Interactive Real Estate Market Information for 1,100 German Cities and Municipalities – GIS System Search Options and Navigation Tools Improved
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Interactive Real Estate Market Information for 1,100 German Cities and Municipalities – GIS System Search Options and Navigation Tools Improved

March 14, 2007 --  HVB Expertise is now offering on its English website real estate market information for almost 1,100 German cities and municipalities supported by an interactive geographical information system (GIS) by AED-SICAD, based on ESRI’s GIS core technology ArcIMS®. In addition, HypoVereinsbank's real estate consultancy firm has designed the GIS more convenient for the users: It allows the search for information via maps to start directly on the homepage and does not only show the selected spot, but all municipalities within 30 km distance for which current market information is available. Furthermore it offers useful new navigation tools, such as for example suggested zoom grades or the options to draw up an individual rectangle or move the map.

Early 2003 HVB Expertise started its still unique form of presentation for property market information in Germany with 400 cities and municipalities. After entering the city name and – optionally – the street name, the user will receive current charts on rents and prices for up to five property types (condominium apartments – new buildings, second-hand sale; single-family homes, semi-detached houses; terraced houses and developed land), as well as basic structural data (population, unemployment rate, purchasing power index, completed apartments) for 1,084 cities and municipalities in Germany, including an interactive geographical map. Altogether nearly 3,200 charts are generated from 16,400 data sets. Location qualities of over 190 cities are differentiated in the categories simple, average, good, and very good; among this are the 68 biggest and 102 of the 116 county-free towns in Germany.

This covers the places of residence of 44.5 million inhabitants, over 54 % of the German population. The geographical information system enables the user to gain an overview of the various locations within a city – altogether, 13,600 locations are differentiated – and allows through its free navigation and zooming function quick identification of residential market information for city districts and surrounding municipalities down to street level. A total of 1.55 million street sections can be addressed through navigation. For 44 cities navigation is now also available via city districts. Moreover market reports for almost every city, in many cases press articles, as well as contact to the regional Expertise specialist are always offered.

The attractiveness of is reflected by the access data in 2006: 440,000 visits/1200 per day, approx. 4.2 million page impressions and increasing use of the geographical information system (1.8 million hits, + 61 % compared to 2005) are the statistical highlights.

"Within four years our interactive research system has established itself firmly as a reliable information platform not only for private customers, but also for numerous renowned financial service providers and property professionals ", says Raymond Trotz, Head of Valuation at HVB, concerning the improved website and continues: "The appreciation for the quantity and quality of our data which will be accessible even more easily through the new functions will help us to establish our new system Wertweiser in the German market. Together with the US market leader MacDonald, Dettwiler we are offering automated process support for the valuation of standardised residential properties to financial service providers in Germany."

Apart from the interactive research tool, the site compiles currently 226 up-to-date residential market reports as well as 64 analyses for commercial and holiday property markets. Another 204 residential market reports published since 1998 are in the archive. This service will be gradually updated.

Visitors to the Expertise website, which has been designed and implemented by the multimedia agency Phase 4 ( ), have access to the following services:

A PDF download centre with approx. 500 market reports, articles, press releases and charts A newsletter service which is currently being used by over 2,800 subscribers Feed-back and contact instruments.


Michael Ahrens-von Römer, HVB Expertise
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Malte Rabels, AED-SICAD
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AED-SICAD Aktiengesellschaft (AED-SICAD), Bonn/Munich, Germany, is the leading GIS application house in Europe, offering standard applications and tailor-made solutions. Our portfolio comprises high-end geo-information systems for the key segments cadastre, land management, utilities and local government.

AED-SICAD employs more than 200 people. With various office sites in Germany as well as numerous distribution partners worldwide AED-SICAD offers a high degree of customer proximity. Additionally, we make use of the international sales channels of ESRI, Leica Geosystems and Siemens. ESRI and Leica Geosystems are holding shares in AED-SICAD. AED-SICAD owns a majority interest of 51% in its business partner BARAL. Since January 1, 2007 AED-SICAD holds a 50% share of the company ARC-BERLIN.

We develop innovative standard applications and branch-specific solutions and offer individual services ranging from project management and consulting, customer-specific customization and localization to technical support and training. The new generation of professional standard applications based on the leading ArcGIS® core technology comprises: ArcFM™ UT for the utility industry and LM on ArcGIS® for cadastre and land management as well as the AED-SICAD GIS Portal, the Web platform for all sectors.

About HVB Expertise

HVB Expertise GmbH is the real estate consulting branch of HypoVereinsbank, which acts independently of lending, transaction, and agency interests. The target groups for the core services valuation and market research are financial service providers and institutional real estate organizations. Together with MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA), Vancouver, the company founded Wertweiser GmbH, which offers the automated valuation of residential properties in Germany ( ). Some 110 specialists at 7 regional branches in Germany valuate approximately 25,000 individual properties and around 200,000 portfolio properties per year.


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