CD-adapco Unveils STAR-CAD Series Version 4.10
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CD-adapco Unveils STAR-CAD Series Version 4.10

London and New York, 8th September 2006

CD-adapco today announced the STAR-CAD Series V4.10, the latest version of the industry leading CAD and PLM -embedded simulation tools that enable engineers and designers to perform industrial strength Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations from within the comfort of their preferred CAD environment.

STAR-CAD Series Product Manager, Jean-Claude Ercolanelli, described the rationale behind the latest release: “We simply asked our customers how they would like us to improve the products and then we went away and implemented their suggestions” he says. “We have implemented over 90% of their suggested enhancements, resulting in a better, more intuitive product.”

Usability of the products is increased with the introduction of a step-by-step process that guides users through the key stages in setting up and running a simulation, all presented using the familiar menu system of the chosen host CAD package. The introduction of a model-checker guarantees the validity and quality of a model prior to simulation, and provides helpful advice to rectify user omissions, should they occur.

In recognition of the STAR-CAD Series popularity with occasional users, as well as the more experienced CFD community, CD-adapco has ensured that the latest products adapt themselves to the expertise of the user. Occasional users will find that simple default settings are sufficient to produce a sensible simulation. More advanced users have full control over all aspects of the simulation setup.

For users with shared CAD resource, there is a new offline mode that frees up the CAD license for other users while meshing, solving and post-processing. The latest version also features increased physical modeling capabilities, including passive scalars, buoyancy and volumetric heat sources.

Enhancements also make it easier to share simulation data with other CFD and CAE engineers. Surface meshes, volume meshes and model inputs can now be directly exported, as can simulation results, either for advanced post-processing or to provide boundary conditions for an FEA simulation. Results can also be freely shared with non-users and non-specialists, using a lightweight free-to-distribute 3D results viewer.

Additionally the meshing also benefit in this version of a new automated mesh refinement algorithm and new mesh controls, and the new ‘pack and store’ functionality aids in the storage of model files and results.

About STAR-CAD Series

Originally introduced in 2001 with the release of STAR-Works, a CAD-embedded tool for the SolidWorks CAD environment, the STAR-CAD Series products were the first to fully embed industrial strength CFD into popular CAD systems. The initial success of STAR-Works led CD-adapco to develop three sister packages, STAR-NX, STAR-Pro/E and STAR-CAT5, each embedded in a different leading CAD environment, making flow and thermal simulation available to the widest possible design community.

CFD results are linked directly to the CAD geometry - a process called associativity. After any modification in the CAD model the simulation results can be updated almost instantly by clicking the “update solution” button, allowing the rapid and thorough investigation of the design space.

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