GIS Services LLC & PINEBUSH Technologies Inc. Announce Partnership
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GIS Services LLC & PINEBUSH Technologies Inc. Announce Partnership

Tucson, June 2, 2002 – GIS Services LLC today announced it’s partnership with PINEBUSH Technologies Inc. to distribute PINEBUSH’s HyperXpress Raster Image Processor (RIP) software product line throughout the CAD, GIS, and Scientific Communities in conjunction with it’s LizardTech Product Reseller Program. With this announcement, Channel Partners of GIS Services will also be able to distribute PINEBUSH Technologies’ high performance HyperXpress Plotting RIP Software Solutions. GIS Services LLC has been at the forefront of solution oriented software distribution, training, and application development coordination for over 20 years.

HyperXpress is a versatile and extremely fast printing and plotting software tool kit that includes a highly optimized Raster Image Processor (RIP) designed to dramatically decrease the time it takes to print large and complex images (including combined raster and vector sets). “HyperXpress provides a universal solution for accelerating plot speeds from detailed graphics packages to complex mapping composition as well as adding longevity to plotters and printers presumed to be outdated. We’re also looking forward to PINEBUSH’s upcoming release that will accommodate the placement of annotation on top of HyperXpress RIPed images, providing an excellent tool for updating compositions such as parcel splits and quality control of all content”, says Bill Timmins, President of GIS Services LLC.

To read more about the capabilities and features of HyperXpress or to test and evaluate HyperXpress for a two week trial period see:

Interested parties may contact GIS Services at Email Contact for details regarding Distribution options or for additional product information and pricing.

John Peterson
GIS Services Reseller Channel Manager