ESi to Launch Geographically-Enabled Incident Management System
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ESi to Launch Geographically-Enabled Incident Management System

AUGUSTA, Ga., Aug. 7, 2006 – Emergency Services integrators, the leader for incident management systems, today announced a strategic relationship to create a new application interface between ESRI’s web-based GIS software and ESi’s WebEOC®. This new application, the WebEOC Mapper, will provide enhanced dynamic spatial representation of incident data, enabling better management of response and recovery efforts and status reporting during times of crisis.

The integration of ESi’s WebEOC crisis information management software and ESRI’s GIS platform allows incident managers to easily integrate data such as ad hoc cordons, hot zones, and staging areas, and to quickly distribute them to first responders. Providing spatially accurate visual information to first responders is critical in emergency situations. Spatially-enabled records allow emergency response teams to access important incident data to support critical decisions in real time as a crisis unfolds. This also provides additional capabilities such as being able to quickly determine populations at risk during an emergency incident.

WebEOC’s new GIS enhanced solution will provide incident commanders and first responders with a simple yet powerful interface to communicate tactically as well as geographically. The WebEOC solution will allow organizations to customize their platform to meet their unique needs, such as integrating cameras, GPS and other devices. Emergency management personnel will be able to perform other complex geospatial analysis such as toxic plume or hazardous spill modeling and calculate likely population and infrastructure consequences.

“The WebEOC Mapper will enable agencies to leverage their existing GIS data investments. A streamlined process for incorporating GIS data from local departments will give emergency managers a more detailed and current GIS dataset upon which to conduct a response,” said Nadia Butler, Director of ESi Product Development.

“WebEOC is used by numerous emergency management agencies and I am excited that ESi and ESRI’s latest technology will provide these agencies new powerful geospatial capabilities” said Jeff Sopel, ESRI’s Homeland Security and Public Safety account manager for the Southeast.
The WebEOC Mapper will fuse the power of ESRI’s GIS software with the functionality and ease-of-use of ESi’s WebEOC product. The new WebEOC Mapper will provide customers and organizations the tools necessary to create a dynamic and geographically based common operating picture. The ability to integrate various types of complex data into a geographic framework is essential to provide emergency management personnel with actionable information.
In keeping with the WebEOC product line, the integration will provide an easily deployed solution requiring minimal training to meet the rapidly-changing public safety and emergency response environment. The WebEOC Mapper will be released by the end of 2006.

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ESi is an Augusta, Georgia based company offering web-based IT products and systems integration services to the emergency management and public safety sectors. WebEOC is ESi’s industry leading, web-based crisis information management software, which provides emergency response teams, decision-makers, and organizations real-time access to critical information that can be simultaneously shared during the planning, response, and recovery phases of an event.

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