Geomatic Technologies designs Online Editing Solution in partnership with DSE
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Geomatic Technologies designs Online Editing Solution in partnership with DSE

12th April 2007, Victoria, Australia – The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) has recently completed a trial phase of the newly conceived ‘ONE’ – Online Notification and Editing System, an Internet based mapping solution designed in partnership with Geomatic Technologies (GT).

Over the last quarter of 2006 GT has designed and produced ONE to become an extension of the Victorian Mapping and Address Service (VMAS). The new features consist of services that provide spatial data editing capabilities (mark-up), user notification and application workflow management. These features complement the existing VMAS services of address searching, matching, map creation etc.

The purpose of the ONE solution is to streamline the update of the Vicmap digital data via an online, simple to use, scalable application. In addition to providing a series of online redlining and attribute tools to report anomalies in the Vicmap framework datasets, ONE includes a workflow that communicates, tracks and notifies relevant parties throughout the life cycle of amendments. 

The ONE solution has recently been through a three month trial phase with the Country Fire Authority of Victoria (CFA) and three nominated Local Government Authorities. The workflow begins with the CFA volunteers noting anomalies (known as ‘observations’) against the map data (Vicmap and CFA map book data), which in turn will alert the appropriate Local Government Authority (LGA) to review and accept/decline the observation accordingly. Examples of possible observations detected by the CFA volunteers are misspelt road names, roads missing and incorrect road classifications from the maps. All transactions in the system are logged and provide a complete history of events against each anomaly recorded. The approved observations are then manually applied to the base data (Vicmap data) by the DSE and reflected back in the ONE site once the Vicmap data has been reloaded into VMAS (as part of a regular update). The future intent is to have the same approved observations applied and published in hard copy map books.

The web based application development undertaken by GT streamlines the maintenance of the Vicmap digital datasets. The ONE solution leverages the flexible Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) of VMAS.

The ONE solution can be easily adapted to support businesses that are in need of an Internet based mapping solution with a simple workflow for communication, notification and updating of framework datasets. 

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