DDTI Delivers Allen County (OH) Centerline Project
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DDTI Delivers Allen County (OH) Centerline Project

November 29, 2006 -- Columbus, OH - Digital Data Technologies, Inc. (DDTIR), increased the number of counties complying with the statewide Location Based Response System (LBRS) when it completed its data collection process for Allen County.

LBRS is a program that establishes partnerships between State and County government for the creation of spatially accurate street centerlines and field verified site-specific address locations. The Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program (OGRIP), the state's coordinating body for Geographic Information System (GIS) activities, is administering the program.

"We have successfully collected many other counties' LBRS datasets, so we are a reliable source to provide this service to Ohio counties," said DDTI Project Manager David Cordray. "We know how to accurately collect this information so it meets LBRS standards, and in Allen County that included 1,480 miles of centerline and 47,032 addresses."

DDTI captured the highly detailed information that surpasses even the LBRS specifications. The data will enable Allen County dispatchers to accurately map wireline, and potentially, wireless calls to 9-1-1. DDTI simulated a 9-1-1 call from every wireline record in the Telco database to proactively ensure that calls will locate properly in dispatch. Company protocol also entails the collection of county asset information that can impact emergency vehicle routing, including one-way restrictions, traffic control devices, railroad crossings, speed limits, school zones, and bridge and culvert locations.

"This LBRS dataset and the wealth of information it brings to our PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) has greatly enhanced our ability to respond in emergency situations," said Allen County 9-1-1 Coordinator Lieutenant Jerry Morris. "It's like an insurance policy for our residents -when the time comes to cash in on it, you don't know what you ever did without it."

Another benefit to the State of Ohio's LBRS initiative is a more accurate inventory of the state's roadways, including the identification of unreported roads and updates of municipal road inventories- a task outside the realm of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).

Establishing this LBRS data provides for more detailed local map data that can oftentimes introduce additional roadway safety funding opportunities.

The data collection process will also enable the County to clean and update existing address databases.

Digital Data Technologies, Inc., is a premier full-service vendor specializing in the creation and dissemination of Geographical Information Systems data that aid in the accurate location of wireline and wireless calls. To learn more about LBRS or for more information on how DDTI can assist with an LBRS project, call toll free 1-888-800-4003 or email e911solutions@ddti.net.

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