Graphic Technologies, Inc. Releases Version 7.0 of GTViewer
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Graphic Technologies, Inc. Releases Version 7.0 of GTViewer

MADISON, Ala.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—January 24, 2007— Graphic Technologies, Inc. (GTI) announced today that it will release Version 7.0 of its flagship software product GTViewer(R) on January 31, 2007. GTViewer 7.0 includes over 120 improvements, 94 additional methods, properties, and events to speed application development, and full integration with GT/Field. This seventh major release of GTViewer provides more functionality while offering a no-impact upgrade path from the previous version.

"Upgrades can be a bear," noted GTI consultant Charlie Marlin. "But GTI is committed to allowing our customers to upgrade to the next version with no impact to end users or applications built on GTViewer. An upgrade should mean improvements to the software, not disruption for users and administrators."

Graphic Technologies, Inc. (GTI) offers services and software products that grow the value of geospatial data. Its GTViewer(R) family of products lets a broad audience view, query, and analyze geospatial data in order to complete business operations faster, more safely, more accurately, and at lower cost. More than just a map viewer, GTViewer combines the intelligence of the GIS, CIS, and other corporate data assets, extending this rich source of information throughout the enterprise to the people who need it. GTI customers increase their return on investment in geospatial data by sharing it throughout the enterprise, via internet, intranet, LAN, laptop, or hand-held.

GTViewer also provides a powerful platform for applications that automate and streamline complete workflows. Some applications that have already been implemented by GTI or its customers include vegetation management, pole inspection, gas leak survey, upstream/downstream trace, gas valve isolation, outage analysis, loop makeup, dispatch, and locating. These applications enable companies to improve the efficiency of their operations and get more done with less, maximizing their return on investment.

GTViewer gets high marks for being approachable by people who have little or no computer experience. "Many of our end users do not have a computer at home and have never used one at work until now," Marlin remarked. "Our clients tell us that these employees quickly come up to speed with GTViewer and don't know how they got along without it."

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