GibbsCAM Posts For Mori Seiki NT Line Developed
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GibbsCAM Posts For Mori Seiki NT Line Developed

MOORPARK, CA – June 26, 2006 – Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM®, computer-aided manufacturing software for programming CNC machine tools, announced today that they have completed developing 54 post processors for Mori Seiki’s entire NT product line, an advanced series of mill turn machining centers. The post processor development cycle was significantly reduced as a result of the collaboration agreement announced one month ago for the purpose of improving GibbsCAM’s support of Mori Seiki’s machine tools, starting with accurate post processors.

“Accurate post processors still are the Achilles Tendons of today’s advanced machine tools,” explains Robb Weinstein, Gibbs’ Senior Vice President of Sales and Mori Seiki Account Manager. “This is even more the case when dealing with advanced machine tools designs for multi-task machining, which introduce a considerable number of add-on options and configurability. Working with Mori Seiki, we were able to significantly reduce the time it took to develop the set of post processors for their NT series.”

Multi-task machining (MTM) is where multiple process flows can be executing on the machine tool at the same time, either on the same or separate spindles. Machine tools capable of supporting MTM are a growing segment of the machine tool market because they are able to significantly reduce the manual labor component of a job, minimizing error and improving throughput. At the same time, though, programming MTM machine tools with their multiple process flows is significantly more difficult that conventional CNC programs which are single flow (one tool cutting at one time). GibbsCAM’s unique graphical interface presents an easy to understand and use front-end to all the complexities of an MTM program allowing the user to focus on optimizing their process and machine utilization.

The complete list of mill turn machining centers supported by GibbsCAM by this collection of 54 posts is:

NT3100 DCG Series

- NT3100 DCG/500C
- NT3100 DCG/500CZ
- NT3100 DCG/1000C
- NT3100 DCG/1000Z
- NT3100 DCG/1000S
- NT3100 DCG/1000SZ
NT3150 DCG Series

- NT3150 DCG/500C
- NT3150 DCG/500CZ
- NT3150 DCG/1000C
- NT3150 DCG/1000Z
- NT3150 DCG/1000S
- NT3150 DCG/1000SZ
NT3200 DCG Series

- NT3200 DCG/500C
- NT3200 DCG/500CZ
- NT3200 DCG/1000C
- NT3200 DCG/1000Z
- NT3200 DCG/1000S
- NT3200 DCG/1000SZ

NT4200 DCG Series

- NT4200 DCG/700C
- NT4200 DCG/700CZ
- NT4200 DCG/1000
- NT4200 DCG/1000Z
- NT4200 DCG/1000S
- NT4200 DCG/1000SZ
- NT4200 DCG/1500
- NT4200 DCG/1500Z
- NT4200 DCG/1500S
- NT4200 DCG/1500SZ

NT4250 DCG Series

- NT4250 DCG/700C
- NT4250 DCG/700CZ
- NT4250 DCG/1000
- NT4250 DCG/1000Z
- NT4250 DCG/1000S
- NT4250 DCG/1000SZ
- NT4250 DCG/1500
- NT4250 DCG/1500Z
- NT4250 DCG/1500S
- NT4250 DCG/1500SZ

NT4300 DCG Series

- NT4300 DCG/700C
- NT4300 DCG/700CZ
- NT4300 DCG/1000
- NT4300 DCG/1000Z
- NT4300 DCG/1000S
- NT4300 DCG/1000SZ
- NT4300 DCG/1500
- NT4300 DCG/1500Z
- NT4300 DCG/1500S
- NT4300 DCG/1500SZ

NT5400 DCG Series

- NT5400 DCG/1200C
- NT5400 DCG/1200CZ
- NT5400 DCG/1800C
- NT5400 DCG/1800Z
- NT5400 DCG/1800S
- NT5400 DCG/1800SZ
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