitgis.com.

Orbit FlashMap for Linux offers identical capabilities as it’s Windows peer.

Version 4.2 adds standard functionality in the map viewer component, many extra configurable items and a full public API to embed and control the map client. API documentation is online available from the orbitgis.com knowledge base. The OFM product package includes server-side and client-side software, and a development ‘cockpit’ sample application in Flash.

Orbit FlashMap natively supports a wide range of vector and raster data, up to terabytes of imagery replacing SID and ECW files by Orbit’s platform independent OMI format. A free conversion utility comes with Orbit GIS.

Orbit FlashMap is probably the most performant web mapping tool available. Orbit FlashMap blends seamless into the Orbit product range, connecting to the standard server system, and on-line updated by the Orbit GIS desktop GIS tool. Any data editing is immediately viewed online using the same server technology. The wide range of open API’s and format support makes it perfectly integratable in any environment.

Orbit FlashMap is designed for fast deployment by webmasters, while presenting professional tools for the GIS specialist. It is adapted to the internet world where communication is more important than technology, but respects interprofessional technology standards. By choosing Macromedia® Flash as user interface, Orbit FlashMap provides a rich user interface experience previously unseen in the geospatial world.

Publishing maps on the internet has never been easier.

  1. Load your maps into the server.
  2. Embed Orbit FlashMap in your web pages.
  3. Publish your data using the Orbit GIS Publishing Wizard.
All this takes a few minutes to set up.

Orbit Geospatial Technologies is bound to deliver highly integrated spatial software, from low to high end applications. The Orbit technology comes with a wide range of API’s to access the central toolkit and build extensions on any level of the system : user interface, desktop, internet, server, database.

View live examples and get your evaluation copy from www.orbitgis.com.

About Orbit Geospatial Technologies and Eurotronics

Orbit Geospatial Technologies is the GIS development department of Eurotronics.

Eurotronics is founded in 1972 as R&D unit supporting the business of map making and photogrammetry. Since then, this family business has continuously developed and marketed specialized and tailor made GIS solutions for utilities, local governments and the photogrammetry business. The Orbit technology is Eurotronics 4th generation GIS technology empowering numerous custom made solutions. Today, the Orbit GIS product family contains generic, comprehensive yet powerful GIS tools to meet the requirements of many organizations. Orbit tools are used by government organizations and utility companies.


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