LandNet Corp. Receives Second Patent for Online Mapping and Real Estate Archiving Tools
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LandNet Corp. Receives Second Patent for Online Mapping and Real Estate Archiving Tools

LOVELAND, Colo., 19 March 2007 – LandNet Corporation, a leading provider of Internet mapping solutions, has been issued a patent for its online PropertyArchive tool.
On January 30, 2007, the U.S. Patent Office awarded patent 7,171,389 with 26 claims to the Property Archive tool entitled “identification, storage, and display of land data on a Web site.” This patent dates back to June 1, 2001, when internet mapping was at its infancy.

“Unlike the “static” aerial photos that are seen on sites such as Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, Property Archives turns each ordinary map or aerial photo into a dynamic password-secure, site-specific personalized website allowing user interaction to upload photographs, e-documents, and important web links,” said Craig Harrison, CEO LandNet.

This patent issuance follows the May 30th, 2006 announcement when LandNet was issued its first patent 7,054,741 with 49 patent claims which relate to a multitude of online mapping and searching tools that are described as the “Land Software Tool.” These tools enabled LandVoyage to be one of the first online mapping site in the highly competitive market that now includes Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth, and DigitalGlobe’s GlobeXplorer.

With the second patent recently issued, LandNet Corporation is currently exploring the opportunity to sell the internet mapping platform along with its existing and five pending patents. The company is also interested in joint venture opportunities such as a strategic merger or technology/patent licensing. Interested parties should contact Craig Harrison, CEO at 970-612-4100 or Email Contact.

The Property Archive System

Property Archive was developed as an extension to the mapping solution. LandVoyage has successfully served over 50 million maps over the past six years. Property Archive simplifies real estate transactions and management by archiving critical data relating to individual pieces of property. Available at, the unique property website aids marketing efforts, speeds due diligence and encourages centralized management of real estate information.

“Real Estate has clearly emerged as the primary commercial application in the red hot online mapping market,” said Harrison. “The recent merger of Stewart Title’s GlobeXplorer site with DigitalGlobe underscores the value of property mapping in the market for online geospatial data.”

PropertyArchive uses the LandVoyage mapping solution to enable individuals with no online technical expertise to create a site-specific website in minutes to serve as the central archive for all maps, real estate documents and transaction information for any property in the United States. The tool offers both automated and customizable functionality in building websites.

Once the boundary of a particular piece of real estate has been identified using LandVoyage mapping tools, the PropertyArchive platform automatically populates the created website with maps, imagery, web links, property details and local weather reports based on the geographic location of the property. The site-specific documents and information stored on the website can be customized to include buy-sell contracts, photographs, and host of other uploaded “e-documents,” such as deeds, appraisals, financials, tax records, proof of insurance, inspections, surveys, etc.

According to LandNet’s Harrison, “A personalized PropertyArchive website essentially offers a ‘digital fingerprint’ for any real estate parcel, of any size, and in any location in the United States in under five minutes.”

Once stored, these “e-documents,” plus any maps, photographs, and other information placed in the unique Property Archive can be made available to the general public, kept secure with password-protected access, and sent by email to third parties. Moreover, this living archive can be passed from one property owner to the next and can be structured to encompass the entire real estate life cycle of one, or an unlimited number of, specific real estate parcels.

This aspect of the PropertyArchive platform makes it particularly valuable to real estate, oil and gas, timber and engineering users, and can be shared with brokers, title companies, mortgage brokers, and natural resource developers. Other potential users include real estate owners and investors, banks and other lenders, and potential equity investors, such as large insurance companies and REIT’s.

Because all of the information stored on a PropertyArchive website can be shared easily with third parties, real estate marketing, sales, acquisition, transfer, and development processes can be conducted more quickly, in a more streamlined manner, and, most importantly, in a “virtual” environment -- from the user’s computer screen. This makes any geographical distances between the parties involved irrelevant.

The patented LandVoyage map drawing and measuring tools, advanced location search options, and extensive access to imagery and map data make the PropertyArchive platform possible. A LandVoyage user can quickly and easily create an information archive for any property in the U.S. by simply locating the parcel on a map, drawing a boundary around it, and then creating a unique website for it with a click of a mouse.

The PropertyArchive platform saves time for all parties involved in real estate transactions. There is 24/7 access to the information online. Important real estate and transactional information is stored in one central location with capabilities for shared access. Users can view, print, and share property information with the document retrieval and delivery system without having to leave their computers.

About LandNet Corporation

LandNet Corporation, located in Loveland, Colorado, is a leading provider of Internet mapping solutions. In “LandVoyage,” the company has developed an unparalleled mapping system with aerial photos, USGS topographic maps, satellite images, aeronautical charts, and more of any location in the United States. offers an online subscription service that includes access to the entire mapping library, as well as patented drawing/measuring tools and advanced search methods. LandVoyage can leverage its unsurpassed expertise to offer superior custom consulting and enterprise solutions, as well. LandVoyage was developed by LandNet Corporation beginning in 1999 and has served more than five million users over the Internet to date.

Contact Craig Harrison at 970-612-4100.

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