Intelligent Spatial Technologies Delivers New Mobile Local Search Technology
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Intelligent Spatial Technologies Delivers New Mobile Local Search Technology

PORTLAND, ME -- (MARKET WIRE) -- Jun 29, 2006 -- Intelligent Spatial Technologies Inc. (, a leading developer of location-based services for mobile users, announces the availability of a unique mobile local search and content delivery platform that allows users to search the internet or query databases simply by pointing a wireless phone or other mobile device at a building, landmark, or point of interest. E-mail a request for more information to Email Contact or call (207) 618-1931.

"When other location-based service providers such as GeoVector announce that they are the 'holy grail' of local search, we have to ask -- if the holy grail has never been found, then how good can their search technology really be?" says Chris Frank, CEO and Founder of Intelligent Spatial Technologies (iST). "I think most developers would rather have easily accessible, real-world technology than a holy grail when it comes to building mobile applications. Our agenda is simple -- to deliver innovative pointing-based search technologies to mobile application developers worldwide."

iST's first product, the iPointer™, enables next generation location-based services such as walking tours, city guides, pedestrian navigation, mobile local search, and targeted advertising. iPointer™ powered mobile applications are easy to use:

--  Users point their cell phone, PDA, or other mobile computing device
    toward a location or landmark and click.
--  Geospatial search criteria is acquired through input from off-the-
    shelf GPS receiver and digital magnetic compass components -- either
    onboard the user's mobile device or connected via Bluetooth.
--  Positional and orientation data are submitted over the wireless
    network to the server-based iPointer™ Geospatial Search Engine.
--  The location is first identified and then relevant location-specific
    content is assembled and delivered to the user's handset.

iST can deliver these services as turnkey mobile applications for interested business partners in vertical markets. Or, the iPointer™ can be easily integrated as a mobile local search and content delivery platform to complement existing mobile applications. The iPointer™ Geospatial Search Engine is offered as a hosted service to accelerate time to market for new mobile applications while keeping deployment costs low. The iPointer™ can be configured to access a broad variety of multimedia content sources such as proprietary databases, Web services, and premium content providers to be included in the search result.

About Intelligent Spatial Technologies

Intelligent Spatial Technologies, Inc. (iST) develops location-based services and technologies that transform the way people interact with the world around them. iST's iPointer™ platform uses patent-pending geospatial search technology to allow mobile users to simply 'point & click' to receive information about selected buildings, landmarks, and points of interest. Portland, Maine-based iST was founded in 2003 and is privately held. For more information, call (207) 618-1931 or visit

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