Animation Now Available In KOMPAS-3D
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Animation Now Available In KOMPAS-3D

14 October 2006. Russia, St-Petersburg – ASCON increases KOMPAS-3D functionality by launching new application for motion simulation – Animation Library. Animation is a standard application for KOMPAS-3D and do not require additional modules.
Library is designed for motion simulation (animation) of product developed with KOMPAS-3D three-dimensional solid modelling system and is completely available in English.

Animation Library enhance KOMPAS-3D functionality with such a features:
Simulating of real-work motion of product’s component parts (product’s parts mating applied during 3D-assembly developing process can be used). The Library allows setting translational displacement of component parts as soon as their rotary motion for these purposes.
Automatic detecting of possible parts’ collisions (concussion of the parts) during motion process for design errors detection.
Visual emulating assembling-disassembling process of the product for use in interactive technical manual.
Creating of sequential mechanism’s attitudes diagram - "kinetic-diagram" (number of sequential frames in format “frw” – KOMPAS-Graphic’s fragments format).
Creating video file of product motion in AVI format. Playback available both from current animation frame and whole animation.
Animation consists of sequential steps. Different types and parameters of part’s motion available for setting during each step of animation (velocity, rotation frequency, time). Animation process scenario saves in standard XML-format of text files. Animation library not only amends design process’s level including its obviousness and convenience but also intensifies competitiveness of a company during competitive projects development.

ASCON group of companies ( is the leading Russian CAD/PDM developer and integrator. The company was founded in 1989. ASCON has subscribed more than 2500 industrial enterprises. According to IDC, ASCON was among the TOP 100 CAD/PLM world vendors in 2005.
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