WhiteStar Introduces CartoBase North Dakota Product for Oil & Gas Mapping
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WhiteStar Introduces CartoBase North Dakota Product for Oil & Gas Mapping

LAKEWOOD, Colorado, USA, 6 September 2006 ¡V With hydrocarbon exploration and production activity increasing in the Williston Basin, WhiteStar Corp. today expanded it line of CartoBase digital cartographic products to include North Dakota. WhiteStar, which developed the CartoBase series of subscription data sets specifically for oil and gas mapping, has already released products for Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Wyoming, Montana and Utah.

“We put production of the CartoBase North Dakota database on the fast track because there is so much interest in the Bakken Formation of the Williston Basin right now” said Robert White, CEO of WhiteStar. The CartoBase product line is designed to help oil and gas companies manage their leases more efficiently and with less publicity.

WhiteStar offers the CartoBase products on a subscription basis whereby clients receive quarterly updates of key data layers for two or three years following the initial purchase. Each CartoBase product contains up to 24 seamless layers of geospatial data covering the entire state and delivered on DVDs equipped with the CartoBase software application that allows users to export data in their choice of mapping formats. Popular software formats supported include Petra, AutoCAD, Kingdom, GeoGraphix, ArcGIS and ArcView.

“The CartoBase subscription enables oil and gas companies to operate more quickly and effectively, whether they are considering options on new leases or managing existing ones,” said Steve Pickett, WhiteStar Director of Business Development. Each CartoBase data set includes state-wide coverage of numerous mapping layers, and the subscription service provides periodic updates on well and pipeline details in the state.

The CartoBase product contains high-resolution statewide data coverage from WhiteStar's most popular National Database products, including: Other data layers vary from state to state, but most include TIGER file cultural features at 1:100,000 scale, digital elevation models at 1:24,000, political boundaries, TeleAtlas transportation networks, geologic formations and soils maps. The North Dakota CartoBase covers all of the townships in the 17 western North Dakota counties of the Williston Basin that account for nearly all hydrocarbon production in the state. Data sets for several producing formations, including the Bakken Middle Member, are included in the North Dakota CartoBase product.

CartoBase clients say that confidentiality is another major benefit of the subscription product. When an energy company buys a CartoBase product from WhiteStar, the operator obtains all of the cartographic and well information needed to plan and implement activities, without fear that a local county clerk will accidentally reveal its intentions to a competitor. With CartoBase, the client buys the entire state without focusing on any specific location.

For details on the content of specific CartoBase state products and to receive a subscription price quote, call WhiteStar Customer Service at 1-800-736-MAPS.

About WhiteStar Corp.

Headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, WhiteStar Corp. has supplied digital cartographic data products, services and consulting since 1990 to the oil and gas, pipeline, natural resource, and engineering industries. As a purveyor of geospatial data products, WhiteStar takes a customized approach to every implementation project. The WhiteStar client base now includes more than 1600 companies ranging in size from local consulting firms to integrated multi-national corporations. Learn more at www.whitestar.com.

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