Carbon Project Adds OGC Filter to CarbonTools PRO
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Carbon Project Adds OGC Filter to CarbonTools PRO

ALEXANDRIA, VA, April 11, 2007 - The Carbon Project announces full support for the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) Filter Encoding Specification (FE) in CarbonTools PRO. The addition will allow Microsoft Windows-based systems to access an array of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) content for real-time updates, decision support, analysis and other mission critical applications.

"The Filter framework in CarbonTools PRO will let developers quickly add complex spatial, logical and comparison queries to their applications, using a language that's in the 'comfort zone' of mainstream programmers rather than GIS professionals," said Nuke Goldstein, CTO of The Carbon Project.

"As the editor of the OGC Filter Encoding Specification, CubeWerx is pleased to see the Carbon Project implementation. This implementation leads a growing movement for open, standards-based interoperable technology and it will immediately benefit government agencies and commercial enterprises," said Edric Keighan, President and CEO of Cubewerx, Inc.

CarbonTools PRO extends the Microsoft .NET Framework for advanced location content handling, mapping and sharing. With CarbonTools PRO you can develop geosocial networking applications or extend existing systems for enhanced geospatial interoperability.

CarbonTools PRO is already in use around the world providing the foundation for many applications including the Gaia 3 viewer for Windows, available now as a free download at

OGC FE support will be integrated into the next CarbonTools PRO release, scheduled for June 2007. To get started with OGC FE now through the CarbonTools PRO Early Adopter Program, please contact us at Email Contact.

CarbonTools PRO is available for $1,995 USD under a per developer license that has no limits, royalties, restrictions or fees on deploying applications - ever.

For more information or to buy CarbonTools PRO now visit

About The Carbon Project

The Carbon Project is a Microsoft Certified Partner pioneering innovative geosocial solutions and making location-based information accessible and usable to everyone, everywhere. The Carbon Project's flagship product, CarbonTools PRO, extends the Microsoft .NET Framework for advanced location content handling, mapping and sharing. The revolutionary CarbonCloud framework is the world's first peer-to-peer (p2p) framework for sharing location content. For more information visit

About the OGC Filter Encoding Specification

The OGC Filter Encoding Implementation Specification defines a standard XML encoding for filter expressions. The filter encoding specified in the standard is a common component that can be used by a number of OGC Web Services. Any service that requires the ability to query objects from a Web-accessible repository can make use of the XML filter encoding. For example, a Web Feature Service (WFS) may use the XML filter encoding to return just geospatial features needed for a real-time update or a decision support application over a certain geographic area. For more information visit

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