The New Showcase Website of Maporama International Enters in the Web 2.0 Era
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The New Showcase Website of Maporama International Enters in the Web 2.0 Era

PARIS—(BUSINESS WIRE)—June 29, 2006— Maporama International(MLMAP.PARIS) today announces the release of its new maps and itineraries website and its entrance in the Web 2.0 era. The website has been totally redesigned, on the ergonomic level as well as on the technical side. The new interface, based on AJAX technology, brings to the web users new enriched functionalities, dynamic contents and a more rapid information display. Maporama International confirms with this launch its leadership and proves to its users and customers its technological advance on the market.

Maporama International launches the Web 2.0 version of its cartographic services website

The new website interface presents an optimized ergonomics and a lot of new innovative services, relying on AJAX technology. In opposition to traditional web applications, often slow in terms of loading time, the new applications manage data and requests in asynchronous mode, in background, to accelerate the display of the web pages and information.

The homepage becomes customizable thanks to a system of modules and options that allow to define a personal interface (choice of the map styles within 31 styles, of the display size of the map, itineraries parameters, functional modules display).

The map module offers a new user-experience, richer and more interactive: zoom-in and zoom-out function by selecting a rectangle with the mouse, drag &drop function to navigate on the map.

The itineraries module has been enriched with an interactive roadbook (choice of the displayed information like step-by-step maneuver instructions, intersections maps) and additional contents such as speed cameras. Users customize also the print layout of their itinerary depending on their final need (pedestrian itinerary, by car or motorcycle).

The new website offers very innovative functionalities in BETA version: is the first website to provide an itinerary calculation under the real-time traffic information constraint and real-time driving indications. Moreover includes a cartographic view service to display in one click the road traffic situation on street level maps. These services are currently available for the Paris, France region.

A world premiere service: directions.mp3 (itinerary exports on MP3 players)

Directions.mp3 transforms any MP3 player, MP3 mobile phone or iPod in a real road companion: in one single click on, the user exports from his PC to his MP3 player the maneuvers instructions of the selected itinerary:

-- the navigation instructions are accessible in audio mode on any MP3 player

-- the detailed maps of each maneuver are integrated at the place of the album jacket

-- the step-by-step maneuvers are exported under text format at the place of the album titles

-- the exporting system is totally compatible with iTunes.

The Web 2.0 : an opportunity for Maporama International to prove its technological leadership

By launching from today its new website, Maporama International proves its technological expertise over its competitors and confirms its capacity to meet the actual needs of the users. The new website is harnessing collective intelligence through the collaboration between individuals: for instance, the web search engine, present on the different pages of the website, offers community research functionalities. The previous visitors dynamically tune the ranking and the relevance of the results.

The website offers also the possibility to create maps and itineraries collections in the area "My Maporama", to enrich the users' online social network. The web users create and store their maps in their personal "My Maporama", and share them with their community by email, in a simple click.

Moreover, thanks to the exclusive service << directions.mp3 >> of itinerary export on MP3 players/iPod, the website shows once again its multi-platforms capacities. Its vocation to accompany the user, whatever the place he is, and to provide him with information on his favorite device, turns into an essential daily mobile tool.

Also, the main strength of is inherent to the perfect restitution of complex databases and cartographic contents: web users have access to the location information they want, in more than 50 countries in street-level detail, with the recent deployment of the first major cities of China and Japan.

<< is willing to be positioned as a key player in the Web 2.0 websites. Our vocation with this new site: offering a high quality service, easy-to-use and really multi-platforms. The strength of our website, and what will make it a reference in the web 2.0 world, is also related the perfect control of our cartographic databases and to our capacity to improve the user experience" comments Dominique Grillet, CEO of Maporama International.

Visit and enjoy!

About Maporama International

Maporama International is a global player on the location-based services market offering solutions of store locators, fleet management GPS navigation as well as a collection of integration and development APIs. These services are delivered on any kind of devices (PC, PDA, mobile phones, MP3 players) and using the most detailed and extended cartographic coverage available on the market.

Quoted on the Euronext Paris stock exchange (ISIN Code: FR0010215202-MLMAP), Maporama International has more than 500 customers in more than 20 countries, including Accor, Delphi Automotive, Europcar, Fortis, MAAF, Hitachi, Renault and L'Oreal. Headquartered in Paris (France), the company has a direct presence in Spain, Italy, South Africa, Canada and in the USA.

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